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Best Sims 4 K-pop CC & Mods, Hair, Clothes, Makeup

1/23. K-Pop Star Mod

Sims 4 K-Pop Star Mod

If you think your Sims have what it takes to get to the top, then join in on Stacie’s K-Pop Star Mod. From the auditioning process all the way to your debut as a full-fledged K-pop superstar, this mod will take you through every step of that journey with accuracy and immersion. That is why this mod is worthy of taking first place. A must try for sure!

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36 swatches of the most popular and best-selling hats; Toddler & Child versions available; Enabled for all genders; HQ mod compatible (for customization/modding); Smooth weighting with custom Shadow Map to work with hats, wool, hair or anything else you want to add!

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3/23. DDU-DU DDU-DU & Forever Young Dance Cover

Sims 4 DDU-DU DDU-DU & Forever Young Dance Cover

When it comes to girl crush concepts, no one does it better than BLACKPINK. The group has had many lives since debuting in 2018 and their latest life was by far the best! Get your Sims dancing to the beat of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Forever Young.” Become a part of this CC by Giftyakuz!

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4/23. Frayed Hem Jeans

Sims 4 Frayed Hem Jeans

Pants by Waekey for The Sims 4 can be found in the game’s store. Other clothes from this designer are available to download. For anyone who is interested, you may find related posts below: Twill Pants by Waekey for The Sims 4 Skinny Jeans by Waekey for The Sims 4.

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A sleek middle part hairstyle, where the front strands of hair are colored in.

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6/23. Piercing Set

Sims 4 Piercing Set

Tatoos are not popular in Korea. Piercings appear to be far more accepted. Although some idols still acquire tattoos, TV networks go to great lengths to hide them when they appear on screen.

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7/23. Anna

Sims 4 Anna

They have invested a lot of money into the entertainment industry. They put a lot of work on creating the perfect image which is started by excellent hair that you will only see in shampoos. It would be hard for your Sims but they don’t mind putting what it takes to get amazing K-pop hairstyles.

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8/23. Sage Cut

Sims 4 Sage Cut

This is one of our *most* unique hairstyles to this day. The full and voluminous hair is a great fit on any male idol and makes for an ideal comeback style with any concept. This cut isn’t necessarily the most fashionable but I promise it’s timeless.

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9/23. Obsession Lip Chain Piercing + Psycho Face Chain

Sims 4 Obsession Lip Chain Piercing + Psycho Face Chain

K-Pop fans know that the style is sometimes hard to follow and confusing, but they also know that it can work. TVXQ’s feathered eyeliner was a perfect example of how Yoochun pulled off some questionable fashion decisions for their music video “I am” in 2009.

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10/23. Kick It Hair

Sims 4 Kick It Hair

NCT is a k-pop group that many people like and follows, since it’s release in 201 Although NCTzens have to struggle to make a name for themselves with so many members in NCT, some members have done really well, such as Taeyong who had achieved success with “Kick It” in 2020, though that was during the promotions of NCT Just chill.

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11/23. Bear Winter Hair

Sims 4 Bear Winter Hair

If you don’t follow the band BTS then you probably are living under a WiFi-less rock. In 2017 the band Taehyung ranked number 27 on the TC Candler’s most handsome faces list, and is most well-known for his voice that sounds like deeper than the depths of the Mariana Trench. Other reasons include his looks and his personality.

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12/23. Solo Glitter Hairpins

Sims 4 Solo Glitter Hairpins

Included in this package you will find two hats, one fits perfectly with Adedarma’s Luna Hair, and the other is a bit loose. Although these pins don’t fit every hair out there, they are still helpful for those who have shorter or thicker hairs!

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13/23. Cloud

Sims 4 Cloud

For all things hair, K Pop is definitely on the top of the list. Sims are not influenced by celebrity hairstyles just like people in real life. Those “gorgeous” hair colors, to some extent, take on a whole new meaning of scary and unforgiving. Sims can be much more versatile than that. The hair color you see today on your Sim will forever remain, and the ombre hairstyle made it easier to style, change and maintain.

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14/23. Jennie Hairstyle

Sims 4 Jennie Hairstyle

One of the many things to love about BLACKPINK is that they are trendsetters. But if there’s one member who spawns thousands of copycats, it would be Jennie. BLACKPINK’s lead rapper and unofficial Face Of The Group has been responsible for iconic looks since debut, but her blonde-dyed bangs were so well-received that it became a craze – prompting several personalities and celebrities to copy the look! Have your Sims try out this Jennie Hairstyle CC from ModTheSims2! By the time you’re sick of it, you might end up stanning REAL LIFE JENNIE anyway…

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15/23. Liner CC11

Sims 4 Liner CC11

When the trend first started, it seemed as if many women in South Korea had suddenly discovered that they could still look good while they’re crying. A eureka moment of some sort, and they flaunted their blossom eyes around.

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16/23. Idol Suit Pants Jacket

Sims 4 Idol Suit Pants Jacket

It’s hard to imagine that top stars such as G-Dragon would wear the same type of clothing in front of thousands of fans while dancing violently. It looks like a recipe for a wardrobe malfunction.

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17/23. Produce 101 Uniform

Sims 4 Produce 101 Uniform

The show was able to produce some of the most iconic performances from such trainees like Yi Min-ah, who performed her heart out in a schoolgirl uniform. The uniform became the symbol of one of the most successful reality shows in Korean television history.

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18/23. K, DA Accessories Outfits

Sims 4 K, DA Accessories Outfits

This virtual girl group consists of four different versions of characters from League of Legends. Each member has their own style and fighting strategy, making them look like they jumped straight out of the video game. They have viewers go crazy with the addicting dances and iconic outfits.

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19/23. K-pop Idol Makeup

Sims 4 K-pop Idol Makeup

Korean makeup is designed for flawlessly highlighted skin accompanied with a light blush, juicy lip gloss, and thick eyeliner. This K-pop idol make up works wonders in cutting your age by as much as 10 years if you’re lucky! GoppolsMe loves to share the power of Korean beauty so trust in this foundation from them today!

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20/23. Group Girl Dance

Sims 4 Group Girl Dance

K-Pop idols are amongst the hardest working people in show business. They need to rehearse, train and practice at all times or they stand a chance of being axed from their record label. This pressure to be perfect extends to everything they do and can lead to depression and more extreme actions[1]. Our products will allow you to experience life as a K-Pop idol, including; dancing professionally with synchronised videos, photo shoots, dealing with difficult members of staff and living up to fans’ expectations.

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21/23. Group Pose Random

Sims 4 Group Pose Random

The three things around which any aspiring idol has to revolve is talent, good looks and an ability to do well with their appearances. Those who are not interested in acting but modeling can start learning how to portray themselves through different roles.

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22/23. Idol Mic

Sims 4 Idol Mic

Tabae’s Idol Mic CC is a must-have accessory for anyone who takes their performance seriously. It’s an essential part of the stage, and will help you keep your fans convinced that you’re singing live! With 5 swatches, there’s something for every aesthetic preference out there..

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23/23. Cover Fake Love

Sims 4 Cover Fake Love

For reals, BTS’s choreography is pretty darn hard to master. Thankfully, in the world of Sim Land, you can simply let the AI do all the choreography for you thanks to Giftyakuz’s Fake Love Cover! Now your Sims can enjoy all the dance moves minus the inevitable back problems.

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