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17 Best Sims 4 Face Mask CC & Mods



Sims 4 Face Mask

Face masks have become a norm in the everyday life these days. With social distancing and masks being worn everywhere, custom content made its way into The Sims to reflect society’s need for more realism. And if you are looking for some more realism during your next session of playing, this list offers some of the best face masks available today that will help with your experience! We won’t be saying anything about Future on that one…

1/17.Paralyze Mask

Sims 4 Paralyze Mask

Not all masks are created equal. Some can be found for a dollar and others are more on the expensive side from designer brands, logos, and everything! Now every Sim walking past them is sure to know that when they say they have expensive taste, they mean it..

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2/17.Half Ski Mask

Sims 4 Half Ski Mask

What type of mask comes in 12 different color options and includes a half ski mask? This next-generation facial protection is perfect for Sims looking to avoid the snow on cold winter days.

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3/17.Survivors Mask

Sims 4 Survivors Mask

CC creator SLUMS gives us some zombie apocalypse-inspired masks in this new pack. They come in two styles: blood spattered or plain, with 6 unique swatches for each style. My favorite of the bunch is the “Blood spattered” mask with text that reads “Lost Cause.” Perfectly fitting for a zombie apocalypse, if you ask me!

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4/17.Fandom Masks

Sims 4 Fandom Masks

Of course, we all want to support our favorite artists. And these masks have some popular music acts on them- including Monsta X and BTS.

The design offers a simple black theme with a small logo centered of said artists. And could actually work well with some related kpop stuff!

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5/17.Kawaii Mask

Sims 4 Kawaii Mask

This Kawaii mask set has 10 different designs, with different colors. It also includes an array of animated faces like the Rick and Morty’s pouty face and some cute cat designs. In addition to this, it is a high-quality product!

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6/17.Black Art Face Mask

Sims 4 Black Art Face Mask

What makes the next mask stand out is its unique designs, available in 10 different variations. The looks featured here include vampire teeth, a dog face and sabre-toothed smile among others. There are also options for Sims who want to change it up!

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7/17.Fandom Masks v2

Sims 4 Fandom Masks v2

Whether you’re a fan of 30+ musical acts or not, these new and exciting colors will take your Sim’s wardrobe to the next level. This is one set that truly has it all in terms of variety!

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8/17.Paralyze Mask

Sims 4 Paralyze Mask

There have been plenty of cool logos and animations so far. Now, we come to some other prominent mask designs. The CC features a brownish crosschecked pattern, similar to the Louis Vuitton look. It also includes a black suede and white option which makes the mask itself into an even more fashionable statement piece!

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9/17.Hunting Grounds Mask

Sims 4 Hunting Grounds Mask

The EvellSims CC gives us a wide selection of fashion-friendly masks with some variety, including Venom teeth and normal ones. The real standout here is the necklace that hangs from their mask – similar to chains that hang off jeans sometimes. This unique concept mixed with some cool mask patterns makes this CC a must for any fashion forward Sims out there!

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10/17.Akumu Mask

Sims 4 Akumu Mask

Cute design, huh? All of the masks are designed by Pralinesims and have a matte finish to them. It comes with 10 solid colors as well as another 10 split versions in two different colors (which is pretty cool). My favorite part about these masks is that they come in hot pink – definitely something we haven’t seen before!

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11/17.Toddler Face Mask

Sims 4 Toddler Face Mask

As we’ve heard many times, we have to protect the kids too! We know that these toddler masks for your little Sims are cute and adorable. Creator Suzue gives us some cool choices here, including a camo look and an emoji with tongue out. Some simple but great designs for those toddlers in your home.

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12/17.Surgical Masks w/ Patterns

Sims 4 Surgical Masks w/ Patterns

Simple and straightforward are what makes these surgical mask-styled CCs stand out. You get 10 patterns that all vary in color from each other, but which also look like different designs at a glance. The design of this set really follows the social distancing guidelines by covering your Sim’s nose as well, while there is a skull inspired pattern among them too – easily one of my favorites here!

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13/17.Akuma Mask with Spikes

Sims 4 Akuma Mask Spikes

This mask is definitely the best on the list. It’s matte and with spikes, so it looks really cool. There are some great color options for this one as well- my personal favorite is probably the green half/purple half option that has a gold sheen to it.

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14/17.Fandom Masks

Sims 4 Fandom Masks

Everyone needs some variety when it comes to their masks, and they’re the perfect way to express yourself with the least amount of effort. So, why not put some of your favorite fandoms on your mask? Our 30 swatches are all in either black or white – there’s even a bunch for K-Pop fans! There are various designs from solid colors to even ones that feature our favorite fanbases. For days where you want a simple mask without any specific meaning beyond “I’m wearing this”, there is also one just for people who wear mustaches and smiley faces.

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15/17.Oni Mask

Sims 4 Oni Mask

For a mask that gets the same job done as any other in an edgy, industrial twist, Oni Mask is here to serve whatever alternative look you’re trying to create for your Sim. Each mask includes a simple design with two straps going behind the head and bulky buckles on the sides for adjustments. In addition to these little details, it also comes in 75 different colors including camo dark red and pastel yellow – always have a matching mask!

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16/17.Everybody Masks

Sims 4 Everybody Masks

This CC set includes masks for the whole family, so it’s perfect if you want to get your custom-made masks all in one place. There are 30 options, including animal patterns and plainer looks. This is a great CC set if you’re interested in getting everyone into masks!

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17/17.KDA Mask

Sims 4 KDA Mask

Another style is the KDA Mask CC. It might literally have your Sims grinning ear to ear! This mask features one design concept across six swatches, and it’s easy on the eyes while being incredibly cool-looking. You won’t be able to resist this grin when you see it in action!

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