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Top 50 Best Fortnite Skins List in 2021




In battle royal games, there have been different skins for different items. Fortnite is no different in this regard. It has many skins for different items. These most popular Fortnite skins make the game and gameplay more interesting. Moreover, these best Fortnite skins add to the interest of the gamer. Thus, the gamers urge towards playing more frequently.

Some of these coolest Fortnite skins are paid. Hence, the player needs to spend some money on the game. This increases the player’s affiliation with the game. There have been five different types of items in the game. These items are indicated with the color. These are:

  • Grey – Default
  • Green – Uncommon
  • Blue – Rare
  • Purple – Epic
  • Orange – Legendary

Orange items are the hardest and difficult to get. Therefore, these items are the most beautiful and attractive of all. Thus, the player always wants to get these items or skins. These Fortnite skins are mostly paid. The player spends money on it. This makes such skins unique and precious.

There have been various ways through which the player can get skins in-game. It includes battle pass, crate openings. Sometimes the player can buy Fortnite skins directly from the V-Bucks the player needs to purchase these V-Bucks with real money. Hence spending money on the game to make it more interesting.

Further, most such outfits contain special and unique emoticons. This makes these Fortnite outfits or skins unique and appealing.

In this article, the reader will get to know about these Fortnite skins. The article contains the 50 top Fortnite skins of the game in 2021. Hence, stick to the article to get to know about every skin.

Here are the Top 50 Best Fortnite Skins

1. Renegade Raider skin

Renegade Raider is one of the most popular Fortnite skins. If you are the older player of Fortnite, then this skin is for you. Renegade Raider Fortnite skin is the outfit that unlocks at level 20. Moreover, the player should have played Fortnite season 1. Hence, the player should be the regular and old player of Fortnite to get the skin. This skin is one of the OG skins. OG is an old gangster. It is a rare outfit. Due to its antiqueness, it is one of the great items to get.

The player must have level 20 to get this outfit. After that, he just needs to go to his shop, and buy the outfit from there. This outfit costs 1200 V-Bucks There have been some glitches in the game. The players are using these glitches to get this outfit free. Well, it can be risky. This is because these fake requests and glitches can get your account ban. Hence, do not get trapped. Always use the right way to get the outfit.

2. Black Knight skin

Black knight Fortnite skin is the skin from the battle pass. Battle pass of Fortnite consists of 70 tiers. Highest tier 70. When the player reaches the final tier, he gets some reward. This reward is orange or legendary. It means it is a unique item.

The black knight set is the reward of tier 70 of the battle pass season 2. Thus, it is an old but sick outfit. The same battle pass has the famous floss dance emote of the game. Black knight skin has a black ninja-like look. The armor is made of a black steel chain-like structure. This increases the beauty of the armor. At the same tier, the player will also get a black shield.

This is a black shield with a dragon drawn on it. This combo increases the beauty of both. Therefore, if the player still found this legendary beauty in his store, he must buy it. This skin is worth it.

3. Aura skin Fortnite

If you want a back street-like look, then Aura Fortnite skin will fulfill your demand. It is an uncommon Fortnite outfit. Therefore, it is cheap and easy to buy. The player just needs to go to the item shop to buy it. He can buy it for 800 V-Bucks this is cheap because of its uncommon category.

Recently the game has launched a new style of skin. This is called Winter Hunter. This outfit is similar to the default one. The only difference is the winter clothes. The character can be seen wearing a full sleeves sweater and binny. Still, it is sick skin in 800 V-Bucks.

4. Ghoul Trooper skin

There have been several different events in the popular games. There have been ester, Christmas, and other such carnivals. There has also been the event of Halloween in the game. During this period, developers launch different best Fortnite skins. These Fortnite skins are themes for Halloween.

The Ghoul trooper set is the outfit of Halloween. It first launched as an epic outfit in 2017 Halloween. The cost of the outfit 1500 V-Bucks. This skin also has two variants. One is a zombie and the other is pink.

Now, this costume is going to launch soon in Halloween once again. Therefore, everyone publicized it. If the player missed it last time, they can get it now.

5. Galaxy skin

Some top-ranking games collaborate with world-famous brands. This increases the promotion of both games and that brand. The same happened between Fortnite and Samsung. In collaboration with Samsung, Fortnite launched galaxy skin. It is a marvelous epic category. It has a separate outfit for males and females.

This skin only for note nine and galaxy tab four users. This skin is free. Just log in to the game and go to the store to redeem the skin. This skin was spectacular. It has a glowing effect. Therefore, this skin is also called glowing skin. Fortinet is about to collaborate with Samsung again. Hence, it might launch this skin again. Moreover, they can launch new skin also.

6. Ragnarok skin

Ragnarok Fortnite skin has been another skin from the battle pass. The player can get it at the 100 tier. It is the maximum tier of that battle pass. Thus, this skin is legendary. The outfit has five upgradeable looks. The player can unlock tier 100. Then he needs to upgrade the costume. He needs the Ragnarok missions to get the EXP. The player then uses these Ragnarok EXPs to upgrade the skin.

This skin is sick. It has a skull face in its maximum upgrade. Maximum-level skin also has two variants. One with shoulder pad style and the other is without it. Hence, the player can get his desirable upgrade as he loves.

7. Recon Expert skin

Recon Expert Fortnite skin has been the oldest Fortnite skin of the game. It first introduces the battle pass. However, it reappeared various times in the game. This is a female character skin with a hat. This skin is of rare category and hence not easy to get.

This skin has appeared 8 times in the game until now. The price of the skin is 1200 V-Bucks. This prize is justified by the sleekness of the outfit. This costume has a soldier-like look. Thus it is themed as a soldier. This theme mixed with Fortnite enhanced the amusement of the game.

8. Dire Skin

Like Ragnarok skin, dire skin is also part of battle pass. The dire skin is from the battle pass 6 of the game. This is the legendary outfit. Thus can get after reaching the maximum tier 0f 100. This skin is also upgradable. After getting basic skin at tier 100, the player can upgrade it. It has six upgrades.

Each upgrade requires specific EXPs points. The player can get them by doing missions and other tasks. The maximum upgrade of this skin is level6. This costs 250,000 EXP points. This skin was famous during its time. Hence, the game decides to launch this skin soon again.

9. Omega Skin

Omega Fortnite skin from battle pass 4. The player can get after reaching tier 100. Hence, it is a legendary item. This skin is also upgradeable. At every level, this skin is pretty sick. It has a cyborg-like look. This gives a stealthy feeling to the player.

This skin has six upgrades or stages. Each stage unlocks at reaching a specific level. The maximum stage unlocks after reaching level 80. The maximum has different colors. Each color is available after reaching the maximum stage. Hence, customize the cyborg look according to your favorite color.

10. Blackheart Skin

Blackheart Fortnite Skin is one of the magnificent legendary items of the battle pass. It is the part of battle pass 8. The player can get it after reaching the tier of 100. The skin has a pirate-like costume. This costume is also upgradable. As the player upgrades it, the pirates turn into skull pirates.

The costume has four upgradable stages. Additional four stages are available to add coloring effect to the skin. Thus, the skin total has eight stages. The basic stage unlocks at tier 100. After that, every stage requires specific EXPs to unlock. A maximum of 280,000 EXPs is required to gain the maximum level of the costume.

11. Midas Skin

Midas Skin is the character from chapter 2 season 2 of the battle pass. This can be unlocked after reaching level 100. Hence, it is a legendary outfit. The player needs to defeat Midas. After doing this, he can get different rewards including this dope set.

This character has unique golden skin. The skin has golden hands with golden guns. This gives a magnificent gold look to the character. Further, the costume of the skin is sick.

It has a sleek gentleman look. Proper combed hair with proper dressing. This adds to the beauty of this set. The variant of this set is also gold. Infect they are completely covered with gold. This look is also viable if the player has a female character. She has the same golden look as her male counterpart.

12. Drift Skin

Legendary Fortnite skins are not always availed at the maximum level. The player can get them at the initial stage. Then they can upgrade them to reach their highest level. This is the case with Drift skin. The player can get this in battle pass season 5. This can get an initial tier of one.

Then the player can upgrade it accordingly. It has a cat-like mask, which covers the face of the player. Thus, it gives a unique cartoonish look to the player. Moreover, the player can upgrade it to unlock different looks. The costume has different shirt colors. At the highest level, the whole costume becomes a pinkish cloak with a pattern on it. This enhances the beauty of the costume.

13. Lynx Skin

Lynx Fortnite skin has also been a magnificent gift for the players. It is part of the season 7 battle pass. The player can get it a tier 1. After unlocking the skin, the player needs to upgrade this skin.

The outfit is a female costume. In its final form, it has a cat woman-like look. In initials, it has a hoodie and black leather inner. In its final form, the costume is made of black leather. The mask adds to the beauty of the costume. The final form has many different colors. The player can get the desired one by unlocking the respective color. Players can get this legendary costume with ease in battle.

14. Catalyst Skin

Catalyst skin is part of the drift outfit. Hence, it is similar to that of the drift outfit. Similar cat-like facemask and all the stuff. Catalyst skin has a bit more black color in it as compared to pink.

This skin unlocks at season 10 battle pass at tier 1. Hence, after buying the battle pass, the player can get this with ease. After that, the player just needs to upgrade it. Upgrading skin changes the look of the costume as well as that of the character. From purple hair and half mask to full mask with covered hair.

Different forms have different names. Default, hoodie, overcoat, and overcharged are the name of looks. Other looks are according to the color. It includes black, rift storm, and snowstorm.

15. Calamity Skin

Calamity Fortnite Skin is another free reward for the battle pass holder. This is the skin of battle pass season 6. The player got it at level 1. After that, keep upgrading until its maximum level.

This is the legendary outfit. It has a very typical girly look at its default form. As it upgrades, the skin becomes more dope. It has a total of five stages or upgrades. This includes every form of the skin. From no hat to cowboy hat and then the round hat. The player gets a chance to play with every form of it.

The skin cost 900 V-Bucks. This is not the cost of the skin. The skin is the part of the battle pass and the battle pass cost this much. Hence, after buying the pass, the player can get this skin free along with various other rewards.

16. Astro Jack Skin

Sometimes the game also gives credit to some hero. This can be a singer, actor, or anyone else. Such skins are called the Icon series in Fortnite. The Astro jack skin has been a part of the icon series. It launched to support Travis Scott’s astronomical event. That is why this skin has an intergalactic theme.

The costume has a lightning helmet with a smiley on it. As it has been part of the event, it is not free. The skin costs 2,000 V-Bucks. However, this money is worth spending. This is because of the look and colors of the skin. Therefore, if the player loves Travis Scott he will be going to buy it.

17. Blaze Skin

As the name indicates, this skin is themed with fire. It has been part of the lava series outfit. The blaze skin was first seen in the trailer of chapter 2 season 3 trailer. However, it is available in the shop as an independent item. It means that anybody can buy it by sending a specific amount of V-Bucks.

The skin costs 1500 V-Bucks. This skin in store for a large period. This is because of the fanbase of his costume. This item was last seen a few days ago in the inventory. This is because of the fanbase of the skin. Hence, it may be speculated that the developers might add this skin again in the future.

18. Isabelle Skin

Isabelle’s skin has been one of the latest Fortnite skins in the game. It launched on 21-3-21. Hence, it is still in the store. As this is the epic item. Hence, various players might want it. Adding to it, the skin is comparatively cheap.

The skin costs 1500 V-Bucks only. The skin has two different looks. The first one is a simple school-going girly look. This gives uniqueness to this skin.

Moreover, the second kin is pretty dope. This looks like some sort of which. The character has a covered face along with a fully covered body. Dagger in hand increases the stealthy possibility of the character. This skin has wither like themes thus; she might be some sort of witch or sorcery.

19. Fishstick skin

Fortnite has been famous for its unique outfit. It has various versatile outfits. It includes an outfit with a tomato head, burger head, and others. Fishstick skin is the costume with a fish head. It comes with the battle pass season 8. Season 8 has a pirate theme. Thus, this outfit fits with that theme. This skin is of rare category.

This skin not with the battle pass. The player has to purchase it independently. The skin costs 1200 V-Bucks. With time, many variants of the costume introduce. Pirate form and exclusive 2019 world cup form introduced. Requirement of all these outfits just to buy the default one. Other variants can also be re-introduced in the game. However, the world cup 2019 skin is unique. Thus, it will not reappear again in the game.

20. Dark Bomber skin

Dark bomber is the female exclusive skin. The precursor version has both male and female versions. After touching the cube in dark reflection, the dark bomber formed. Nothing happened with her male counterpart. It is a rare category of skin. Her category has changed after her recent appearance in 2021.

The category changed from rare to Dark series. The costume of 1200 V-Bucks. It first appeared along with season 6. After that, it made several appearances on different occasions. The last time it appeared in May 2021.

It is a magnificent outfit with a dark theme. The color of most costumes purple. Not only that but the face of the character is also painted purple. The pattern is of unique paint. This magnificent look attracts the player. Hence, developers have reappeared the costume 27 times. All of this due to the huge fan following of his set.

21. Iconic skin

Iconic has been the Samsung exclusive skin. It is the precursor of Galaxy skin or glow skin. The skin was available only to specific users. The users of Samsung Galaxy S10+, S10, or S10e can get this skin free. Initially, it has only male character-skin. However, the later female character was also introduced.

This skin has a sleek and magnificent design. The skin is a blend of red and black color. The character has a hoodie, facemask, and shorts with black leggings. This skin was the precursor of galaxy skin. Hence, it will not reappear again in the game. The galaxy skin is the latest gift of Samsung to the Fortnite player. Still, the iconic skin has its fan base.

22. Elite Agent skin

Elite agent skin is the female exclusive outfit. It came with the season 3 battle pass. The player can unlock it after reaching the tier of 87. It has a marvelous dark look. The helmet adds to the beauty of the skin. This the epic category skin.

Some players might consider this helmet large as compared to the costume. Considering this, the developers had introduced a without-helmet variant of the skin. Thus, the player can choose the style whomever he wants.

23. Brite Bomber skin

Brite bomber skin first launched in season 2. It is the precursor version of dark bomber skin. Unlike dark bomber skin, she has its male counterpart. The male version is called the Brite gunner set. The brite bomber set has a colorful look with a unicorn on the shirt. The costume is of the rare category.

It reappeared various times in the game. The last appearance was noted in April 2021. In season 5, it has been seen to have a special relationship with drift. In various loading screens of the season, it can be seen together. The cost of the brite bomber set 1200 V-Bucks. The player can buy this t from the store by paying the cost of the costume.

24. Red Knight skin

Red knight Fortnite skin has been one of the old skins of the game. It launched in season. However, the player can buy this by spending V-Bucks. It costs 2000 V-Bucks. The costume is of legendary category. This makes this costume unique. It is a red-themed costume. The samurai look increases the beauty of the costume.

It has a red helmet with a red knight costume. It has appeared various times in the game. Its total appearances in the game are 36. It last appeared in February 2021. Thus, it has been one of the magnificent costumes of 2021.

25. Raven skin

Raven is the legendary category outfit of the game. It was first introduced in season 3. Some players might confuse it with the Rebirth raven outfit. The rebirth raven outfit is a collaboration with teen titans. However, raven Fortnite skin is different.

It was introduced in season. Until now, it has appeared 31 times in the game. It is not the part of battle pass. Hence, the player can buy it for 2000 V-Bucks. It has a superb black and purple look with glowing eyes. As the name indicates, it has the theme of the raven. The color of the suit has a feather-like look. Hence, it has a huge fan base.

26. Peely skin

Talking about the unique and uncanny outfits of the Fortnite, Peely skin cannot be ignored. The Peely skin is the banana outfit. It is a yellow banana with legs. It first appeared in season 8 battle pass. The player can get it free. However, for this, the player needs to buy the battle pass.

Peely could be unlocked at tier 47. Hence it is an Epic category outfit. Different variants of the outfit have also been launched. All of this due to the fan base of the outfit. The outfit has four variants. These variants were launched on different occasions in the game.

The variant includes Peely, Peely bone, Agent Peely, and unpeeled. Hence, the player can get his favorite skin in different variants. This increases the fun of the game.

27. Pink Ghoul Trooper Skin

Pink ghoul trooper skin is the variant of the ghoul trooper skin. The Ghoul trooper set is the outfit of Halloween. It first launched as an epic outfit in 2017 Halloween. The cost of the outfit 1500 V-Bucks. This skin also has two variants. One is a zombie and the other is pink.

Now, this costume is going to launch soon in Halloween once again. Therefore, everyone is excited about it. If the player missed it last time, they can get it now. Some gamers and analysts had predicted the date of the next release of the outfit.

They speculate that the outfit might release again in October 2021. Hence, the player can get their favorite Halloween skin once again. It will be along with its variant, including pink.

28. Guff skin

Another unique skin of Fortnite is the guff skin. It is not ordinary skin. It is not the skin of the human or any other thing. It is the mystical character. It has pink fur, a helmet on the head, head, and feet like the chicken. It has been part of the mythical might set.

The skin first appeared in season 2 of chapter 2. Since then, it has appeared 11 times in the game. Last, the time is seen in April 2021. Hence, it has been one of the unique sins of the season 2021.

During its appearance, the player can buy it for 1200 V-Bucks from the shop. It appeared very less in the game. Hence, it can appear once again. Thus, the player can buy it to increase the uniqueness of their character.

29. Deadpool Skin

Dead has been the famous character of the Marvel series. Fortnite collaborates with marvel and introduces the skin of the dead pool in the game. Due to the huge fan base of Deadpool, a huge number of people get this skin.

It is introduced in the special event. That event was introduced in the game during season 2 of the chapter of the game. The player has to do specific missions to unlock the Deadpool set. The player cannot just go to the shop and buy it. He needs to find the secret missions and then unlock the skin.

After unlocking, the skin is cheap. It cost only 900 V-Bucks. Hence, the player can get his favorite character at a cheap price. It has been the most hyped event and the skin of the game.

30. Kit Skin

Keeping its uniqueness, they introduce kit skin in season 3 of chapter 2. This skin is look-alike a robot. The upper part of the robot is like the handle of the motorbike. Further, the kitten is riding that bike. The robot copies the actions of the kitten. Hence, this kitten is controlling the whole robot.

This is the epic skin. Hence, it unlocked at tier 60 of the battle pass. It has two variants. These variants are according to the nature of the kitten. In one variant, the kitten is happy and in the other is angry. Thus, one skin is called a happy kitten and the other is an action kitten.

Both have unique features. Happy kittens release rainbows after each kill. Action kitten emits yellow light by the same action. The effect of both increases with the increase in the kill.

31. Loserfruit Skin

Loserfruit has been another skin from the icon series. It means it is based on some real-life character. Well, this skin is of the YouTuber and streamer. The name of that YouTuber is Loserfruit. Currently, she has 3.3 million subscribers. Therefore, she is a big YouTuber.

The detailing in the skin represents the real-life costume of the YouTuber. The skin is introduced in season 3 of chapter 2. It is not the part of battle pass. It was introduced during that time. The fans of Loserfruit can buy her costume for only 1500 V-Bucks.

If you are a die-hard fan of her, you can get more. The player can get a backpack and emote. The whole combo of skin, backpack, and emote cost only 1800 V-Bucks. Hence, it is not expensive. The costume was last seen in March 2021. Thus, it has been the most colorful and beautiful skin of 2021.

32. John Wick skin

As the name indicates, it is the skin of john wick. In today’s world, who does not know him? Fortnite introduces his skin in season 9. Miraculously, it completely looks like a real-life john wick. The detailing and body style, everything is up to the mark.

The player can buy this skin for 2000 V-Bucks. Like other skins, this skin also has a variant. The variant of this skin is called damaged john wick. It has bullet marks and some scratches. Thus, the player can get any of which he likes.

He was last seen in May 2021 in the game. Hence, it has even one of the coolest skin of 2021.

33. Harley Quinn skin

Another collaboration of Fortnite is with Birds of prey. It is a movie. The central character of the movie is Harley Quinn. Thus, Fortnite introduces her skin in the game. Everybody knows Harley Quinn, thus, also her outfit.

The skin was introduced in-game in February 2020. It has been reappeared in the game repeatedly since then. It appeared 17 times in the game. This appearance can increase shortly.

The cost of the skin 1500 V-Buck. If the player is a die-hard fan of Harley Quinn, he can buy the whole set of her. The whole bundle cost 2000 V-Bucks. Thus, the player can get a chance to play with his loving character.

34. Jules skin

Jules’ skin is another skin from the battle pass. It comes with the season 3 of chapter 2 battle pass. The player can unlock it at level 40. Hence, it is the epi skin. This can add to the epic collection of the player.

It also has two variants. The other is shadow. The second variant appeared in season 6 of chapter two. Until then she has only one skin. Due to its appearance in the battle pass, it cost 95- V-Bucks. However, it will give more rewards to the player besides this.

She has tattoos all over her body. A bifurcated hairstyle and a nose pin make it more lethal. The badass clothing adds to the stunning look of the Jules.

35. Scorpion skin

Scorpion skin has been one of the old skins of the game. It is uncommon skin. It first appeared in August 2018. Since then, it has reappeared various times. It has made 35 appearances until then.

It has a yellow-golden look. As scorpions live in the desert, this skin has a similar theme. It has a yellowish sandy color all over the costume. The camouflage shorts with golden legging adds to the beauty of the character.

The item cost 800 V-Bucks. It has not appeared in the game since 2020. Hence, there has been speculation that it might reappear in 2021. It is cheap skin. So many players will buy it, like before.

36. Commando skin

Commando skin is also one of the oldest skins of the game. Besides, it is the trademark of the game. This skin is visible in many trailers and outlooks of the game. The skin first appeared in season 1 of the game.

The skin costs 800 V-Bucks. Since its first release, it has been reappeared various times in the game. It has made a total of 48 appearances in the game. It has no variant. The skin was last seen in March 2021. Thus, it is one of the most common skins of 2021.

37. Heidi skin

Heidi is the theme of an old teenage girl. It represents the medieval girls with waiter dressing. It has a similar dress with green and red color. It also has golden robes in the belly. This skin is of the epic category.

As mentioned in the description, it is female skin. It costs 1500 V-Bucks. It first appeared in September 2018. It appeared during the time of season 6. It appeared only six times in the game. Hence, it is thought that it might reappear in the game soon.

38. Fusion skin

Fusion skin has been another skin from the battle pass of the game. It comes in the game in chapter 2 season 1. Thus, it is of great importance. It unlocks at tier 100. Therefore, it is a legendary outfit.

It has two other variants. These are called VEX and XEV. These variants or styles are unlocked by doing some missions. These missions will unlock after reaching tier 100. After doing unfused missions, the player can unlock its variants as well.

The costume has a bluish look with blue smoke emerging from the sides. A blue mystic energy ball is visible holding in hand. This gives the character a fictional look. Besides, because of this, it has a huge fan base.

39. Black Widow skin

Black widow has been the well-known character of the avenger series. She has great fighting skills. This set comes in the collaboration with the avengers. They also launched captain America skin along with it.

Various other equipment also launched with the skin. The skin is first seen in chapter 1 season 8. The skin has two variants. One with brown hair and the other with blonde hair. The Remaining outfit is similar to the actual character of the black widow. The skin cost 1500 V-Bucks.

As this skin appears with the collaboration, it might not appear much. It has appeared six times until now. If the collaboration occurs again, then the player will see the skin again. Until then, the fans have to wait.

40. Grimey Skin

Grimey skin has been one of the unreleased Fortnite skin of the game. Its name is self-explanatory. This skin might be themed as sad or something like that. Some clues were collected from the leaks.

From the leaked image, some things have concluded. It will be a full black single-piece dress. It will have a hoodie with the mask covering the whole face. The makes has a grim face drawing on it. Inside the hoodie will be some sort of glow. Further, the threads of the hood are also glowing. Two lines on the chest also glow with the same light.

Therefore, it will be a black glowing set. The glow color will be blue. From the past, it can be the judge that it costs around 1200 V-Bucks. The actual price is still unknown. Whenever this skin will be released, it will be the first choice of the gamers.

41. Pokimane skin

Pokimane is also the unreleased skin until now. Moreover, the game has not given any actual hints about it. Pokimane is a YouTuber. She has 6 million-plus subscribers. The game has recently launched her emote in the game.

This pumped up her fans. Hence, her fans started demanding Pokimane skin in the game. Not only this, but some die-hard fans also create artificial skin for her. They mimic her character. Then they guessed that Fortnite might make her character like this.

However, officially, there have been no leaks of her character until now. Everything is just a fan base. The truth will reveal with time. Since then, the fans have to wait.

42. Dababy skin

Dababy is an American rapper. He is 29 years old. Like Pokimane, Fortnite also launches his emotes. His emote is named Jabba Switchway. However, hi fans are demanding more. Fortnite has launched its emotes a few days back.

In these few days, the fans have created his character as well. They designed it and made it public. Some people think that his skin will also launch in the game soon. It will be an addition to the icon series of the game.

Up until now, Fortnite has leaked no official date or image. It is a matter of time when everyone gets to know about the details. Time will tell if Fortnite launches Dababy skin or not.

43. Eco skin

As the name indicates, this skin involves an ecosystem. This skin launched in season 6 and chapter 2 of the game. It has a unique look. It represents the eco of the world. Hence, it has a mix of water, land, and air. It is mainly of green color with the white and brown blend. The green color represents the forests. Where represents the water and brown represents the mud or stone.

Besides, the character has a small round object. This is the earth. It has all greenery on it. This unique and meaningful character costs 1500 V-Bucks. It is one of the latest skin of the game. It launched on April 22, 2021. Hence, it only appeared once in the game.

Considering its message, the players might see it again in the future. Up until now, it has been the most magnificent and thoughtful skin of 2021.

44. Mystify skin

Mystify skin launched in season 2 of chapter 2 of the game. This skin is of rare category. It has a versatile mannequin look. It has a grey costume with sea-green patterns. The character also has a giant blue gas mask. This mask is holding on to the neck.

The face was completely covered with the mask with yellow eyes. This increases the mystical look of the character. Further, it has a sea-green wing-like structure on the back. Hence, this skin is a piece of art in itself. Its second variant is of the orange color.

The skin costs 1200 V-Bucks. It has appeared a total of 9 times in the game. It was seen in the shop last time on 20 April 2021.

45. Cryptic skin

Cryptic skin is part of the cryptic set. It can be said that mystify skin is the next version of cryptic skin. Both have similar costumes. Similar markers or logos can see on the hat of both.

Cryptic set first comes to the market with season 9 of the battle pass. Till then it has made 22 appearances. His last appearance on 20 April 2021. This is a rare category suit. The cost of the skin 1200 V-Bucks.

Considering the rhythm, some gamers have predicted its reappearance. Well, time will unravel all the mysteries of the future.

46. Crystal skin

Crystal skin is one of the uncommon skin of the game. It is the female skin. The character has large glasses. Purple hair and purple top give dark-themed to the character. Black tights add to this theme.

The hairstyle and the style of the glasses give this character a unique look. It gives the nerdy but dangerous look to the player. The skin costs 800 V-Bucks. It is the old skin. It has made 18 appearances until now. The last time this skin was seen in an item shop in March 2021.

Considering the look and cost of the skin, it might reappear in the game. The fan of this skin is considering the same.

47. Major Lazer skin

Major Lazer is the addition to the icon series of the game. It is the fourth skin of the game with built-in emotes. The first three skins are Giddy-Up, Yee-Haw, and Mecha Team Leader. The skin was first released in season 10 of the game. Till then it has appeared 6 times in the game. Surprisingly, his last appearance was seen on 24 April 2021.

The skin costs 1600 V-Bucks. Considering its look with emoting, this is not much. This skin is worth buying. The skin has a rebel soldier-like look with sunglasses. He is a singer with several mikes on his chest. He has one golden arm. Some trophy-like thing can also see on his back. These entire features collectively make it one of the epic skins of 2021.

48. Alloy Skin

Alloy is from horizon zero zones. Now ready to take on forint primal season it’s available on ps4 and ps5. A player can buy it once it comes to the item shop. Alloy outfit includes her blaze, canister back; alloy’s pickaxe, glint hawk glider, shield, and heart emote. Skin is very has dark brown beautiful hair. It has overall some great colors perfectly made for the primal season. It has beautiful back bling. She has arrows on her side. The glider is robotic dinosaur-like. The animation of the glider is amazing with some exciting sounds. Her heart emote is very beautiful. It is completely worth the price

49. Yuki skin

It is a new anime character back on Fortnite. The player can get it from the item shop. It is a very cool anime. It has a hood with a white jacket. The player can have base style and hood down style. It contains headphones as it loves listening to music. So overall, it gives a very decent look. It is something unique in a very cute style. It has some harvesting tools that rebel authority picking axes. These tools give an impact. It has two blades and gives iconic sounds Yuki skin has some beautiful built-in emotes. It has a back bling, which is a backpack.


Briefly, Fortnite will never stop surprising its players. It has always been releasing the best Fortnite skins. These skins are themes. Sometimes they are released according to some character. Moreover, various legendary skins of the battle pass are also superb. This forces the player to buy the battle pass.

Further, some Fortnite skins have built-in emotes. Others come with bundles of backpacks and other items. The reappearing of some characters in the game is the unique feature of Fortnite. In this article, the player will find the 50 top Fortnite skins. These include all first appeared as well as reappeared skins of the game. The player can read about each and can select the best one accordingly.

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