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15 Best Sims 4 Kawaii CC & Mods, Décor, Clothes



The popularity of all things kawaii has risen in recent years, with lots of people finding themselves drawn to the adorable and fun creations. Who can blame them? Not only are kawaii things adorable, but they add a certain level of happiness and joy to our everyday lives. If you want your Sims to be amongst the first in your town to experience the phenomenon, then you’ve come to the right place.

Home decor, accessories and clothing can all be supersweet with the right kind of custom content. We’re taking a look at the best kawaii Sims 4 C C worth downloading so you can brighten up your game like never before!

1/15. Sims 4 Bow and Backpack

The Meme Fairy has blessed us with the adorableness that is Pusheen the Cat. Now, you can even make him a part of your daily life by carrying him around in this roomy backpack. It’s perfect for when you’re off to class or heading to work, and even if you’re not a cat-lover, you’ll have trouble resisting its lazy charm.

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2/15. Sims 4 Kawaii

Crafted by the finest homespun artisans and created with the utmost attention to detail, Bobabot’s lot collection is now available! There are a bunch of options to choose from here, like cat and bread stools to sushi and bear-themed burgers, just to make mealtime more exciting. Smiling little faces and food that looks too good to eat.

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3/15. Sims 4 Luxury Pastel Bathtub

There is no room in your life should be left undecorated. I personally like to think of it as an extension of the home. When you start decorating, the possibilities are endless – just choose which color option you want, and you’re ready to go!

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4/15. Sims 4 3rd Terrazzo Floor

What better way to start a themed lot than with the basics? While some people use decorative rugs, I’m a big fan of floorboards and wooden paths. They give your home a unique feel that you can’t get with other floor covers, and they are great at keeping your Sims warm. And there’s nothing more kawaii than to have pink-and-white themed floors!

We all know kawaii means cute. But when you want to achieve that look, design it yourself or ask an interior designer for help. That’s where things start to get tricky. Where do you start? How do you make your room feel like a magic land without going overboard? Let’s break down the room above, and see what we can work out.

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5/15. Sims 4 Gem Hair

The Sims 4 has long offered us a variety of different hairstyles for our Sims, but it’s about time we add something completely new. Introducing the Bubblegum Ombre hairstyle! Look chic and fashionable with pastel colours and shades that might remind you of a candy store. Who wouldn’t want to dye their hair this bright and colourful?

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6/15. Sims 4 Outdoor Dining Kawaii Picnic Collection

Sometimes your sim just needs to spice things up. Mixing up your style and wearing clothes you wouldn’t normally wear can be a little daunting, but it’s worth it for a change of pace. You can still incorporate kawaii into your look — just don’t go overboard! This will give you a chance to try on a different style from time to time, and is a great way to keep things interesting in your daily life.

The Kawaii Picnic Outdoor Dining Collection is a cute and colorful addition to your sim’s home, featuring five new furniture items for you to enjoy.

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7/15. Sims 4 Slippers Bat Bootie

Why dress your feet for Halloween when you can dress your feet for Valentine’s Day? And I’m not talking about the cliché red and pink, either. These Bat Bootie Slippers are deep red and navy, with a golden heart to show how much love you have to give. So what are you waiting for? Get ’em before they’re gone! And they’re already discounted, so you know it’s only a matter of time.

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8/15. Sims 4 Half Sheer Top Ruffle

This top makes for an exciting outfit — and it’s the best option on the list! The peach hue is unique, as is the pastel print. Both are a surprising combination that makes for a perfect springtime shirt. I’ve been wearing mine with distressed jeans and a pair of oxford flats for work.

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9/15. Sims 4 Bear And Pool

The bear has always been a feared symbol of enormity and power — but with the rise of anime and anime-inspired fashion, they’ve become furry, round-faced beauties that everyone loves! What started out as a tradition of using bears in big game hunting has now turned into fashion statements and accessories.

One thing I have always noticed about my town is that the theme of the interior of houses never matches the theme of the exterior. So, for example, you will see a house with an Egyptian theme on the outside and a kitchen full of food items in every color. It’s really strange, but this download aims to fix that problem! Here are some accessories to help spruce up your pool area and make it look nice!

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10/15. Sims 4 Get Heart On Cheek Mole

One of the best things about this trend is that it’s not limited to cosmetics — businesses both in and out of kawaii have set up shop by offering their own designs. So whether you want a star on your cheek, or an entirely new look on your nails, there are lots of places to find these services. The one I think is the cutest? Cotton Candy Cosmetics, which uses cotton candy-inspired makeups!

I think this heart mole here just caught my heart! Not only is it an adorable makeup look, but it’s a cute reference to the Electra Heart album by Marina and the Diamonds, which was my favorite go-to album as a teen!

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11/15. Sims 4 Decoration Dress

Looking for the latest trendy outfits to wear with your favorite hair style? Look no further! All-new dresses look as though they’ve been designed straight from the runways, complete with accessories, ruffles, bows, and more! These fun and flirty looks are perfect for any occasion. And you can be sure you’ll stay on trend.

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12/15. Sims 4 Bag of Strawberry

Get ready for the strawberry bag! This is a whole new approach to fashion, bringing a more practical and functional element to your daily style. Now, you can have the most elegant and refined look in the office, even with all of the strawberries you’re carrying around. It’s the best of both worlds: cute and tasteful.

Kawaii ensembles call for fantastic accessories on top of the already cute outfits. If you’ve got a strawberry in one hand, why not have a strawberry purse to go along with it? These cute purses can be used for everything from trips to the library to going out on a casual walk at the park.

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13/15. Sims 4 Home Starter Kawaii Set

This mod is your one-stop shop for all things kawaii. Whether you’re decorating a new home, or need some new toys for your toddler. The starter set of the Kawaii Home mod will have everything you need, with over 80 swatches to choose from. You can even make your toddler look like an adorable little anime princess!

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14/15. Sims 4 Socks Mix Match

Socks are a good gift, because they add individuality to your outfit. If you want to jazz up your wardrobe, socks are the perfect gift.

With so many people saying that you shouldn’t wear white after Labor Day, I’m thinking that a sock subscription is one of the most fashionable gifts you could give this holiday season.

Knee-high socks are the new no-show socks. And underwriters at Lloyd’s of London are celebrating — tights have officially died off by now. I find them a lot more comfortable than other options, too. Luckily, these knee-high socks come in a range of colours, styles, and options. So there will be something for everyone.

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15/15. Sims 4 Earrings Kawaii Toast

Everyone loves a tasty piece of toast and the Internet has shown it yearns for earrings made from the stuff, too. Your new collection of earrings made from toast are attractive, unique and cheap — yep, you can buy them from $10. They’re unique because they’re literally made from toast! What could be more iconic than that?

Take a look at these food-themed earrings! They’re delectable, and not only because they look like pastries. But you should also dive in to the small details in each photo. After all, these are earrings for a very special person — you!

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More