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15 Best Sims 4 Custom Wings CC & Mods



sims 4 Custom Wings

Humans are fascinated by magic. The more I think about it, the more I realize that maybe they’re even a little in love with it. Magic is captivating! Enchanted movies have been around since we first invented film, and yet magic never seems to lose its charm or its appeal. It’s no wonder, with stories like Harry Potter making a big splash in the magical market, that others have followed suit.

1/15. Natalia-Auditore Auriel S4

It’s the simple things, right? I mean, who even needs an excuse to wear angel wings? But for those who do, there’s now a pretty awesome one in the form of a new set from Natalia-Auditore. With these delicate and elegant pieces, you can dress up as your favorite character from Diablo, the Archangel of Hope.

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2/15. ElaSims Angel Wings

Ah, the humble demon wings. They display all the characteristics you’d expect from the denizens of Hell: a bit damned, a lot devilish, and totally infernal. The wings come in two colors: black and red. If you pick black, your sims might look more like fallen angels — or just like they’ve been sitting in the dark for too long.

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3/15. LunaNelfeah Celestial Fairy Wings

If your Sim has a love of the night, or likes to play dress up, then the LunaNelfeah Celestial Fairy Wings are the right a pair of wings for them. They’re a great size, which I really liked — they almost look like they could be attached to a chest piece in some way. The colored border is also something I wasn’t expecting — it’s a terrific touch!

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4/15. S-Club LL TS4 Angel Wings 01 (Victoria’s Secret)

It’s not like ElaSims’ Angel Wings, which are gloriously intimidating and take up a whole room in my house. This Victoria’s Secret set (and I say ‘set’ because I enjoy the variety) is a fleece-like snuggly blanket with wings attached, and it is absolutely adorable.

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5/15. Natalia-Auditore Chernobog Wings: Open & Closed

The bat wings are perfect for a larger-than-life warrior archangel, or for intimidatingly swooping in upon your enemies and turning them into swarms of bats. Just don’t let your enemies get the drop on you. The Open version of the Chernobog Wings are straight up terrifying. So are the Closed version, if you ask me, but they’re cute to some people and terrifying to others.

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6/15. LunaFeah Enular Wings

I have a heartfelt confession to make: I love the Goth family. I really do. Their Sim-selves are dark and brooding and lovely, but the family itself just has the best namesake of any in The Sims 3. That’s because the name culls from an old Slavic word meaning ‘underworld’ or ‘Hell’. And hell is where these Sims belong.

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7/15. LunaNelfeah Stone Angel Wings

You can use these wings to dress up your angel statue! Or you can use them as a prank. Seriously, I was laughing out loud the first time I tried them out on my Sims. It looked like the little guy had grown an extra pair of arms, or maybe he had been bitten by some weird bug and turned into some kind of monster.

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8/15. Esmeralda Glass Wings – All Ages

Some of us love kitsch, and that’s okay. If you’re one of those people, there are these tiny glass wings that look like spooky butterfly wings or faerie flappers, depending on the design. These are super-cute if you have a party in mind where you want to go all out with your inner kitsch. Or just if you like kitsch.

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9/15. S-Club LL TS4 Fairy Wings 01

Finally, I’ve found a restaurant that can master the art of chicken wings. When I’m hungry for wing sauce, these are the wings to beat! In fact, these wings have been so succulent lately it’s all I can think about. Come and try them yourself sometime!

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10/15. S-Club LL TS4 Wings 202001 (Fairy Forest)

I really appreciate creativity, and these wind wings from Ersch are done beautifully. They look like a failure in design, but the idea behind them is rewarding. The shapes create beautiful silhouettes that I enjoy looking at. The creator used three different colors to create a unique effect before making them look like metal wings.

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11/15. Ersch – Windy Set for TS4

The wings of a bird are respectable, and their design can be inspired. But most birds fly through the air with minimal aid from their bodies. Smaller wingspans mean less weight, which means less force to keep things going once airborne, which is why larger birds need proportionally more power than smaller ones in order to get off the ground.

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12/15. Natalia-Auditore Kai’Sa Accs

Blizzard League of Legends’ K-pop group, KDA, was the first to publish a song with “pop stars” in the title. Their most popular song, Popstars, went viral and inspired many other musical groups to follow suit. The music video for Popstars shows the band members performing in front of a stylized background. The music video for their follow-up song, Popstars Kai’Sa, adopts a similar aesthetic.

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13/15. NewSea SteamPunkMetalWings

The best part of Steampunk is the attention to detail. Even without the actual time machine technology, the gears, metal pieces, and all other cutting-edge parts still bring an industrial feel to the Steampunk aesthetic. NewSea’s Steampunk wings are a prime example of this. From the way the feathers are detailed to the seam of each piece you can tell there was a real effort put into detailing these wings.

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14/15. Fairy Wings

The perfect wings for the perfect night — but nothing else. If it were wings, I would have clearly mentioned that they’re, well, wings. Instead, I mentioned ‘perfect’ twice, and then proceeded to tell you that they’re shiny and detailed, as if that’s what we care about with regards to them being wings.

I’m not even going to entertain the notion of those not being wings. They are obviously wings.

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15/15. Glass Wings

Your Sims will be glowing with radiance in these new wings! Available in 18 color patterns, you’ll want to collect them all! These gorgeous translucent wings can be mixed and matched with your Sim’s shirt, but they cannot be worn alongside glasses.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More