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10 Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x



Best CPU Cooler for Ryzen 9 5900x

If you are fond of gaming and want to get the best use of your CPU, it is necessary that you need a CPU coolant in your system. Adding to it, if you are using a beast CPU like Ryzen 9 5900x or 5950x, it is necessary to use the CPU cooler. This will keep the temperature of your CPU at minimal.

The CPU gets overheated when running at its greatest speed. Adding to it, the best performance of the CPU sometimes can cause the overheating of the CPU. So if the gamer or user is not draining the power of the CPU, he doesn’t need to use the CPU cooler. He can invest this money in something more important.

But if the user is utilizing all the power of the CPU, then he must need to use the CPU coolant. Otherwise, his CPU can overheat and can cause malfunctioning.

In this article, the reader will find some of the best coolers for the beast CPU, Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x. Every cooler has its pros and cons. in this article, the reader will find both pros and cons according to the respective product. So stick to the article and decide which CPU cooler you will love to install in your best system.

1. Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M

Cooler Master MasterAir MA620M

Cooler Master is one of the leading companies in manufacturing CPU accessories. It has also made its mark in manufacturing CPU coolers. MasterAir MA620M has been one of the landmark products of the company.

This has been one of the unique air coolers for the CPU in the market. Unlike other air coolers, it has a fan in the middle of the two cooling towers. This provides equal follow to both sides of the cooler.

Moreover, it has a beautiful and sleek look, which can capture the eye of the buyer at once. Adding to it, it has a separate port for RGB. Further, the RGB of MA620M is not like conventional coolers. Like its sleek design, the RGB is also fitted on the cooler.

The user can plug the RGB port and can sync the lights with the CPU. Besides, he can use the remote control to control the lights of the cooler. The size of the CPU cooler might be pretty big for some users. But every user can buy the cooler by considering the size of his case.


  • Beautiful and sleek design
  • Fast fan rotation
  • Produce less sound
  • Easy to install


  • larger in size
  • Expensive
  • Cleaning of the fan is difficult
  • Center fan location provide less efficient cooling

2. Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

Talking about another magnificent piece of cooler master in the list, Hyper 212. The cooler has a magnificent black matte look. This cooler is perfect for the black lover. Moreover, the beautiful matte finish of the cooler makes it more eye-catchy.

Talking about the performance of the cooler, it is a very silent device. It is small in size with only one fan on one side. The user can also add another fan if he wants. The cooler master provides brackets and other installing equipment in the box.

The default fan speed of Hyper 212 is 1400rpm. It can do a pretty good job at this speed as compared to other coolants in the markets. Moreover, if the user is consuming all the power of the CPU, the cooler speed needs to increase up to 2000rpm. Hyper 212 can still beat the TDP of the most CPU.

Due to its small size, it is adjustable in most of the casings. Moreover, due to the open fan system, it is easy to clean.


  • cheap as compared to other products
  • The open fan can make it easy to clean
  • 4 coolant pipe provide efficient cooling
  • Comes with all necessary installation tools


  • No RGB
  • Installation is not that simple
  • Due to open fan, need cleanliness more often

3. NZXT Kraken X53 240mm

NZXT Kraken X53 240mm

NZXT kraken X53 has been one of the AIO coolers. This means it is a liquid cooler and instead of using simple air, it used liquid coolant to cool the CPU. Hence it is more efficient in keeping the temperature of the CPU low as compared to air coolants.

Talking about the look of the Kraken X53, it has a magnificent black look. The developers have designed the perfect pump for the coolant. It has a magnificent RGB effect. The infinite RGB effect on the pump enhances the look of the pump.

Talking about performance, it is a very quiet CPU cooler. It will produce around 60db at its highest speed, which is pretty impressive. Moreover, the cooling effect of the device is also priceless. At normal, it can maintain the temperature of the CPU up to 32C. While on the highest, it can restrict the CPU temperature to up to 69C. Hence it can maintain the low temperature of beast CPU like Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x.

RGB lights can also sync with the temperature of the CPU by using NZXT Cam software. This will assist the user in indicating the current temperature of the CPU.


  • synchronization of RGB is perfect
  • Very quiet
  • Can maintain the temperature of CPU at a very low range
  • Maintain the constant temperature, instead of fluctuation


  • expensive as compared to its counterparts
  • Has a lot of wires to manage
  • Some users find the installation bracket a bit loose.
  • Fan and the location of radiator need to manage

4. Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E

Cooler Master MasterLiquid LC240E

Cooler Master has made its mark in liquid coolants as well. MasterLiquid LC240E has one of the variants of the AIO coolers of the cooler master. This cooler comes with a 240mm radiator with two fans of 120mm each. Moreover, it has two-way coolant pipes which provide an efficient cooling temperature system.

The performance of the CPU cooler is pretty sick. It is pretty silent and can decrease the temperature of the CPU to a great extent. It can maintain the temperature of the beast CPUs at a very optimal temperature of 70, at their full power. It includes CPUs like Ryzen 5900x and 5959x.

The fan speed of the cooler ranges from 650 rpm to 1800 rpm. The greatest rotation of the fan may seem less than average AIO coolers. But the efficiency of LC240E is compatible with the other collects. It provides similar cooling to the cooler which has up to 2000rpm.

Talking about the sound of the fans, they are pretty silent. The average sound of the fan at their best speed is around 15dbA. When the CPU is running at max, the fan needs to run at the fastest speed. In that case, the sound of the fan can reach up to 35dbA, which is still pretty silent. So now the gamers can go to sleep with their PC on.


  • Fans also have RGB
  • RGB controller included in the box
  • Pretty quiet


  • Too many cables to manage
  • Has no software to customize the RGB
  • Need many converters for installation
  • Expensive as compared to other products in the market

5. Deepcool Gammaxx GT BK


Deepcool has been another brand in the field of CPU coolers. Gammaxx GT BT is one of the single fanned air coolant CPU coolers. It has a magnificent black and silver look, as it comes in both colors. The fan and the cooling rod case have RGB which is the weakness of almost every gamer.

The coolant comes with only one fan, but the user can install another fan as per need. This will not be necessary because a single fan can do the job. In 30 minutes stress test, the temperature of the CPU goes up to only 66C, which is pretty impressive.

Moreover, the users always want a silent CPU coolant. Well, the fan of Deepcool Gammaxx GT BK can rotate up to 1500rpm. At the average speed of 700rpm, the fan is almost inaudible. At its fastest speed, it produces only 50db of sound. This sound is also very hard to hear and thus provides a silent gaming experience to the users.

Talking about gaming, the CPU cooler can maintain the temperature of up to 55C with ease. If the CPU is burning its whole power, then the cooler has to work likewise. And in that case, the coolant can maintain the temperature of the CPU up to 66C, which is remarkable by the single fan.


  • Efficient cooling
  • RGB in fan
  • system cable use to sync the RGB


  • Temperature fluctuates
  • Fluctuation of temperature can hinder the user experience

6. Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360R

Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360

Cooler Master has another best cooler in the AIO category of the CPU coolers. The ML360R comes with the beast 360mm radiator. This huge radiator requires three MF120R RGB fans. It means that the player will get a silent, lightning, and cooling effect from one cooler.

Each fan has an rpm of 650 to 2000. It means they tend to keep the beast CPUs like Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x at very low temperatures. Moreover, the design of the fans is to increase the air pressure. This provides more efficient cooling to the radiator.

The CPU cooler also comes with the RGB controller. Users can place it beside the cooler. Besides, sometimes the user already has an RGB controller with the case. In this perspective, he can link this cooler also with the case to sync the RGB of the whole system.

Despite 3 fans, this cooler doesn’t make that much sound as expected. This device can maintain the temperature of the CPU up to 69C, which is pretty impressive. Due to its high performance, it installs with a high power CPU. Hence it has magnificent cooling capability with less sound.


  • Three fans provide more efficient cooling
  • High-pressure fans cool the CPU with more ease


  • Requires a lot of cables
  • Sync of RGB between motor and fans is not good
  • Very expensive compared to its performance

7. AMD Wraith Prism LED RGB Cooler

AMD ryzen 7 2700X CPU cooler 

AMD Wraith cooler is one of those CPU coolers which come with some specific CPUs. Wraith Prism comes with the Ryzen 7 3700x to the Ryzen 9. It means in these CPUs, the payer does not need to buy the cooler, it will already install in the system.

Due to its performance, some users might love to buy it with extra money. The cooler has a fin-shaped cooling system. It has cooling pipes between the aluminum fins. This provides aerodynamic airflow. It gives the most cooling to the CPU.

Moreover, the CPU cooler is quite silent. Even if it is running at its largest speed, the user will not hear its sound. The sound of the case fan and other GPU fans will cover the sound of the cooler. Further, this cooler can keep the temperature of the CPU at an average of 45C when it is at rest.

When the CPU is running at a very high speed, it can maintain a temperature of approximately 80C. These figures are the result of tests on high-tech CPUs. So if the user is only intended to play games, this cooler can maintain the temperature of the CPU up to 50C. And that is pretty impressive.

In some cases, the player wants to drain all the power of its CPU and wants to run the CPU at the greatest speed. In such conditions, he might need some AIO cooler. If he wants a cheap and perfect cooler for the gaming system, the ADM wraith prism will set best on his desires.


  • Fin shape spreads the air in all direction
  • Can fit with eh CPU of modern times


  • Better coolers are now available in the market
  • The cleaning is a bit difficult
  • Cannot upgrade

8. Vetroo V5 CPU Air Cooler

Vetroo V5 CPU Cooler 

Vetroo V5 has been another CPU cooler in the category of air coolers. Like other air coolers, it also can equip two fans at a time. But the tests have shown that the second fan will not do much in the performance of the CPU. So, a single fan will be efficient.

The cooler comes in white and black color. The installation of the cooler is not very difficult. The user needs to follow the instruction from the manual and he can install it with ease.

The cooler has a 120mm fan. The fan can go up to 2000rpm from 650 rpm. At idle, the V5 can maintain the temperature up to 11.8. But when the load is provided to the CPU, the temperature can go up to 57.5C. At the greatest stress to the CPU, the V5 can maintain the temperature up to 68C with ease.

Moreover, the V5 can do this job by keeping the fan sound as low as 49.8db, running at the fastest speed. Hence this cooler is silent as compared to various other coolers in the market.


  • Very cheap
  • A single fan can do the job
  • Better than various Wraith coolers


  • Vetroo thermal gel is a bit controversial
  • Installing a scan fan does nothing good

9. Noctua NH-U9S Chromax

Noctua NH-U9s CPU cooler

Noctua NH U9S is another air cooler that can keep the high-grade CPU in their cooling limits. The black edition of the U9S is beautiful. It has a black matte finish everywhere. On the front, on coils, and even on the aluminum plates.

The lower surface of the cooler is of shiny alloy, mirror-like material. This will give most heating capturing ability to the cooler. Moreover, the cooler has 5 coolant pipes which can provide efficient cooling.

Moreover, to keep the hot temperature away from the CPU, Noctua has used a good technique in this cooler. The cooling pipes are very close to the alloy surface to provide the greatest cooling to the CPU. Besides, the body of the cooler is a bit away from the alloy plate. This will keep the heat of the cooler away from the CPU and provide efficient airflow to the CPU.

Hence keeping the temperature lower. Further, they can rotate up to 2000rpm, still producing only 38db of sound. And this is pretty impressive. In the largest CPU load, the cooler can maintain the temperature to the average of 62C. Hence it can cool the CPU by keeping surroundings silent.


  • Very silent
  • Easy to install
  • Proper airflow design


  • No RGB
  • Need more space in the case

10. ID-COOLING SE-914-XT-Basic CPU Cooler


SE 94 XT basic cooler by ID cooling is the masterpiece in the air cooler. It is as cheap as 20 USD. Thus most computer users can afford it to keep the CPU temperature low and to enjoy the perfect usage of their CPU.

The SE 914 XT basic has the fastest fan speed of 2200rpm. Moreover, its fan is 29mm, which proved more efficient cooling as compared to the thin fans of 16mm. The 29mm fan can maintain the temperature of the CPU at 70C at the fastest speed. It is pretty impressive in this price range.

SE 914 XT basic has 4 coolant pipes of 6mm. The 45 aluminum fin plates provide the most surface area for the airflow. This keeps the temperature controlled.

This fan lacks RGB lighting. But filling this gap, the company has also launched the RGB version of this cooler by the name of SE 914 ARGB. It has the same features with extra RGB lights.


  • Very cheap
  • Perfect fan position from greatest cooling
  • Can fit best in most cases


  • No RGB
  • Cannot support thin fans


What is the purpose of thermal gel?

While talking about upgrading the PC, the users might get to hear the word “thermal gel”. Whenever this happens, most of the time it means that the CPU cooler is installed in the PC.

The application of thermal gel is done to the CPU before installing the CPU cooler. Thus it will be between the CPU and the CPU cooler. The main purpose of thermal gel is to remove the air bubbles between the CPU and the CPU cooler.

If there is no air bubble, there will be a perfect connection between the CPU and the CPU cooler. Hence all the heat will transfer from the CPU to the CPU cooler. And thus the CPU will not get overheated.

If the thermal gel is not used, the CPU will overheat very quickly. This will affect the user’s experience a lot and even can damage the CPU for a lifetime.

What will happen if the PC gets overheated?

There have been many cases when the users have installed the coolers. But their systems still get overheated. There have been various reasons for this which can yield different problems.

When the system or CPU starts getting overheated, the output of the system starts to slow down. The PC will not work and might get hung. The fans of the system will make immense notices. If the overheating goes in check, it can damage some parts of the PC.

These unlike circumstances are avoidable. This is possible by keeping in mind some things. User Cooler from CPU as well as GPU if necessary. Proper application of the thermal gel. Check if any piece of the system is damaged. If the user has done something new, undone that thing at once.

What is the major difference between air coolers and liquid coolers?

There have been two major categories of CPU coolers, one is air-cooled and the other is liquid or AIO coolers. AIO stands for all in one and in most cases refers to the liquid coolers.

In the case of air coolers, the air passes through the cooler and then cools down the CPU. There is a great risk of hot air flowing inside the case. This can cause great damage. While in the case of liquid cooling, the hot air will not flow in the system. A liquid pump is used to cool the CPU. The hot liquid will move away from the CPU, towards the radiator. There the fans of the radiator will throw the heat of the liquid out of the box at once.

In air coolers, the aluminum fins transfer heat away from the CPU. In the case of AIO coolers, this is the job of the radiator.

Air coolers can fit in a small area. Besides, the liquid coolers need more space and mounting holes to get installed.

Which CPU cooler is better, air cooler or AIO cooler?

All types of CPU coolers have their pros and cons. Air coolers take less space but liquid coolers can provide more cooling. Air coolers are easy to install. Besides liquid coolers required more tiring and tedious work to install.

In comprising the whole comparison, the liquid cooler is better than the air cooler. This is so because the purpose of the cooler is to cool down the CPU as well as the system. It doesn’t matter how much space it takes, as long as it is doing its job, it is the best. The liquid cooler is best in keeping the CPU at low temperature.

Can more fans increase the efficiency of the air cooler?

In both air and liquid coolers, the user has the choice to customize the number of fans. In the case of liquid coolers, the user does not have much leverage.

Talking about the liquid cooler, more fans will provide more cooling. This is so because the fans are installed over the radiators and expelling the air at once out of the case. Hence they do not disperse the hot air inside the case. So more fans will pump more heat out of the radiator and keep it cool.

In the case of air coolers, the number of the fan depends upon the location of the CPU cooler installed. The installation of a second fan is important only if it makes the airflow better, efficient, and more one-dimensional.

What is TDP?

TDP stands for thermal-design power/point. It indicates the amount of heat that a system can remove from its surroundings. In the case of CPU coolers, it is better to have a cooler with more TDP as compared to that of the CPU.

If the cooler has less TDP as compared to the CPU, the cooling system of the CPU will be sufficient. Then there will be no need to install the extra CPU cooler. Hence the higher the TDP, the more efficient will be the CPU cooler. Always co-relate the TDP of both CPU and CPU cooler before buying the latter.


The user can buy a wide range of CPU coolers for its system. Talking about the best processors they need a beast CPU cooler to keep their temperature low. These CPUs include Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x. In this article, we have mentioned ten of the best CPU coolers of the Ryzen 9 5900x and 5950x.

Despite perfection, every product has its pros and cons. hence, these are also mentioned in this article. So the user can read the description and pros and cons of the respective product. This will guide the user in the right direction.

In this article, the user will find all types of coolers, air coolers as well as liquid or AIO coolers. From cheap to most expensive coolers are also mentioned in this article. So the user can choose the CPU cooler according to his budget.

John Wesley is the Seiner Editor on Native Gamer. He manage all about Gaming details, News, Guides and tweets about video games.

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