20 Best Sims 4 Custom Nose Sliders CC & Mods

It goes without saying that a Sim’s face is pretty important — they need those good looks to impress the opposite sex or any members of the same sex if they’re looking for a little lovin’. Plus, you’ll be looking at them all the time, so it’s only fair. As such, most Simmers take special time and care to make sure their Sims’ faces are nice and pleasing to everyone else’s eye.

Have you ever wanted to make your Sims look pretty (and by pretty, I mean like they’ve been dipped in a vat of cement)? With this guide to tweaking the facial structure of your Sims, you’ll be well on your way to creating a Scarlett Johansson-looking clone in no time. And if there’s any confusion or you need some help walking through the process, don’t worry–I’ve got plenty of links!

1/20. Sims 4 3 Nose Presets

There are a lot of different types of noses in the world, but none are quite as universally cute as button noses. You know what makes a baby cute? A button nose! You know what makes an old lady cute? A button nose! You know who could use a button nose? The guy next to you on the metro. Heck, you could even use a button nose to make your virtual sims more attractive in the Sims 4 .

But at least it’s still easy to change things up after you’ve created your Sim. And there’s really nothing easier than changing their nose to a preset. Unlike sliders, nose presets are a lot more straightforward, using a dial so that you can just turn and change the look of your Sim’s nose in one go.

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2/20. Sims 4 Preset Amondi

Sometimes, you want a nose that stands out. Sometimes, you want a nose that is as uniquely fashionable as its owner. If that’s the case, then you’ll love this preset! It was made for my lady Simmers, but it also works pretty well for our gents. Just be warned: it can be a little feminine, so don’t use it if you’re expecting some strong, manly features.

If you’re new to the game or you plan to spend a lot of time just browsing around, switching faces can become a tedious thing. The AMONDI preset is an excellent way to skip all that and get right to the fun part of Snapchatting.

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3/20. Sims 4 Presets Four Nose

Have you ever looked at a Sim and thought, ‘He’s just perfect’? If so, in the most kind way possible, I have to say that I don’t believe you. These Sims — beautifully crafted by the talented folks at Maxis — are your friends! And they care about your opinion. That’s why they ask you to take a look at how well they’ve been built every so often.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://stretchskeleton.tumblr.com/post/186613798623/4-nose-presets-for-female-sims-nose-preset-01-t-e”]

4/20. Sims 4 Nose Bony Effect Slider

TS4’s noses come in two flavours — smooth and bony. To be honest, they’re pretty basic. The bone-ness slider especially is fairly rigid; it really depends on how much bone you want. This mod aims to change that by giving you a slider for each component of the nose (bridge, tip, nostrils, etc) without altering any of EA’s default values.

When it comes to tweaking your Sim’s features, no game beats the modability of The Sims 4. While mods like these particularly make your Sims unstoppable, mods for physical appearance are only the tip of the iceberg. There are a ton of ways you can modify your Sims’ lives .

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5/20. Sims 4 Tip Nose Slider

Got a special Sim in mind that you’ve been dying to share with the world? Well now you can make them just right. Nose tip sliders are a new way to detail your characters, allowing you to vary how crooked or bent you want their noses to be. The nose can be made upturned, turned down, or anywhere between!

The nose is a pretty safe thing to mess with, fortunately. It’s very easy to change, and it will look very natural — just like you’d expect from the one and only TS4 nose expert. There are no weird lines or dents, so you don’t have to worry about that weird primate look we sometimes see while monkeying around in CAS.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://ice-creamforbreakfast.tumblr.com/post/618929268514291713/download-all-ages-all-genders-found-using”]

6/20. Sims 4 Greek and Roman Nose Presets

The Sims 4 is a wonderful game but, as an adult who plays it, I sometimes find myself in need of a break. This usually happens when my sims are just friends and not lovers. So I decided it was finally time to make a Sim Romance Mod where my Sims could change their appearance to look like celebrities.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://squeamishsims.tumblr.com/post/186819708737/roman-and-greek-nose-presets-by-squeamishsims”]

7/20. Sims 4 Nose Aster Preset

This nose is a masterpiece. It’s the work of a sculptor who spent years studying noses, and it shows. A sharp bridge, high cheekbones, gently curving nostrils… this is a nose for the ages! Whether you’re building a character with Greek or Roman heritage or just want a little more class… this is your nose!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://love4sims4.tumblr.com/post/175051445773/aster-nose-preset-wider-bridge-more-defined”]

8/20. Sims 4 Guys Sliders Six Nose

Simmers, I’ve got some great news for you! Now you can have even more control over your Sims’ noses. Previously, there were only three sliders (out of seven) available to use in the Character Creator. However, the remaining four are now available to edit your Sim’s shape.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://obscurus-sims.tumblr.com/post/178609869638/dl-7-sliders-for-nose-early-access-at-patreon”]

9/20. Sims 4 Nose Expanded Sliders

While looking for The Sims custom content on Google one day, I was really able to familiarize myself with a lot of anatomical terms. I didn’t know what an alar sidewall was before finding nose sliders, but now I know it’s something that helps us define nostrils in game.

You can hold nostrils up to ten times longer than you can hold a bridge. You know who knows this? Prosthetists and all the people who have given us easy access to nose-holding prosthetics. So wherever you go, whoever you meet, know that your nostril will always be there to give you the most comfortable, high-quality support you need.

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10/20. Sims 4 Nose Female Presets

This is the preset for you if you want to be a delicate and feminine siren. It’s a nice balance between long and short, and between upturned and rounded, so it’ll fit whatever size nose you have. It’s also a good choice if you want to be able to try out different shapes without having to do multiple presets, but instead just tweaking one.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://cocoables.tumblr.com/post/626637969423581184/female-nose-presets-by-cocoables-hiyaa-im-back”]

11/20. Sims 4 All Ages Width Nose Slider

This slider lets you create realism in the faces of the youngest Sims! You can choose the baby Sims that look most like each other, and add to their similarity. No longer will you have cute little identical twins who are hard to tell apart — now you can give them distinguishing features such as big ears, or different hair colour or length. They’ll still be identical, but with a twist! Your Sims will thank you for choosing this slider.

If your Sim’s nose gets in the way of all their selfies and you’re getting sick of having to move the camera around whenever they squint, this mod is for you. Enter the No Nose Mod ! It allows you to broaden or narrow your Sim’s nose – allowing better control over your image captures.

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12/20. Sims 4 Preset Rudy Nose

It’s hard to believe that noses don’t have names like humans, but here we are with one named Rudy! Or perhaps that’s just the model Sim, who knows. He looks pretty well-rounded and has one of the thicker bridges on this list. That’s pretty nice, no doubt!

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13/20. Sims 4 Preset Remington Nose

Finally, in our collection of ice-creamforbreakfast’s presets we have another nose job, this time for very well fleshed Sims. Although the nose is far from being the most important feature on a Sim’s face, it is one that can define its character completely if done right. Ice-creamforbreakfast seems to be dedicated to making sure that the noses they make are top quality, without fear of being botched!

I know what you’re thinking — if this bridge is so great, why isn’t it installed by default? I mean, the SimCity team certainly didn’t prioritize it early on. But I’m happy to say that’s changing with Update 10. Despite being a bit of an eyesore for most players, I thought it was worth spending a bit of time creating a nice preset.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://ice-creamforbreakfast.tumblr.com/post/174867142190/download-loosely-based-on-the-rather-prominent”]

14/20. Sims 4 Broken Nose, Tilted Presets

The Sims can be as unique and quirky as you want them to be. You can choose for them to have their own personality quirks, or even leave it to The Sims 4 randomize it for you. There’s no going back once they’ve been created — but that’s the beauty of it all!

This is the first time ever that noses are tilted in such unique ways – they’re a distinct change of pace from the typically flawless ones of yesteryear. Another cool part is that they’re available for all genders, ages and ethnicities – so every guy, gal and child in your family can have a tilted nose!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://ice-creamforbreakfast.tumblr.com/post/175351403140/download-tiltedbroken-nose-presets-available”]

15/20. Sims 4 Presets Male Nose

The Sims 4 has one notable feature that makes it a little bit more fun to play: gender customization. This is an option that is available to each and every character in the game… unless you happen to be male.

I know, you don’t have time to spend hours and hours in front of the Sims 4 CAS Wonder Mirror. It gets even worse when you obsess over each detail, and overthink it more than a stereotypical serial killer. But don’t worry, I can save you some time. These two nose presets from creator cocoables are just fantastic.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://cocoables.tumblr.com/post/625992854149414912/male-nose-presets-by-cocoables-200-followers”]

16/20. Sims 4 Nose Crooked Preset

Sometimes, there’s not much distinct about a nose. But for many Sims, it can definitely be their most defined feature. Whether you’re trying to say “Hey, world! I’m proud of my nose!” or something more sultry like “Hey, world! My nose is hot!”, this nose will help you do it.

The nose that launched a thousand memes. Well, one social media platform, at least. Before long, people were making funny, witty and sometimes even profound statements about the ridiculousness of our beauty standards — a lot of which revolved around noses.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://artichuckles.tumblr.com/post/180865034436/another-preset-for-you-guys-i-wanted-a-nose”]

17/20. Sims 4 Nose Slider New

This is indeed a fresh new mod, brand new and all that. We’re falling back on simple statements here, and doing so for one simple reason: we can’t help but notice that you don’t actually seem to like the name ‘Brand New’. Maybe it’s just us. Or maybe you have reason to think this is a silly name for such a fine-tuned mudpack.

Create a nose to be proud of! Sim noses come in all shapes, sizes, colours and crevasses… until now. Now you can better adjust the nostrils, bridge, and width of your Sim’s nose, as well as give them a definitive tip.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://modthesims.info/d/648552/a-brand-new-nose-slider.html”]

18/20. Sims 4 Presets Colors Nose

It’s a great time to be an aspiring Simmer. With the launch of The Sims 4 six years ago, players have been able to create in-game avatars that are more diverse than ever before. However, those same players may still be lacking one thing: a nose that fits their face. This is what makes the new nose mods for non-default Sims so special.

Small additions like this are exactly what makes The Sims such an amazing game, and it’s always good to see the developers make sure that more and more diversity is added. And while I love all of the new noses on offer, you can never have enough diversity — so keep up the awesome work. I can’t wait to see what you’ll be adding next!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://sweetdeluxx22.wixsite.com/yokozii/post/colors-nose-presets”]

19/20. Sims 4 Cute Nose Preset

This is a cute preset that you can use for any age. It’s especially nice if you want to give your female Sim some more masculine features, or the other way around! I wish it was unisex, but oh well – still very cute.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://thelpethsimsiel.tumblr.com/post/619916063631704064/cute-nose-preset-unisex-all-ages-yay-finally-my”]

20/20. Sims 4 Presets Nose 21 & 24

You’ll probably notice that almost all of your custom content will come as a set or ‘bundle’. Most creators make them that way to save you time and work, but also to add variety. You can mix and match parts to design Sims who resemble each other, but still look like individuals. Genetics aren’t always straightforward, so it’s always fun to try out different combinations.

We didn’t want to make a set of Sims with just one nose. Or two. Or three. Or four. So, we made them with all five! They’ve got different skin tones and hair colours, but all of their little faces are related and they’re a tight-knit family. Watch them grow up as they live their lives in your game!

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