10 Best Sims 4 Funeral CC & Mods

This expansion shakes up The Sims 4 in a big way, and I am here for it. Death is now just as dramatic as birth, which makes life feel much more dynamic. I will admit, I was a bit miffed to see my Sim immediately poof after death — then again, seeing the Grim Reaper whisk them away to their new home was kind of sweet. I’m glad that EA included a heavenly graveyard in this expansion.

Perhaps you’re a big Sim fan. If so, you’ve probably noticed that Sims in The Sims 4 don’t seem to grieve for their friends or family members when they die. Or if they do, it isn’t shown in game. While the game manual says funeral and memorial items are available, these aren’t actually included in the game.

1/10. Sims 4 Funeral Royal Pose Pack

Today SunflowerPoses brings you a funeral pack for remembering your loved one. With eight emotive poses in total, there are not only two mourning spouses to a royal, military couple, but they can also be placed at the head or foot of the casket.

Today SunflowerPoses brings you a royal memorial set that depicts those in the royal family proudly carrying or standing by the casket during a time of mourning.

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2/10. Sims 4 Deco Funeral Sims

What are deco Sims? Deco Sims are meant for decorative purposes only, and aren’t designed for gameplay. Take this Funeral Deco Sims Set by CatastopheSims , for example. In fact, if you’re looking for playable Sims, I’d recommend looking at this Funeral Sim Mix by Jessariee.

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3/10. Sims 4 Funeral Dignity Parlor

Making a funeral home for your sims? No problem! This is the perfect lot for those who want to remember their family members and friends and be environmentally conscious—no mausoleums here! From the outside, this museum-like building looks like it includes a crematorium, but what’s inside will surprise you. This 40*30 lot gives you embalming and cremation services.

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4/10. Sims 4 Career Mortician

The Deathcare Industry is Now Open for Business — Midnitetech’s newest career, Mortician, has your SimCity life in the future looking like a grim affair. As a mortician, you’ll work with the dearly departed and their families to provide a dignified final resting place, or even to harvest body parts for scientific or recreational use.

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5/10. Sims 4 Mortem for Sims 4

Going to be honest, we’re not big fans of SimRealist. Their content is always overly sexual and inappropriate, and not in an intentional way either. So when we heard they’d released another body mod, it seemed like a good opportunity to bring up our own ideals. Your Sims’ manner of death has been updated: goodbye, old friend.

When a Sim dies, a grim parade of events begins — filled with tense wait-times and drawn-out mourning periods. The Grim Reaper is an in-game character introduced in the latest expansion, “Seasons,” and while his job may seem straightforward at first (“Menial labor? Pfft.

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6/10. Sims 4 Mod Funeral

If you haven’t already downloaded the Sims 4 Funeral Mod, then your life is seriously lacking in the sad department. This mod adds a new funeral into sims game — an event that gives your deceased Sims the final send-off they deserve. The mod create retired CC BrittPinkieSims, but has since been SHEnanigans.

Want to create the most realistic memorial for your deceased Sim? Now you can, using the Sims 4 Realistic Casket Mod! With this new mod, players will be able to craft a top-of-the-line casket in order to show their respect and appreciation for their beloved dead. These customisable objects look super realistic and are sure to make anyone green with envy.

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7/10. Sims 4 Funeral and Enchant Veiled Hat

We’ve searched through Google for the best Sims 4 witch hats, and the DivaDoom Veiled Hat CC is definitely the best of the lot. While it’s black lace veil and roses are a nice touch for a funeral hat, it’s pointed tip adds a mischievous touch that would serve well for an eccentric looking witch from one of your more explosive storylines.

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8/10. Sims 4 Set of SimCity 4 Morgue

Your Sims have been dying, and nobody cares. But don’t worry — a new CC has arrived to bring life back to your game! The SimCity 4 Morgue Set includes a variety of body bags and body sheets, as well as deceased Sims in varying states of decay. Everything is creepy, but that’s what death is all about, isn’t it? As the saying goes: “You only die once.” So why not just go for it?

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9/10. Sims 4 Parlor Funeral CC

If you’re looking to build a funeral parlor and need some both spooky and chic decor and furniture, then look no further than the Funeral Parlor Set from AroundTheSims4! This set comes with everything you need to create your very own mortuary, including a variety of coffins, tombstones, flower arrangements, and even some killer outfits. Perfect for anyone looking to create an eerie-but-stylish atmosphere!

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10/10. Sims 4 Items Poses Funeral Chapel

You may not have known that Sims could grieve for their loved ones in the way of old — with a funeral, a eulogy, and all the mourning garb. But Necrodog has your back and created five great poses to make your Sim’s last rites more meaningful. You’ll need the objects used in each animation, plus both the Pose Player and Teleport Any Sim to use this project.

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