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15 Best Sims 4 Eyebrows CC & Mods



In 2001, The Princess Diaries gave girls a glimpse at what it means to be royal. I could literally feel the hope rush through me as Mia Thermopolis’s epic transformation happened on screen. And I found myself wishing — praying, even — that Anne Hathaway would grace us with her presence and take over the throne!

We’ve all seen the ‘before’ photos on makeover shows, we’ve all cheered as they reveal their new looks – but what happens in between? What’s it like to experience a makeover? Is it just one epic transformation, or many small ones? I’ll answer that with a list of the best CCs for eyebrows, guaranteed to change your perspective.

1/15. Sims 4 01 Eyebrows

Those eyebrows, aren’t they crazy? They’re always the center of attention on Instagram! While you love them, sometimes it’s nice to change things up. With 27 brow colours in this palette, some with cool undertones and some that are warmer, there will be enough variety for your next hair colour change and more!

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2/15. Sims 4 G7 Eyebrows

GoppolsMe is a one-stop shop for all things cosmetic, from skins to tattoos to eye and lip colours. Things get even more exciting when you want to fine tune your character’s appearance; you’re in luck, with their Eyebrows G7 addition available for free! Available in a wide range of shades, this CC will make any Sim look complete — even if they’re not wearing makeup.

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3/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Kim

Control freaks, build your Sims! From the merest architectural detail to the most intricate family unit, this game will make you a master of your domain. The Kim Eyebrows CC are almost too realistic to use in the game — they’ll give any Sim that soft and pure look that can withstand any negative emotion. If they can look so good while staying true to their own self-image, why can’t you?

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4/15. Sims 4 Natural and Brushed Eyebrows

In the early 2000’s, some people decided to take thin eyebrows one step too far and (gasp!) plucked them out of whack. The pencil-thin eyebrows trend was born, and a lot of people suffered the consequences. Pencil-thin brows are all but extinct today, thanks to better awareness of the damage they can cause and a more natural aesthetic taking hold.

That’s why more and more women are choosing not to undergo potentially damaging eyebrow-straightening treatments. Instead, they’re simply grooming their natural brows in the way that most pleases them. They’re also doing it in a way that doesn’t require much upkeep – unlike other eyebrow treatments. With gorgeous, natural brows, you can be confident in your look for years to come.

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5/15. Sims 4 N25 Eyebrows

Eyebrows are a must-have for your Sim’s face — and no one is brave enough to leave the house without them. Seleng’s mod makes eyebrows look realistic yet modest, so you can make your Sims look good while they hunt down a Lifetime wish. Just make sure you save enough time to groom them in the morning!

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6/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Anna

I’m absolutely, positively in love with thick eyebrows. And I’ve been for a long time now — I mean, just look at my own brow game! It’s not just about the thick brows, though. It’s about the time saved for yourself and your Sims by not having to deal with fixing your eyebrows any longer. Imagine just throwing on any outfit you want to wear and knowing that your eyebrows will fit perfectly.

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7/15. Sims 4 N23 Eyebrows

Does your Sim have everything they need? Let me answer that for you: no. First, don’t underestimate the search for The One Eyebrow. Second, there’s more to customizing a Sim than simply changing its clothes and makeup on an hourly basis. That’s why I’ve created this handy list of must-have accessories that your Sim should consider using!

While there is no denying that a lot of CCs can be useful, some are just downright useful. If you find yourself using the same CCs over and over again, maybe they deserve your money. I personally use several of them, so if they aren’t up to par, I’m sure my toddler would really let me have it.

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8/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Malory

Looking like a hot model is all in the brows, and the eyes. At least, that’s what we learned from the Sims character creation screen. The Malory Eyebrows CC are the perfect way for you to mimic those characters and look stunningly beautiful in the process. Whether you want an everyday look or something a bit more dramatic for that ultra-sexy club night — it’s all here in this mod!

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9/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Mama

In 2019, you should be embracing minimalism. Now that we’re all on board, we can take the time to rediscover what it means to be a minimalist in 2017. For a long time, minimalists have been associated with an anti-consumerist lifestyle — one where shopping your closet and not needing to replace your things is the key. But I’d like to say that it’s not as bleak as that.

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10/15. Sims 4 N17 Velvet Eyebrows

Curved eyebrows have become a beauty ideal, and creating the perfect S-shape is easy to aspire to but hard to achieve. Curved eyebrows can be a godsend when it comes to expressing emotion, but they are also trickier to groom and maintain than your average straight brows.

From Pralinesims, an enthusiastic CC creator from Brazil, comes a brilliant style for eyes and eyebrows. This is a simple mesh addition to any face, and it instantly accentuates the eyes with a big boost of color and style.

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11/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Icarus

Early risers and party animals alike will appreciate Icarus Eyebrows’ super-easy, clean slanted shape. No more fiddling with cosmetic products to get the look you want. These brows are ready to smolder for you.

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12/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Jana

Behold, the Jana Eyebrow Pack! There’s no question that this is a brow expert’s wet dream, for good reason. But you don’t have to put in all that hard work, because Pralinesims has done it for you. This pack features five amazing eyebrow shapes, each meticulously hand-drawn and saved as high resolution .png files.

Plenty of options are available, but the most popular choice of all is the Bestseller (in black) — with a little bit of a feathered start and gradually growing hair towards the tail that gives off a naturally groomed look. Users can choose from 36 colors to suit any needs! The Bestseller is convenient, easy to use and creates brows that you’ll want to show off!

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13/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Anais

If you’re a bit fussed about your eyebrows, but don’t want to fork out for Botox, then Anais Eyebrows is right up your street! These non-surgical laser treatments are tailored to work on your face shape so that you can get the look you want without having to jump on a plane to South Korea, and they don’t cost a bomb.

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14/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Dolce

Top tip for becoming famous: have strong brow game. There are very few celebrities we can instantly recognize without even seeing their faces — we just look at a photograph of their eyebrows and know who it is. That’s because eyebrows are superstar material, no matter what anyone thinks. If your Sim wants to walk the red carpet and become a Hollywood star, they’re going to need to get those brows in tip-top shape.

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15/15. Sims 4 Eyebrows Igraine

The Igraine Eyebrows is a set of face-detailing stencils that make it super simple for you to take control of your eyebrows. While you’re there, check out the rest of the Silhouette Portraits range — we’ve got you covered on lips, eyes, and more!

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Since the beginning of 2018, I've been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and having the most fun possible. I have a long-standing fixation with this game. I would be delighted to discuss my enthusiasm for it with each of you.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More