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20 Best Futuristic Sims 4 CC & Mods Clothing, Furniture & More



If you’ve ever wanted your Sims 4 to look like they’re living in a futuristic, sci-fi world, then you have got to download this mod.

Whatever the reason for your future-themed photoshoot, there are a ton of great CC items and build/buy stuff created by the TS3 community that will instantly take your futuristic narrative to the next intergalactic level. Here’s some of my personal favourites.

1/20. Sims 4 Natalia-Auditore Cyberpunk Accs

If you’re planning to give your Sim the full cyberpunk experience, look no further than these cool accessories. The Cyberpunk Accs set has a great selection of fashionable for the face, back and arms, with different styles that will suit any digital doll. After all, everyone needs to look their best!

The little details really do count here. But you have to have the grey or green skin tone to benefit from them — or just go with the regular color palette. You could also argue the other way round: that the head accessories look especially awesome when worn by a Sim with regular skin, too. That works, too!

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2/20. Sims 4 Suit of Future of Genius

The future will be here in no time, and I for one cannot wait to see what the next decade has to offer. However, I can almost guarantee it’ll have some equally amazing as well as funky outfits that are hand crafted from hard light (hopefully not!), with a bit of a sci-fi twist. But don’t worry, you won’t have to wait too long to start seeing them in real life.

When you’re in the mood for a creative game of cat and mouse, this Future Suit by Genius might be just the thing. It’s reminiscent of that effect in TRON, with that distinct glow all over the arms, thighs, and torso.

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3/20. Sims 4 Set of Kitchen Facet Geometric

This set is so futuristic that it’s a part of three different lists! But, you know what they say: third time’s the charm…or something like that. These glorious geometric kitchen décor items have been met with high marks from modern design critics, who have nominated them for best in class. They’re surely quite a sight to see on your Sims’ homes!

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4/20. Sims 4 Set of Eco Futuristic

Soloriya is the best friend we all need. It’s the perfectly affordable furniture collection that gives you sci-fi style on a budget, as well as inspiration for making your home look futuristic and sleek. This collection features 13 unique furniture and décor, each with a fun hexagonal shape, sleek lines, and futuristic appeal.

Soloriya is a unique furniture company that makes the most incredible pieces you’ve ever seen. Their patented Infinity Shelving allows you to store any size book, box, or strange object. The zero-space space-saver can be used in any room of your home, and comes in many different colors — perfect for making a dorm room look much more comfortable!

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5/20. Sims 4 Armor of Space of plazasims

This is a sleek and stylized shirt that will make your Sim look like he or she is the captain of a starship! The futuristic graphics will totally turn heads – and no, they are not retro-themed clothing. It’s futuristic, and it’s time your Sim owned up to it.

You won’t find these boots on any other planet! They’re plucked right from future, and their kicks are out of this world. They’re not quite what you’d expect, though — I mean, no one ever dreamed that far ahead. I know, so disappointing! The company does offer 6 different colors to choose from, though.

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6/20. Sims 4 TS3 TS4 Cyberpunk Set of Natalia-Auditore

These Space Armor by plazasims are a must-have for all space-vibe fashionistas. These sleek, stylized suits of armor are inspired by Mass Effect (I heard it’s pretty popular), and they really put your Sim in the Future! What’s cool is that you can choose between male or female, which is awesome since most sims clothing is strictly feminine.

Simmers looking to don their best gear should check out the new Tech Suit, available at the Fashion Shop! The techno suit is an outfit created with quality engineering and fabric in mind, and it’s designed to help Sims survive alien attacks. This sleek suit comes with a hat, and both the hat and the suit come in a variety of colors.

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7/20. Sims 4 Mimoto-sims Sci-Fi Corridor

Your character’s bedroom is a very important part of their story, and you should make it clear that they love it — as well as all the things that go on in it. This grungy and futuristic CC backdrop will help your viewers realise that your character has a geeky side, or may be an inventor or industry leader in space travel. You need this kind of background for your storylines!

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8/20. Sims 4 Spacer of Simalicious

Future fashion isn’t just a trend or a fad – it’s really an ideology. One that is quite flexible in terms of design, and strictly adhered to by those who are true believers. This jumpsuit from Minimalicious features all the classic signs of ‘future fashion’ — including ultra-shiny fabric, incredibly tight-fitting, advanced textures and shapes and oh-so shiny accessories.

This is just the coat you need if you’re headed to a space opera — or, maybe more realistically, if you want to go for a stroll in the park. The Spacer CC is great for any situation where you might need a little extra warmth, without sacrificing style. You can pick it up at ThinkGeek or online.

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9/20. Sims 4 Chromatus Dysfunction Skin of Pralinesims

A shiny future is the future I want to be a part of. And with Pralinesims’ Dysfunction Chromatus skin, I can help make that future just that much more shiny. This custom skin acts as an overlay or detail that helps you achieve a particular look — think of it like detailing your car. It looks great on its own, but it also transports you to another place — kind of like how whales are transported in the oceans.

I slapped a sci-fi mesh mask on my face and went outside to be amazed by reality. I highly recommend combining this with these other sci-fi mesh masks: Eye Enhancement Cybernetic Hardware, Omega Game’s Augmented Reality Glassware, the Reapers Virtual Reality Headset, and Tomcat’s 3D Glasses. The contrast between the dark glasses, the dark eyes, and the real world is stunning.

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10/20. Sims 4 DSF Computer Holographic Bracelet of DanSimsFantasy

Is there really a better way to display notifications than the “wearables” trend that has been around for years now? We think not. And we’ve proven it by making use of our favorite tool for designing wearables, the concept of light shining through semi-transparent objects. For more on that, we recommend watching this video tutorial .

As you can tell from the pictures, there are 9 color options to choose from. And if you want to enjoy the full rainbow effect, make sure that your graphic settings are high enough. Just remember that all laptops are different, so what is a high setting for one computer may be a low setting for another. So be careful to not overheat!

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11/20. Sims 4 Pack of Stuff Into Future Conversions

Fans of The Sims 3 were pretty excited about Into the Future, released in 2013 for your PC/Mac. It was loved by many and its popularity is due to an abundance of fun — and funny — gadgets. You’ll find this content particularly useful if you’re a fan of Into Future expansion pack, but we won’t judge you if you don’t play games! It’s just that Into the Future is really fun, that’s all.

Time travelers and jet packs? Pshaw. That’s kid stuff! The latest addition to your favorite MMORPG is an Almanac of Time and a new Time Portal, which allows you to zoom in and out of the timeline to see what’s happening all over the world. And the food replicator is back, only this time it doesn’t need electricity to work — all you need is some fresh ingredients and a little bit of magic.

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12/20. Sims 4 Cyber Head Strange Alien

When it comes to Sims 4 alien, universe cc, I prefer creating my own aliens rather than downloading others’ creations. This way I can adjust parts of their anatomy and make them look just the way I want. It’s challenging and fun!

This wearable head accessory will make you feel like the ultimate cyberpunk, thanks to its ability to match your skin tone! The only downside is that it can only be used with base-game skins. I’m sure you’ll find a way to hack this one, though.

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13/20. Sims 4 City of Alien of soloriya

Your Sims need more futuristic-looking buildings stat? Then you’re in luck. This new CC pack contains five of the futuristic-est looking towers ever! Use these to populate your Sims’ future space stations, or even just as a little decor — who doesn’t love a little extra space station on their home lot?

In total, there are 10 available structures or “structures” (har har). From these structures you can create your own, unique narrative. Whether you’re looking to recreate the storyline of your favorite sci-fi novel or movie, or you’re just in need of a cool backdrop for that next party you’re planning, these are sure to help you create the perfect setting.

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14/20. Sims 4 Set of Bedroom Sci-Fi

Mimoto-sims is one of my favorite Sims CC creators. I once read that she quit a lucrative career in dance to pursue her dream of becoming a 3D artist and it’s clear that she has an innate talent for creating striking digital art. Her Bedroom Sci Fi Set is just one gem of many on her profile.

If you want to make stunning videos, look no further than this pack! I’m talking about people who are just starting out with video editing and have dreams of becoming an amazing visual content creator. If you have any connection to the word ‘movie’ in your content, then this is for you. I know you’ve heard rumours about the quality of these assets, but my advice is: don’t believe everything that you hear. Let the photos speak for themselves.

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15/20. Sims 4 Cyborg Eyes of RemusSirion

Looking to give your Sim a more cyborg look? Simply splash on Cyborg Eyes RemusSirion! These custom eyes have a glowing red pupil, just like the real thing! And I love using them.

Let’s talk about eyes for a moment. I’ll go out on a limb and say that you know the difference between a human eye and the ones seen in basic robot design. You probably even know that anime-style big, round pupils are typically used for female characters… Although you may have not have known that this trend was formalized as ‘moe’ by character designers in Japan. (Yikes.

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16/20. Sims 4 Jumpsuit NIVA of Helsoseira

I think I’ll try these different colored eyes on Chie from Persona 4 and Rem from Tales of Xillia. They look a little alien-y, but that’s okay with me. I highly recommend combining two other adjusted eye colors with this one for an even more stunning contrast: Crile’s Cyborg Eyes, and Ver Zaku IV’s Cyberpunk Accs.

The jumpsuit has all the same embellishments as in the game: circuit board patterns, wide silver straps with faded hexagonal print, and what look like raised diodes all over our lower torso. Never fear, though — it’s not actually made of metal. Comfortable and stylish, this outfit is sure to give you an edge in any infiltration mission, festival or pub crawl.

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17/20. Sims 4 Future Study of ShinoKCR

The designers at ShinoKCR have created a CC set that will make your Sims feel like they’ve just stepped into the multi-million dollar home of a futuristic A-lister. The walls have been decorated with geometric patterns and artistic lines, but muted-chrome colors, alongside the post-modern edges, give it a study vibe that says “I’m busy, don’t bother me”.

14 cool items for your Sims to use — and I don’t just mean your computer Sims! You can build a high-end enclosure for your Sims who want their privacy, or you can create a communal reading space. Or maybe you just want to deck out your favourite Sims in the latest tech and holograms. There’s something for everyone!

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18/20. Sims 4 Bedding SATA Slumber for Binaries

Bedding for Binaries creates one of a kind, custom-designed modern beds with artful and functional neon circuit designs.
Welcome to the future of your bedroom! Bedding for Binaries creates affordable, modern, unique beds with progressive neon circuit designs.

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19/20. Sims 4 Glasses of Tech Discover University

When everyone’s walking around in augmented reality headsets, and even the Enterprise has holodecks, these holographic glasses will look absolutely normal. Kind of like the Apple Watch of yore — but without the smartphone dependency. And they’ll be awesome.

These cat-eye sunglasses are perfect for futuristic fashionistas and sci-fi lovers. With 30 colors to choose from, you can find the perfect match for any outfit that’s a mix of past, present, and future styles.

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20/20. Sims 4 Futuristic Set

The second set in the Eco Futuristic series focuses on clean, smooth lines, and bright colours. It’s a look that’s expressed through everything from the furniture to the furnishings. The cube-shaped stools make one wonder where the corners went – and whether or not you should question it. Think about that – what do corners mean, anyway?

This CC set has a classic, slightly funkier look. I like it less than the other set — but that’s just me. Your room might match this color scheme better than mine, and for that reason it might be the better choice for you. Be warned that items in this set are more expensive than those in the Eco Futuristic Set, so they might not be right for starter homes or budget challenges.

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