8 Best Sims 4 Girls Boots CC & Mods

8 Best Sims 4 Girls Boots CC & Mods

Shoes are important, and some of you know this better than most. The classiest heels don’t always match the hardest workouts, but if you wear the right shoes for your day-to-day life, you can have both. Picking out shoes isn’t easy — do you go for comfort or style? High heels or sneakers? Even the best dressed people in the world have trouble making this choice — until now.

Boots are one of the best kinds of shoes available. They can be worn in any situation, whether you’re trying to stay warm or looking a pair that’ll work perfectly with your favourite skirt. No matter how you wear them, boots will always be stylish — and with such an array of choices in The Sims 4, you’ll never run out of options!

It’s time to be fashion-forward! Why not include this list of free cc in your Sim’s outfit from the new set of Docs to a For the winter, a soft fur boot. This shopping list will make them appear lovely. — and you’ll get so many compliments for your work.

1/8. Sims 4 Recolored Crina Boots

Sims 4 Recolored Crina Boots

Chelsea boots are great and all, but if you’re looking a change this season, meet the crina boots. Crina boots have a platform at the bottom, which is great because they keep your feet comfortably off the ground and allow you to strut in the streets with confidence. They’re also a great choice for those that want an edgier look.

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2/8. Sims 4 Boots of Leather

Sims 4 Boots of Leather

I once knew a guy who wore sky high boots to the grocery store because he thought it made him look cool. It didn’t. He looked like an idiot, and I’ll be damned if I let you do the same by wearing sky high boots to the grocery store. Not only will you look like an idiot, but you’ll spend your money on something that doesn’t look half as good as thigh-high leather boots.

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3/8. Sims 4 Shearling Comfy Boots

Sims 4 Shearling Comfy Boots

Fuzzy boots are an essential part of any fall or winter outfit. Not only do they keep your feet the warmest and coziest that they could be, but they look adorable and are perfect for any occasion. Whether dressed up for a party or paired with leggings for class, these fuzzy boots will complete any outfit for the chilly months ahead.

These are not your average boots. They’re not too high, which means you can wear them for months and months; the fur detail is gorgeous and stylish; and there are 18 different shades to choose from. So you’re never bored with your selection in this CC set!

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4/8. Sims 4 DrMartens Pixicat’s Shoes

Sims 4 DrMartens Pixicat's Shoes

The Doc Martens brand has long been a favorite within the punk scene. Modern, fashionable footwear that is known for its myriad designs and overall versatility, reaching all the way back to the 1970s. Now you can add this iconic look to your collection of custom content — just in time for the upcoming season of Punk Week on TheSimsHub!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://sims4downloads.net/lumysims-pixicat-drmartens-shoes/”]

5/8. Sims 4 Hiking Female Boot

Sims 4 Hiking Female Boot

You’re probably looking a pair of boots to wear while you’re out in the wilderness. A nice place like Granite Falls sounds perfect! You’ll be right at home in these hiking boots. They are a great choice for your next trip out into nature, because they look great and are just as functional as they are stylish.

These boots are a must-have for any Sim who’s looking to take on the outdoors in style. Whether they’re camping, hiking or just kicking back in the great outdoors, these boots will keep your Sim’s feet warm and comfortable. These boots have a classic look so your Sim can pull off that ‘worn-in’ look when they dress up for parties in the city too, so there’s no need to worry about being fashionable with these rugged boots.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://sims4marigold.blogspot.com/2016/03/femalehiking-boots.html”]

6/8. Sims 4 Chelsea Forsythia Boot

Sims 4 Chelsea Forsythia Boot

If you lay down a lot of money for a pair of boots, you want them to last. We all love the classic appeal and modern polish of a pair of Chelsea boots — but we also want them to literally last a lifetime. That’s why we’ve brought you these gorgeous women’s boots, which can stand the test of time with eight basic colors and suede material that will outlive your wildest expectations.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://elliesimple.tumblr.com/post/173272598424/elliesimple-transparent-mesh-top-denim”]

7/8. Sims 4 Spice Autumn Boots

Sims 4 Spice Autumn Boots

Fall is the best season for fashion, and the best thing that could possibly happen is if my Sims were to dress up for it. Because, let’s be honest — I can’t always be bothered to do it myself. And who has time for that? They have lives to live! If only someone would make boots for them… and here they are, a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe.

These boots are perfect for any outfit. They’re also the perfect way to show off your Sim’s style. Choose from 3 classic colors like khaki, tan, and beige to express your unique sense of fashion!

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8/8. Sims 4 Gardening Tennessine Boots

Sims 4 Gardening Tennessine Boots

No one wants their feet to get wet. Tell them why they shouldn’t by giving them Gardening boots! There’s no need to numb your toes on cold, hard ground just because you showed up to the party a little too early. Show them how cute this item is and why they’ll want to wear it when it rains, even if it isn’t quite cold enough for snow boots.

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