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12 Best Sims 4 Harry Potter Tattoo CC & Mods



This is the simplest, cheapest way to tell everyone that you love Harry Potter.  Just have a tattoo with the iconic name “Gryffindor” written in script on your forearm, and it will be clear to anyone who sees you what your favourite character is. And yes, my friends do keep asking me if I’m in Gryffindor because of my tattoo, but I don’t mind.

Your Sims aren’t afraid of bold choices, and neither are you — so why not let them in on the secret? You can let them have some fun with a Deathly Hallows tattoo. Or they can wear their house crest proudly on their arm. They can even show off the Hogwarts headmaster himself! And thanks to custom content, you can be right there sitting in the chair with them for every session.

1/12. Sims 4 Liz O’Brien Set Female Tattoo

This is a beautifully inked set of temporary tattoos, featuring the most popular Harry Potter spells! From ‘Hedwig’ and ‘Kreacher’ to ‘Expelliarmus’ and ‘Lumos’, this set has the lot. I’ve got to say my favorite is definitely the menacing skull and crossbones, with his one good eye glaring at you as if to warn you not to take any chances.

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2/12. Sims 4 V2 Cool Harry Potter Tatttoos – Sagittariah

Hey Simmers! In this post I wanted to share my collection of swatches that are inspired by the Harry Potter franchise. There are 12 swatches in total, and they’re not at all cheesy — they look beautiful. No spoilers here: check it out for yourself. You’ll have a lovely time customizing your Sims with these swatches.

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3/12. Sims 4 Tattoos Harry Potter – Suzue

This set has it all — don’t let the price put you off, it’s a matter of quantity over quality. It’s got to be said, I mean, there are 30 swatches. (15 for the back, 15 for the arm.) And they’re all available for anyone — no gender won’t equal no sales! Starting from Teen, of course. You can’t tattoo toddlers. That’s not right. And there are some proper classics here.

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4/12. Sims 4 Hogwarts my home – sugar owl

If you need a fresh new look, check out this new set of tattoo designs for girls. The train tattoo has a whimsical fairy-tale quality, and the Hogwarts tattoo is perfect for anyone who loves all things Harry Potter. And I just love Alohomora! It’s one of the best spells in the series!

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5/12. Sims 4 Women Harry Potter Tattoo – remaron

If you’re like me, then you’re always looking for something subtle for your Sim. With all of these Harry Potter tattoos out there, it can be hard to find something that doesn’t drastically alter your Sim’s appearance. Luckily, I’ve got the perfect thing for you: a set of four cute and relatively small Harry Potter tattoos that will suit any occasion.

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6/12. Sims 4 Pack of Harry Potter Tattoos – Everlasting-Garden

I am a giant Harry Potter nerd. So, naturally, I had to have these – and I think we both know it’s for more than just the packaging. You’ve got an avid interest in Harry Potter yourself – that much is clear. You might not want to own up to it publicly, but at least you can let me know where my wand ranks on your favorites list.

This CC has everything you need to make your Sims look like the stars from Harry Potter! They’ll have the Golden Snitch and will be covered in the Dark Mark at all times. I mean, is there anything more exciting than that?

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7/12. Sims 4 Tattoos Harry Potter – Shanany

This set has 3 tattoos that every proper Potterhead (like me) definitely has to have. The Deathly Hallows symbol, the Expecto Patronum image, and most importantly the Time Turner tattoo — what a beauty. Once you get these inked onto your body, you’ll be truly ready for anything.

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8/12. Sims 4 Tattoo of Harry Potter – GossipGirl-S4

For those who are in love with the Harry Potter series, and are looking to get a few tattoos dedicated to your childhood, this set may very well be the way to go. Expecto Patronum Prongs is one of the most popular pieces in this set, as it’s simply stunning — but there are plenty more options. For those who prefer getting more than one tattoo at once, this set is an absolute godsend.

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9/12. Sims 4 Tattoos Death Eaters – Shanany

This tattoo pack comes with a fresh, dark mark to prove your loyalty to Lord Voldemort. But if you’d prefer to stick with the Boy Who Lived, we have that too. This pack also comes with a selection of Harry Potter tattoos for those who aren’t so much into the Dark Lord’s ways.

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10/12. Sims 4 #2 Harry Potter Tattoo – SimsJohnSims

Harry Potter fans, we know that tattoos have become a popular way to show brand loyalty and whose side you are on in this life. So, what would be an awesome one for a Harry Potter fan? This will surely get your friends talking as they admire the art work. Or just print out the design and paste it in your bathroom or somewhere else at home.

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11/12. Sims 4 Muggle Tattoos – Tiramisims

If you’re a witch or wizard, then you’ll be familiar with a set of famous footsteps belonging to four Gryffindors. Muggles aren’t so lucky, unless they own these temporary tattoos! You can use them for any Harry Potter character, whether they’re a Death Eater, Auror or even just studying at Hogwarts. You can also just put them on yourself as a regular old muggle, if your story requires it…

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12/12. Sims 4 Fanboy Harry Potter Tattoo – SimmieV

Everyone can be a Harry Potter fan. Even males, who are often underrepresented in the fandom. So let’s take things back to basics and make sure everyone can love Hogwarts. With this tattoo set, you can give your male Sims complete body coverage of the summer blockbusters.

You know who’s going for that? Your bachelor Sim. I guarantee it. Your millennial girlfriend will be so impressed with the attention you’re paying to your Sim’s full body tattoo of the Hogwarts crest, she won’t stand a chance. Add this pack to your CC folder today!

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More