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30 Best Sims 4 CC Creators Ultimate Collection



It’s time to spruce up your style! You know that feeling when you’re trying to make a new Sim, but the options seem so uninspiring? I’m talking about those times when you’re not just creating a sim, of course. We’ve all been there: when you’re styling a room, decorating the perfect outfit, or painting a masterpiece portrait.

There are thousands of creators to choose from, and knowing who they are and what they do is the best way to ensure your game stays fresh.

1/30. Sims 4 NoodlesCC

NoodlesCC has created an awesome 76-color palette for your enjoyment — it’s a fun little treat for TS4 players to enjoy. They’ve recolored dozens of vanilla TS4 objects, including hair, clothes and eye colors, using the palette. They’ve also released a handful of awesomesauce recolors.

19 total colors, including four shades (white, light blue, mauve, dark red.) This makes in-game items versatile and interesting. Consequently, gameplay experience will be greatly enhanced.

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2/30. Sims 4 ChloeMMM

If you’re having a hard time finding realistic clothing textures, try Maxis Match. Although there are many alternatives, most of them will only become available at a later date or with extra payment. I haven’t found any that can match up to the quality of this line!

I have a very specific kind of Sim addiction. I call it being ‘picky’. You see, I love to find new content creators that are exceptional at their craft, and I spend many time critiquing the work they produce. One of my favourite creators is ChloeMMM. They choose their sources carefully, and create clothes that look really authentic, even by EA standards. Their clothing items are fashionable, but also believable.

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3/30. Sims 4 Madlen

Fashionable Sims or fashionable Sims will love Madlen (or madlensims) for their vast selection of high-fashion clothing items. Each item comes with a decent number of color variations, too, so you can match your Sim’s hair, eyes, and skin tone to the perfect piece! Thanks to Madlen’s attention to quality, not only can your Sim look great in any activity or environment — she can also make an impression at any event or gathering.

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4/30. Sims 4 Pralinesims

Pralinesims has been around since the Sims 2 days, and is still going strong with the release of Sims 4. She’s created hundreds of CC items for your gaming pleasure, and you can always count on her to add something new each and every month!

The creator behind this blog is a true superstar. Their CC makes things look so natural and pretty, I just want to cry tears of joy whenever I see it. They’ve got plump and juicy lip tints, photo-realistic freckles and beauty marks…all in the prettiest shades you can think of.

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5/30. Sims 4 S-Club

I just got back from a fabulous shopping trip. I bought so many cute things, and the best part is that they’re all super affordable! Most of them are fake, but it doesn’t matter. You know what? I’ll show you what I mean – let’s take a look at my shopping haul! Remember to use my coupon code ‘Emma10%’ for a 10% discount on anything from my online store.

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6/30. Sims 4 Rirann

The Sims 4 may have a building tool that looks like something out of Minecraft, which means it’s pretty damned good. With this powerful tool, you can build your own homes from the ground up. However, if you’re like me and don’t want to spend hours making up your mind about things like bathroom styles, kitchen colour or window placement, then now you can pay for it to be done for you!

Your home is where you live, learn, laugh and love. So why not make it interesting? With Sende’s range of hand crafted, custom-made furniture and decor items, you can give personality to every room in your home! Their expert craftsmen have the skills to bring any picture from your Instagram feed to life. They’ll help you design your ideal living room.

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7/30. Sims 4 Severinka_

Welcome to Severinka, your one-stop shop for all things decorative, functional, and beautiful. With everything from food to furniture, to home decor and fun art pieces, you’re guaranteed to find something that makes your Sim’s life just a little sweeter! Check out our gallery to see what we offer!

Severinka is notorious for its high-quality creations, with a library of furniture sets to rival that of most online retailers. The brand’s boards are also excellent; they have a variety of items perfect for any home, and their pixel-perfect recreations of real life objects makes them plenty unique.

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8/30. Sims 4 Marsosims

Some of the most popular custom items for The Sims on the gallery are from marsosims . It’s rare to find a custom content creator whose work truly stands out, but every item I’ve ever seen from marsosims is gorgeous. They have such a wide range – everything from hairstyles to clothing to furniture. Plus, their style is consistent – whatever they make always has that adorable 3D-animated-film style!

Female Sims can be pretty picky about their hair, but Male Sims? Male Sims can take it or leave it. That’s why when searching for hair for my Male Sims, I always check out the custom CC of Filipino creator Ninya . Her hairstyles are not only high-quality and unique, but they’re usually pretty affordable as well.

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9/30. Sims 4 Katverse

The Sims 4 CC game is on fire! If you’re looking for some cool custom content, then there are plenty of places to look. But nothing beats Katverse! This company has been around for almost as long as the genre itself and they’re always one step ahead of the competition. They’re creating poses that are completely unique, and they’re awesomely easy to use in-game.

Featuring a whopping 10+ pages of poses, this pose pack is sure to keep your Sim looking good. With even more unique poses than Sims 3, you’ll spend hours browsing through these gorgeous poses. How do I know? Because that’s exactly what I did.

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10/30. Sims 4 Leah Lilith

Leah Lilith is taking a different approach to wingssims Hair & Match, although their creations are still certainly alpha CC. Robloxians will notice a softer look, more in line with Maxis Match than the solid, photorealistic hair of wingssims Hair & Match.

Every one of their articles is the equivalent of a deep, professional hair treatment. It’s so soft and fluffy that the first time I read it, it made me think of puppies. And kittens. And rainbows. Can you tell that I’m an adult and dog lover? Probably?

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11/30. Sims 4 NataliS

NataliS creates a huge range of earrings, necklaces, and accessories! They are all both affordable and original—no two items are exactly alike in their collection of many hundreds. Whether you want something low-key and simple, or want to make sure you look extra flashy the next time you attend a party or event, NataliS has all the accessories you could possibly need, including outfits for your Sims.

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12/30. Sims 4 Anto

If you’re into badass haircuts, you’ll adore Anto’s custom creations. If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to master the art of professional and meticulously constructed hairstyles, look no further. Each hairstyle they put out takes time and effort to create; they have to consult with their curator(s) and make sure the final product will be on point with the vision.

First of all, I’m going to say that their tumblr is probably the most beautifully curated tumblr I’ve ever seen. But good looks aren’t everything — and luckily, MikiMuffins has personality to match. They’ve got a great variety of hair, skins, eyes, and lashes, and they’re always releasing new content! And they’re also animated! That’s a huge plus in my book as well.

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13/30. Sims 4 Simpliciaty

Skills for CC are a tricky thing. While it’s true that the tools we use to edit them are improving with each update, you will likely still need to learn a few skills on your own. Simpliciaty provides high quality content at low prices and only takes a few days to get used to. It’s one of my favorite ever since I tried them out and never looked back.

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14/30. Sims 4 GoppolsMe

K-beauty has become a worldwide trend, and GoppolsMe has seized the opportunity to be in the forefront of the industry. Skincare, makeup, color palettes — they have something for everyone! And I know I’m not the only one who’s ready to have my routine changed by GoppolsMe.

Do you love rose-inspired hues? Do you need some inspiration for the best rose-tinted makeup? GoppolMe has the answer. This brand has a huge selection of beautiful eyeshadow palettes, blushes and cheek tint, suitable for everyday wear or to use as part of your Halloween costume. Consider their Alpha CC line if you want to go full-on rose!

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15/30. Sims 4 SIMcredible!

This creator’s custom pieces come in a lot of nice, wooden swatches. I love the variety that they provide, and I wish the vanilla game options were more varied. Thankfully, there are creators out there like this one—and they’re not just limited to wooden textures! Using these custom items can breathe a real sense of life into a Sim’s home.

I just want to let you all know about you a resource I discovered that can help out immersers, newlyweds, and those in the wedding business: SIMcredible! is an online furniture store that specializes in helping people create the most immersive possible environment for those looking to do things like get married. Their furniture comes in an amazing array of styles, colors and sizes!

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16/30. Sims 4 Pyxis

You’ve got to hand it to Pyxis (user name @pyxiidis) — this is one-of-a-kind content. And by that, I mean you will never see anything like this anywhere else. Pyxis does a lot of Maxis Match skinblends, skin details, body overlays, and body details of the supernatural variety.

If you want to create a set of completely unique Sims that capture the essence of fairytales and folklore, then check out Mina’s original Sims. Her creatures are whimsical in appearance and have their own unique personalities. Best of all, they come with a variety of replacements for those pesky EA-made body parts.

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17/30. Sims 4 Wingssims

Now, from the same Featured Artist, I would like to introduce Wingssims! This artist has a number of unique hairstyles that are absolutely gorgeous. Sleek and shiny, with few wisps of flyaway and silky, smooth highlights. The uniqueness of their creations cannot be stressed enough; if you want to using Alpha CC in The Sims 4, their hairstyles will add a whole new level of customization to your characters.

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18/30. Sims 4 Simandy

Simandy Curls has been my go-to for both original and recoloured Maxis Match hair for a long time now. I love how soft and airy every piece looks, and how it still stands up to the clayified textures with minimal clipping. There’s not much more you can ask for when it comes to hair.

Hairstylist and Sims designer simandy has delighted us all with a variety of truly unique hairstyles, accessories, and clothing — all of which are available through the Sims 4 exchange. I personally have several items from simandy in my game, and am constantly blown away by both the quality of the products themselves and the uniqueness of their designs.

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19/30. Sims 4 Kismet Sims

Kismet Sims is an underrated custom content creator that creates amazing Maxis Match skins, hair, and accessories. The detail in their work is second to none and are a surefire way to add some extra personality to your game. Feeling like you’ve exhausted all of the options out there? Give them a shot!

Alpha Clipping is not a problem with this outfit. If you like to look really good while adventuring, this outfit is a great choice.

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20/30. Sims 4 Natalia-Auditore

The name Natalia-Auditore immediately conjures up images of luxury and beauty. After all, she was born in Italy, just like Maxis Match content creator Kirsten Plant! But maybe you’re more interested in the full range of content Natalia offers for The Sims 4. Not to worry, I’ve included a run-down of what else this creator can do.

We are a startup that specializes in customizing your favorite fantasy themed media icons. Whether you’re a diehard fan of the League of Legends or just love seeing your idols (because let’s be real, we all do) represented in different, beautiful ways—we’ve got you covered. With our customizable apparel and accessories, you can create your own story-based heroes or villains, and still look good doing it.

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21/30. Sims 4 Greenllamas

Greenllamas’s hairstyles are some of the best on offer at The Mesh Project. They don’t have a clumped, clayified look, but they also aren’t going to let you down! His creations are softer and thinner, in stark contrast to the Maxis Match hairs that tend to look a bit chunky.

I’m a sucker for short hair and I just want to give a shout out to the newer Sims who opted for shorter looks. It’s true – short hair looks good on everyone! Although I like longer hair just as much! Who doesn’t love long hair? It’s so versatile.

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22/30. Sims 4 Tamo

While there are a few clothing and accessories mods out there, MaxisMatch and Tamo seem to be the ones who have gained the most recognition. And honestly, I can see why — although they only have a few creations each so far, their attention to detail is breathtaking. As someone who loves the occasional ‘dress up’ game with my sims, I can appreciate that.

The product selection is limited at the moment, but that’s not a problem. What’s on offer is of extremely high quality. And we’ve got our eye on more products to launch soon (which will be just as great as the stuff already available).

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23/30. Sims 4 Pinkzombiecupcakes

I thought these were the ugliest clothes I’d ever seen until I realized they were supposed to be nightgowns. Now I can’t stop buying them. The wit and wisdom of the fashion world tell us that a) you should never wear real fur, and b) real fur is ugly. Yet an inexplicable number of people still do both every day.

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24/30. Sims 4 Feral Poodles

Some Sims don’t like hair Maxis Match because it can come off as a bit too clean and plastic-y. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with that look, but it’s not the one you want if your Sim is sporting a healthy mane with natural highlights, making them look like they’ve just stepped out of a salon.

Feral Poodles has really upped their game when it comes to custom animations and hairstyles. Their pieces feature perfectly blended highlights that give off a soft, almost matte finish that’s reminiscent of natural hair. Some of these hairstyles even have individual strands of hair that you can see, giving them a more realistic appearance. The end result is some the most natural looking hairs in Second Life!

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25/30. Sims 4 Nightcrawler Sims

I’m not going to lie — I’m terrified of the Sims 4’s hair. It’s like a Dalmatian puppy: it looks fun, and I’d love to play with it forever and ever, but it’s just so, so different to deal with. Okay, all jokes aside now: custom hair is incredible, and this guide will walk you through what you need to know. Let’s go!

Is your hair not as cool as you’d like it to be? The job market is harsh and unforgiving, and the media is ever-critical – so no one will give you a chance unless you have the coolest hairstyle around. Thankfully, Nightcrawler Sims offers several hundred high quality hairstyles for download, each one uniquely tailored to fit your needs. And their prices are affordable!

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26/30. Sims 4 SimPlistic

SimPlistic embodies the essence of what a creator should be. Their content is made to fit comfortably into your game and your life. (I’m gushing, I know, but seriously: they’ve been my favorite creator for years.) If you enjoy their stuff, show them some love over at MTS or TSR. They’re very active and great at taking suggestions and criticism.

The creators of the TS4 CC, SimPlistic, are very approachable and are always willing to help. They have done their best to make a name for themselves in the Sims community by putting out helpful videos featuring their own creations and visiting other people’s modding endeavors. Their website is well-organized and features a simple interface that lets anybody quickly find any item they are looking for.

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27/30. Sims 4 K-hippie

K-hippie is one of the most unique and versatile creators of custom content for The Sims 4. Their most popular items tend to be furniture that’s heavily influenced by industrial or urban design. Unlike Rirann, their sets are not just decorative; each item serves a purpose, whether it’s a sink for your kitchen or a mailbox outside your home.

The K-Hippie team is a set of dependable and unique creators that I know I can always turn to in a pinch. They have an eye for the extra details, and make sure that each individual piece they create is as high quality as possible.

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28/30. Sims 4 Hoshi

If you’re a gamer, then you probably know about the Sims. The Sims 4 is a life-simulating video game that allows users to create and control their own avatars and decide what their characters do. Sims players can create basically everything from scratch; their home, friends, career, and even their Sim’s friends and romantic partners.

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29/30. Sims 4 Piscis

Your Sims don’t have many choices when it comes to what they wear and look like. I mean, sure, you can recolor items to be pink or green or rainbow, but that’s the limit of what EA will allow you to do. Luckily for players who love making custom Sims, there are creators like Piscis, who specialize in recreating EA items with so many color and style options. Check ’em out!

Piscis adds exciting detail to your outings in the Wasteland. For example: providing an easy method to add a touch of color and flair to everyday outfits, making them easier to stand out from the crowd.

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30/30. Sims 4 Sims4 Marigold

If you’re looking for a location in the UK that sells authentic shoes and clothing, look for a store called Alpha CC. They are UK’s only Korean fashion retailer, which means that customers can browse their latest collection of clothes and accessories from Korea’s most popular designers.

An outlet for original, beautiful, and unique shoes that will get people talking about you. United Arrows is the kind of store where style-savvy young women go to peruse for their latest favourite pair of chunky dad shoes, or where the classic old lady goes to get a new pair of white pumps. The shoes here are prized for their uniqueness and style, so you won’t want to miss out!

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Since the beginning of 2018, I've been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and having the most fun possible. I have a long-standing fixation with this game. I would be delighted to discuss my enthusiasm for it with each of you.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More