sims 4 Family Poses

With over a hundred professions available within the game and hundreds of different choices for dressing up your Sims, there are plenty of ways to customize your Sim experience. Though not every Sim player prefers to create families, many will build an entire family tree before starting a new game.

1./15 KatVerseCC Family Portrait Pose

This is a standard pose, but the creator modified age-appropriate heights to make the family look more realistic. This setting involves two adults, one teen, two kids, and a toddler. Their positions are straightforward, but they show an upbeat family having fun indoors or outdoors. This creator may want to modify their image so that the edits are more obvious.

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2./15 lilalmondsim Bonfire Night

This custom pose pack is great for a variety of different Sims settings, making it an ideal purchase for any player who wants to use these poses in their pictures. For example, Sims can utilize this pack to get a family photo outside by the fire pit for Christmas or capture a selfie of mom and dad with the children after coming home from the mall.

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3./15 simsgami Family Poses 2

There are five poses in this set, all of which are a mix of posed photos and candid snapshots. My personal favorite is the pose where the baby/toddler is wide awake while the parents are passed out on the couch (really cute energy, and it’s so pure). But curled-up-and-cuddling-the-toddler is a close second.

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4./15 Family Poses Mac Allister

The photo is a little awkward and just screams ‘fuzzy, irrelevant pop culture reference’. Maybe the pose was meant to be a nod to how ridiculous most depictions of wealth actually are (after all, these families aren’t flying around in helicopters or using teleporters for travel) but images like this tend to make people angry rather than helpfully ironic.

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5./15 Sofi Sparks LEGACY Pose

Legacy poses is a great pose pack for almost any family situation! It even has a child-only version! No matter what kind of family portrait you’re working towards, this pack has a pose for you. Each pose is simple but detailed, the perfect mix for displaying your figures and accessories in the best light. You can’t go wrong with this pose pack!

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6./15 sciophobis Celebration Set

There are a number of accessories needed to complete this look, but they all come together to create a very unique, candid-like photo. You can definitely repurpose these poses for different themes, like New Years and birthdays! The outfit itself is very versatile and can be worn by either male or female Sims.

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7./15 Chaleara Family Portrait Posepack

Sometimes it’s the impromptu moments that you cherish the most. And for this family, it was clear that their impromptu photoshoot would be a special one. Happily posing in the park, these Sims are relaxed and smiling as they beam up at the camera.

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The Sims hold poses as if they were told to be as still as possible, which is hilarious to me.

8./15 Cement Happy Household Family Posepack

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love this set — it captures so much! I adore the way the poses are all so different, but each has a similar style to them. Just looking at them makes me feel happy and warm inside, it’s really hard to explain. It’s like they’re all best friends and they’re just so happy to be together — I love that.

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9./15 Atashi77 Family Portrait 4 Poses

With a wide selection of family-friendly poses, and a great price to boot, this pack is just what the doctor ordered for anyone who struggles with getting their family to sit still in-game. This pack contains one of the cutest premade families I’ve seen, so if you’re looking for some quality poses for your Sim family, then look no further.

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10/15. lilalmondsim Family of Four

A Family of Four is a whimsical pose collection for children — it makes your Sims look soft, warm and happy. This is an important thing to have in the Sims 4, because if you don’t like the way your kids look, most people would assume that you abused them. But these custom animations are anything but abusive — they make your Sims look happy and affectionate.

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11/15. simmerberlin Three of Us

If you’re into family photography, then you’re in for a treat — simmerberlin (creator of this adorable family-oriented pose pack) has captured the most precious family moments possible. The poses in Three of Us are cute and casual, so all you need is a bit of imagination and your photos will start looking more like adorable scrapbook entries than stiff studio portraits.

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12/15. simmerberlin Say Cheese

This is a really big pack of poses for families. There are five poses with more than six Sims, and all of them look breathtaking in their own way. Here, you’ll find some of the best family photos that may not have been taken on a digital camera, but will have your Sims looking forward to the future with their whole, beautiful family by their side.

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13/15. simmerberlin Once Upon a Time

Simmerberlin’s adorable family poses are the next must-have for any parent/child roleplayer! We’ve seen a lot of games in this genre feature more adult interactions, but there are lots of people out there who prefer to use these tools to express their love for their children — or their love for pretending to have children. Both are valid uses!

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14/15. talentedtrait Family Matters

While the included poses are great quality and perfect for your Sims family, there is a glaring lack of toddler poses. I’m not just talking about holding hands and running with you, either — though those are my favourites for adorable toddlers. What I’m referring to is actually posing the toddlers in ways that make sense.

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15/15. Bored Sims Family is Everything Pack

This Family is Everything pose pack is definitely not the most balanced of the bunch. The poses are mostly posed-for, with a couple of candid ones thrown in for good measure. By far my favourite one is the sixth one, where the Child Sim is piggybacking a Toddler Sim and they’re both laughing their heads off. Absolutely precious.

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