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20 Best Sims 4 Goth & Emo CC & Mods Clothes & Style

Goth fashion comes in a million different ‘flavors’ — black-red-and-lace ensembles aren’t the only way to be goth anymore; there are so many different ways to incorporate traditional goth subculture into your everyday aesthetic. But what are they, exactly?

Whether you’re building a ghostly Sim or an undead version of Bella from The Sims, here are some Sims 4 CC pieces that would make any haunter happy.

1/20. Helsoseira NIDA Dress of Goth Shrug

The Nida Goth Shrug Dress from Helsoseira is a brand new design for The Sims 4. It’s inspired by the goth lifestyle, and is designed to be worn with dark colors. It gives your Sim a dramatic, vampy look that is extremely flattering on anyone who wears it. Accessorize with gothic jewelry and black hair — you could even go all out and have a pale white skinned Sim!

Now for something completely different — a streetwear piece that speaks to you in a language all its own. It’s all about the details: the chest window, the loose open-cuffed sleeves, are crafted from different “slice of life” prints for each swatch. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with this custom content winner.

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2/20. Pralinesims Somnus, Choker Set

Chokers are the new fad, and we mean that literally. Despite their ’90s resurgence, the retro trend never died out in Asia, and are now making a statement all over the world. Look to Korea’s clothing brand ‘Chop’ for some fashion inspiration, or check out our list of best chokers for this season.

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3/20. DanSimsFantasy DSF Coat Umbra

This is a classic trench coat, coming in a luxurious and unique texture. It’s great for rainy days and for wearing to formal events alike! It’s got beautiful clasps for the front, along with velvet cuffs and collar — which, as far as I know, are perfect for any occasion.

It’s no mystery that I’ve been eyeing the Stolen Riches for a long time. I was delighted to finally pick up this gem, and it has instantly become one of my favorite items in my wardrobe. The shoulders are delightfully squared (to further enhance broad shoulders, no doubt), and the patterns artfully incorporate tasteful elements like fleur-de-lis, honeycombs, and other geometric elements.

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4/20. Helsoseira MAEL Gothic Male Shirt

Mael’s Gothic Shirt is the way to go for any fashion-forward goth. The shirt features a modern design with subtle, 17th-century-style undertones (but no, it’s not directly related to actual vampires) and comes in black, just in case you’re more of a ‘goth not to goth’ sort of person. This shirt is made from high-quality material. It’s a black crop top with a series of uneven patches that look like crop fields. The shirt is available in 7 earthy colours, including my personal favourite: “wheat”.

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5/20. Trillyke WOLO Fishnet Socks & Tights Set

When people shop for black stockings for their female Sims, they have to deal with the fact that not many designers take much care in choosing their prints. I certainly like my gothic Sim girls to look dark and sexy — but I don’t want them looking like they just fell in love with a tacky set of chandeliers. Enter the WOLO Fishnet Tights & Socks.

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6/20. danartdigital DSF TOPBERTHIERRITA

Now, as you all know, I’m a big ol’ nerd. I’ve been a long-time fan of The Flash. A hero who can move so fast that the only thing we can see is his red suit and lightning-style lines? That’s awesome! A recent episode of the CW show gave me some inspiration to design a new piece of apparel for fans of the Fastest Man Alive outside the TV set.

The Sims 4 Vampires expansion pack is out, and it’s giving you some serious goth fashion feels. From dark to light, short to long sleeved — the new styles are ghoulishly good. Gothic clothing is possibly the most prominent style associated with vampires (aside from their fangs), so it was only natural that players would be able to dress the part now that their Sims can walk around in eternal night.

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7/20. Marigold Chunky Combat Boots

If you’re a Sim who’s an emotional wreck, it’s time to buy some new shoes. I mean, not that your old ones aren’t good – they probably are! – but because the Emotional Shoes from Sims4 Marigold will have them feeling confident and looking extra fly. And that’s what we all need, isn’t it?

If canvas and lace are for little old ladies, what do you wear when you’re feeling particularly badass? You don’t rely on the color of your shoes to do all the talking. You need something that’s bold enough to catch the eye. With 14 different shades to choose from, you can find the perfect pair of Mary Janes that match whatever you’re wearing.

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8/20. infinityonsims Recolor Band Tees

When emo, emo-punk, punk-rock, and gothic rock were all blended together in the late 2000s, it created a generation of ugly T-shirt designs. But these five Maxis Match recolors by infinityonsims are here to redefine your wardrobe with the best band tees from the era.

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9/20. RemusSirion Fibrin Cuffs

This is a pair of leather cuffs that are both sexy and seductive, perfect for the gothic-stylized fashionistas in your life. Available in black, red, or white. It’s enough to make any clothing item look more stylish. Note: This cuff does not actually have fibrin on it.

The Balmain ‘Classic’ bicep and forearm tattoo (or, as the French call it, a tattoo for the arms ) would be my absolute last choice for someone who’s looking to shake things up. The reason? Aesthetically speaking, it’s a bit heavy-handed — no pun intended — by today’s standards.

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10/20. Helsoseira GEKI MALE Goth/Industrial Shirt

Well, here we have it. A more casual take on the neo-gothic style worn by the most cutting edge of industrialists. Crisp, clean and to-the-point, it’s a sleek addition to any wardrobe – and a real delight for lovers of contemporary work wear.

Yes, goths can look great in all sorts of clothing styles, including the modern goth look! If you’re into that scene, you can pair a gothic horror shirt with a clean-cut hairstyle and absolutely no jewelry. Throw in some leather cuffs and a choker, just don’t forget the fishnets! Okay, so maybe this is more of a classic gothic style.

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11/20. EvellSims Remedy Shoes

These boots may look ‘just like your average goth boots’, but there’s more to these shoes than meets the eye. They are comfy, stylish, and are perfect for goth-lovers of all ages. So why not treat yourself?

I step out of the shower, towel wrapped around my waist, and pad across the cold floor. I call out: “Sweetie, I’m going to bring you breakfast in bed.” In response, I hear a muffled groan. “Wait! Don’t go back to sleep! You can’t miss two whole days of work – again.

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12/20. MaruChanBe Basic Emo Fingerless Gloves

When it comes to fashion, the emo and goth communities have always been at the forefront of what’s ‘trve’ or ‘kvlt’. As a result, you can find a lot of emo-related clothing, accessories and home decor on sites such as Etsy. For example, take a look at this awesome pair of socks by MaruChanBe.

The lace gloves for the emo Sims of The Sims 4 are a must-have addition to any rebellious Sims’ wardrobe. The lace gloves come in three different designs: classic black-and-colored strips, checkerboard grid, and spooky spooky skeleton bone arms.

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13/20. Annett Gothic Skirt & Corset

How about mixing, matching, and customizing a Gothic Dress for your Sim? This awesome new combination garment is perfect for adding a little flair to my gothic look. And since the corset goes separately, I can use it with other outfits I have while still getting the full-length skirt that matches the top. And when I’m not feeling goth this time, I can just change up the accessories!

There are a few things to keep in mind when you transform your Sim into a gothic fashionista. First, think about whether they are going to remain in their dark persona, or if it’s just a temporary trend. Second, choose clothing that is edgy and trendy, but also complimentary in color to their skin tone.

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14/20. Pralinesims Grimoirh Choker

There are few things more iconic than chokers — they epitomize a certain level of gothic cool. However, chokers don’t have to be solely worn by goths (or at all! you do you, my friend). They actually make for an awesome addition to any outfit, especially if that outfit is a little on the wild side.

If you’re looking for a pretty animation that’ll make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, this one will be sure to please. Watching the luring smile of the Cheshire Cat is one of our favorite things to do as we sip our morning coffee. One word of advice: don’t look directly in his eyes when it comes to the end. You may find yourself grinning ear-to-ear like us.

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15/20. Simandy Sleepy Hair

When it comes to hair, the hottest look for women this summer is the Balayage Ombre — or solid-colored pieces. Not only does this haircut look good on any face shape, but it’s also great for showing off your individual style. Whether you’re a socialite or an artist, there are plenty of ways to show off your personality and interests with this hair color. Here are just a few ideas.

Are you one of the many ladies out there who needs a simple how-to on creating the perfect sleepy hair? Since this hairstyle is done with two colors, it’s best to use two colors of extensions. Then, create a French braid with the extensions, which will be the base for all your braids. Next, undo some of your braiding and add in more extensions of the second color.

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16/20. Studio K-Creation Giruto 43 Long Sleeves Tee

The Sims 4 has leaked, and now all the goths in the world are freaking out. There is something for everyone to freak out about, too — from sweetly innocent newbie witches with their cute little pointy hats and black dresses, to far more rakish vampire-goths who wear black and red leather and smoke cigarettes.

Simmers, for those of you who don’t know, are real people with feelings and lives, who do not sit around all day designing clothes for their Sims to wear. Okay, maybe some do, but I never did. Medium-length tops or short dresses that cover their butt are great, as are high-waisted shorts.

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17/20. Opesims4 Galactic Witch Toksik

If you’re looking for a fashion line that’s bold and unique, give Gothic Rose a try. It’s a clothing brand that does silhouettes right, with a collection of 16 different blouses fit for the most discerning and shadowy of customers. With modern touches like graphic designs and cool colors like black, it’s definitely an edgy brand you won’t want to miss out on.

You wouldn’t think that gothic witch and galactic witch could be used in the same sentence. But you’d be wrong — if anything, being a gothic witch makes your cosmic roots more obvious. Proving that all witches are gothic is just icing on the cake! To wear this skin, you’ll need to use the original mesh for the Toksik Kaliah skin — available for free at The Dressing Room Fusion .

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18/20. Helsoseira BYRA Crop Sweater along Hood

If, like me, you’re partial to crop sweaters but equally a fan of technology and science, then this one’s right up your street. It features designs that are just artsy enough for my taste, and the symbol for alchemy is just adorable. This comes in two colours — black or dark grey — and the cut is flattering on any figure.

T-Shirts with thumbholes have been around for a while now. Initially, I didn’t get it. Why would you want something that could potentially ruin your favorite shirts? But after giving them a try, I’m hooked – and so are many others. Many brands have begun incorporating this little detail into their clothing, simply because it makes an outfit more comfortable to wear.

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19/20. Simlaughlove Rainbow Nails

Every emo knows that the best nail polish color is black. It’s like heavy eyeliner and silver crosses; if your Sim is wearing it, they probably listen to the bands on infinityonsims’ Band Tees recolor.
From a marketing perspective, you don’t want to make any big or controversial statements, as this can deter users.

If you’re going for a bold, multi-colored look that stands out from the crowd and will be sure to catch anyone’s eye, these nails are perfect for the job! While you could apply star stickers over your nails, of course, there’s just something classic about these nails.

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20/20. Danartdigital DSF TOPONIX

This link leads to the most gothic samba dress that will ever grace your tea party. The outfit is a true master piece of Sims 4 cc clothing, and it’s sure to be the talk of the party. Unlike other websites, this one has dozens of gothic dresses that are worth a look — or two — or three!

Despite the obvious visual implications of your outfit, you know that body-con dresses aren’t made for comfort. Whether you need to win over that guy in accounting or are looking to storm the catwalk at a goth club tonight, you’ll certainly want to make a statement with these body-con bandage dresses by Black Lilith.

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