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21 Best Skyrim Archery & Arrow Mods



Skyrim Arrow Mods

Developers have introduced hundreds of mods in Skyrim; each mod is super unique and the features are just mind-blowing. This is one of the main reasons why Skyrim is so popular among the community.

People nowadays demand something more unique and balanced and Skyrim never fails to impress its player. This mod is super fun and big entertainment for the players. When you install plenty of mods in the game, firing arrows feels much more realistic.

You will wander in the game with your bow and it will become more fun. If you are interested in archery and want to play with arrows in the game then this mod is best suited for you.

In this article, I have listed some of the best archery mods to enhance the archery experience of Skyrim as much as possible. Some of the best archery mods to enhance your archery performance are mentioned below.

1. Difficult Archery

With Difficult Archery, you will be able to see your enemies fire with the same level of inaccuracy as you. You will face a challenge in this mod you have to hide if you want to prevent the enemy attack.

2. Better Archery Eagle Eye Perk

This is one of the most difficult mods that drains stamina too quickly. In this mod, you can kill two birds with one arrow and you will be able to zoom in as much as possible.

3. Better Archery

This mod reduces the unrealistic effects of arrows in the game. The speed of arrows in this mod will be increased. You can shoot your enemies at a higher distance and eliminate all your foes.

4. Proper Aiming

This mod is perfect for practicing archery. Proper aiming makes your arrow go straight to the center of your crosshair. If you are not good at shooting arrows then this mod is best to try.

5. Insane Armory – Archery Bows and Crossbows

This mod brings visual changes to the game and bows and arrows look much better than the base game. This mod also reduces the thickness of the arrows.

6. Whiterun Archery Pro Shop

Whiterun is a new shop which is owned by very skilled archers in Skyrim. If you want to hire an instructor to guide you about archery then you can get one. This shop also sells everything related to archery.

7. Ultra Realistic Bow Shooting Sounds

One of the best mods, using a simple yet super effective concept. The creator of this mod takes a lot of time to record the sounds of the actual bow being shot. This mod makes shooting much more realistic.

8. Extended Archery Skill Tree

This mod can be used together with other difficult mods but this mod allows the arrows to do much more dangerous tasks as you make progress in Skyrim.

9. Spinning Arrows

This mod makes the arrow spin as you shoot them and is quite realistic, much like you do in real life. In Skyrim whenever you shoot the arrow it just goes straight without spinning but in this mod, you will notice how the arrow moves when you shoot them.

10. Scoped Bows

This mod adds scopes in a more lore-friendly way. The design of these bows is quite impressive and unique; they look pretty realistic. This mod adds a total of 32 bows to the game.

11. Auto Unequip Ammo

This mod makes ammo automatically unequipped from your character’s active slot. Because of this, the mod remembers exactly which type of bow you are using in the game. This means it will automatically equip back whenever you use that bow again.

12. Nock to Tip

In this mod, you can craft your arrow without having to use grindstones of any sort. This mod makes the arrow look more realistic than it was in the base game.

13. Closer Quivers and Longer Arrows

This mod makes the arrows longer than they were in the base game. The arrows become smaller but it makes the quivers more attached to the body of the character.

14. ABT – Arrow and Bolt Tweaks

This mod brought a lot of changes to the game and added much more fun and enjoyable archery experience. The arrows are much better, ammunition is far more useful, and much more. This is a fantastic mod that adds many of the best features of other mods.

15. Archery Gameplay Overhaul

This mod brings changes in the game as the way your character moves when using a bow. This mod makes everything look more realistic, better, and smoother. This mod makes archery much more fun and more pleasant.

16. Explosive Arrows

This mod adds some powerful arrows to the game. These arrows make damage to the enemies within a small radius more chances to knock down the enemy. With explosive arrows, you can even release a cloud of poison gas to damage your enemies.

17. Casual Bow Animations

This mod replaces the animation for standing, walking, and running with a bow with casual animations. You cannot attack your enemies until you draw an arrow. This mod is quite realistic and natural.

18. Elemental Arrows

In this mod, the player can craft magic arrows at smithing forges. Each arrow crafted by the player will have special effects and properties that will give you a variety of playing styles.

19. Silver Bows and Silver Arrows

Silver Bow and Silver Arrow require no skill to craft them but need the arcane ability to temper. As the name suggests they are more unique bows and arrows and will do a lot of destruction to the enemies.

20. Real Bows

Real Bows is an amazing mod with a replacement of the old bow with the real bow which is complete with the usual visual effects of bound weapons. This mod creates a more immersive experience.

21. Angi’s Camp – More Archery Training

Angi is one of the most famous characters in the community of Skyrim. In this mod, Angi will be given archery training. Give Angi perks so she is harder to kill and make her weapon racks more functional.

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