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30 Best Sims 4 Maxis Match Curly Hair CC & Mods



Sims 4 Maxis Match Curly Hair CC is a mod that gives players the ability to have more realistic and diverse curly hair options for their sims. This is important because it allows players to create sims that look more like themselves or people they know, and it also adds more customization options for players who want to create unique sims.

It is fun to do creative customization or attempt to get your Sim to its goals. The Sims 4 game as of now offers a tad of everything. Yet, that is a sampler contrasted with the number of custom contents out there free of charge, made by different Simmers.

What’s more, one area of CAS that is somewhat missing is curly hair. But fortunately, there’s a crazy measure of fan-made sims 4 hair packs accessible. So I have organized a tremendous collection of Maxis Match wavy hairstyles here, offering tons of new choices for all of your charming Sims.

1/30. Sims 4 Amber Clips & Hairstyle

KiaraZurk’s hair creator is all about the latest trends, from fringes and swoops to curly bobs and side swept bangs. You’ll find thousands of hairstyles for your favourite Sims here, including celebrities such as Keri Russell, Emma Stone, and Taylor Swift. Grab a virtual pair of scissors and treat yourself to a change!

This hair is adorable, and as a bonus, it comes with little ear clips that are sort of cute. You’ll probably love the left-hand side of this Sims’ hair, just above the ear. These clips look realistic, since they’re small but pretty darn cute, and bring a little bit of uniqueness to this hairdo.

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2/30. Sims 4 Jude Hair

As we all know, hair is the window to your soul. Maybe you’re seeking a look that’s completely new — or maybe something more familiar. This hair by Okruee will allow your male Sims to express just how they want to feel. Short and curly never looked so good! It’ll help you discover a whole new look for your Sim, whether you want something new and exciting or not.

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3/30. Sims 4 Joshua Hair

This hairstyle is so unique in its own right — yet it borrows from other CC from this very list! It’s a unique way of showing the power of community and how far one can go with a small ‘boutique’ concept, where users are free to download the CC for free (and repurpose some other parts of it as well).

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4/30. Sims 4 Chanel Hair

Double- updo hairstyles are the new black, or blue if you’re a guy, and that goes for all genders. What makes these updos so great is that they’re fun for everyday wear, and look fantastic when paired with a menswear outfit. These hairstyles are fresh, fun and very much ‘in’, so go on, tap into your inner style guru, and get rocking!

This is easily one of the most adorable hairstyles I’ve seen in Sims 4, and quite possibly my favorite one. It’s absolutely beautiful and I cannot get enough of it!

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5/30. Sims 4 Top Tufty Curls

Re-order (and I don’t mean the take out) your priorities with this  fluffy half updo. This cute and bouncy hairstyle uses all of the tricks of hairstyling to give you a look that can go from playful and innocent to modern, sophisticated, or classic. You won’t find any childish qualities here — just fluffiness and fun!

Seriously, I’m blown away by the texture. I’ve tried a bunch of other extensions that are sold by various modders on nexus, and none of them are even close to this level of quality. Not even close. And don’t even get me started on the accessories! There are tons of different colors for clip-in options, and a total of 5 wigs to choose from!

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6/30. Sims 4 Dawn Hair

The cutest hairstyles ever! I can’t explain it; you have to try it for yourself. Here’s my favorite style: I like to think of it as the ‘diversity’ style. It has all the diversity you’d expect from a game about high school romance, but without all the exhausting drama. The creators can flawlessly portray all of the real life diversity that comes with hair!

This Dawn Hair set is the most accurate game graphics to date. The first thing I noticed is the curls. They’re thick and they seem to be parted on the side, just how so many girls like to style their hair these days. Then, of course, there’s that natural look.

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7/30. Sims 4 Hair of Tay

Are you looking for the ultimate in natural, effortless, flawless curls? Tay Hair CC has been leading the market in curly hair care since they pioneered cutting-edge techniques to create the perfect look. With a range of curling irons and tools that make it incredibly easy to achieve your ideal style, they offer products guaranteed to enhance your natural beauty and make you feel amazing.

Bangs are versatile. They look cute, they look great, they can add some much-needed spunk to a straight style. And the bangs on this look are no exception. If you’re not sure about your hair, try going with bangs, because I promise that if it doesn’t work out, you can just cut them off! No harm done.

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8/30. Sims 4 Trip Hair

Curly bangs aren’t just for grade school girls! Many women have been rocking the look for years and in ways that run from conservative to radical. You’ll see them on every major red carpet, on the runway, and on local news anchors. These bangs are easy to style, but don’t necessarily require a pro – you can DIY it at home with the right styling products.

Maxis Match has released two brand new hairs: the Side Swept Shaved and the Maxi Cut. The Side Swept Shaved was originally released in 2009, when it was a hit with the Goths and Emos. Nowadays, it’s one of the most popular haircuts for men and women alike, whether you’re a teen or an adult. It’s also become a trend for those who like to keep their hair short and neat.

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9/30. Sims 4 Hari Hair

I’ve always believed that there’s a connection between the amount of content available for male Sims, and the fact that most people would rather make them pretty than ugly. And while that may be the case — I’d like to focus on all of the different ways people can change their male Sims’ appearance.

The hair modeling industry is dominated by male stylists – and Marso is a big reason why. This currently-hip curly hairstyle is a great way to look youthful and handsome – it’s what all the cool kids are wearing! If you want to look awesome, this hairstyle will be the focal point of your fabulousness.

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10/30. Sims 4 Shea Hair

This look is a great choice for anyone who loves to have volume in their hair. If you have long hair, you probably already know that it’s so much easier to style when it’s bouncy, and this look does that by layering the sides and back into a giant puff of hair at the crown. It’s a fun twist on a classic bob!

The guys over at Synthsims have created a hat compatible with the amazing custom hairs you see above! So you’ll be able to play with as much hair as you like. And since it’s not actually for TS2, your game will run fine!

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11/30. Sims 4 Daffodil Hair


The girls from the Bounce Back hair pack are here, looking better than ever — this time courtesy of ImVikai! Those sharp angles and soft curls make for a fantastic set of hairstyles. The headband is a lovely accessory, bringing together the curls and giving the hair some further definition. The Sims 4 community is full of talented artists and designers, who are able to update existing hairs so they seem more realistic.

Change your Sim’s appearance with this brand new hairstyle! Even better, it’s compatible with your favourite hair editing software. Change your Sims’ appearances in an instant with this quick and easy CC pack!

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12/30. Sims 4 Out & Up Hair

Hair that can look both messy and neat – that’s just silly. And yet it works. You see, curly hair is thick and textured like this half updo. In pictures it appears to be a wild mess. But up close, you might notice each strand has been carefully placed so that it looks neat as can be. This headband is the same way – lots of volume, but very precise in its placement.

This is the perfect hairstyle for your Sim to wear in the morning. After all, she just woke up with it, no need to do anything else to that hair! This style is versatile and can be worn anywhere, from work to the bar and back again. The best part of this hairdo, however, are the bangs. They have this floppy realistic look that can’t be beat.

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13/30. Sims 4 Talia Hair

In the game The Sims 4, hair is something that’s often overlooked by both players and creators. Not anymore! Greenllamas’ new hair, Talia Hair, adds a level of realism to your gameplay that’s truly amazing — it even sounds like real hair when it moves in the wind. And that’s not all – it also looks like your REAL hair would if you had it cut short.

This cute little headband is the hair that most people wish they had. With its gentle, soft-looking curls and the included clip accessory, you’ll have everybody thinking you went to an extremely trendy salon for a new do. You can find this one in the Piercings category of CAS.

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14/30. Sims 4 Ana Hair

Simmers, you guys are so cautious! There’s a lot of attention to detail in your world. To have the most realistic ‘Sim’ experience possible, make sure that every aspect of your avatar is consistent. Your appearance must be in-tune with your personality. So try out my Sim’s newest updo, and feel free to print out the ‘down’ hairstyle while you’re at it!

Whether you are an avid player, or have yet to pick up the game — chances are, you have probably heard of The Sims. The CC mentioned above is clearly one of their best, but there are several others that can help you fill in, or add some extra definition!

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15/30. Sims 4 Tiny Living Zaid Hair Edit

Recently I’ve been playing The Sims 4, and I thought I’d share my experience with the newest add-on pack: The Sims 4: Tiny Living Stuff. While this new expansion gives us all-new gameplay options and empowers us to live life on a smaller scale, it also brings along some great new tools that are sure to please even the most hardcore Simmers.

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16/30. Sims 4 Keke Hair

The Keke is a classic, flirty bob cut that will work for any Sim looking to bounce back from an unfortunate haircut. With its luxurious length and intensely shiny texture, it’s definitely a haircut that hairstylists look forward to styling. This cute do is inspired by the Princess cut, but with a little more edge.

When you’re looking to get a keke this summer, there are a few factors that you should consider before you get your hair cut. You have the option of either choosing a pushed back version of the haircut, or sticking with the “standard” look (bangs that fall at the cheek and dangle over your eyes).

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17/30. Sims 4 Gabbie Hair

Ghastly hair styles in video games can be a real pain. If you love to play with realistic mods hair, then having every piece just so may not seem like a big deal. But for others, it’s just an unnecessary time sink. I mean, who likes a game where you have to spend hours creating the perfect hair style? No one! Enter The Sims — now you can enjoy those intricate hairstyles, but with none of the effort.

Thanks to creators like AHarris00Britney, we’re seeing more and more hairstyles like these in The Sims 4. This hairstyle uses three different hair textures that are blended together beautifully. It’s unique and it really stands out. Each side has a slightly different look: on the right, the hair is pulled back, while on the left side, we see a nice blend of tousled waves and smooth straight locks.

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18/30. Sims 4 Melodie Hair

The perfect, gentle waves of this look are an easy way to spice up your hair on a Tuesday morning. Whether you’re aiming for a soft, beachy look or just want to switch things up, Miiko has found the perfect way to do it. This hairstyle actually starts out with straight hair, and ends up with soft wavy layers.

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19/30. Sims 4 Curly Bun

Rusty is the classy-looking bun that’s the perfect addition to any day. It makes you look stylish, but still work-appropriate — like a cross between Kerry Washington and Hillary Clinton. More specifically, it’s the kind of hair that makes your friend jealous because she thought she was the only one who could rock these structured buns!

Then the middle part depends on the side bangs. No really, it does. Or are the side bangs a result of uneven hair loss? Regardless, they’re stunning together and will have you looking like Nancy Landgraab in no time.

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20/30. Sims 4 Jort Hair

Here we have another great look for all you curly-haired beauties out there. Created by Okruee, the curls come to us in full force–and what else is great about this creation? That’s right–the hair has that perfect shine to it, making it look even more beautiful. Then there are the curls, which are impossible to ignore. The creator makes every curl count.

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21/30. Sims 4 Curly And Short Hairstyle

If you’re going to wear the Rope-Braids hairstyle, you might as well go all in and style the rest of your hair. It works best if you use a bit of product when you style it, so that everything is kept nice and tight so it looks really good. And this hairstyle looks good! But remember: it won’t work with just any outfit. Make sure your top is simple, but still attention grabbing .

And Rope has made their awesome new hairstyle also available for females. They’re available on the download page, but if you want to get them for a little cheaper, check out my other blog post about how to get the most bang for your buck. I’m not affiliated with And Rope in any way, but I use their work in my game (see my above screenshots) and have been impressed by their quality and flexibility.

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22/30. Sims 4 Joanne Hairstyle

This is an intensely curly hairstyle from the root to the end. A perfect blend of neat and wild, it’s great for anyone looking to add a lot of volume to their luscious locks. Unlike many ‘dos that require constant intervention, KiaraZurk’s look is one that you can rely on time and time again for a confidence boost — with zero effort. Your Sims are the lucky ones.

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23/30. Sims 4 Carousel Hairstyle

Rope is excellent at creating content for the male Sims in your life. His downloads catalog covers everything from hairstyles and clothing to furnishings and stuff. I’ve always said that my male Sims should look as good as my female ones do, so I enjoy using Rope’s hairstyles and outfits. I think my boys should dress up just as well as the girls do, don’t you?

I find it difficult to come up with new ways to say how much I love our pixel people, but with this CC I feel like I can put my enthusiasm into words. This latest hair style is so cute and compact, I really love it a lot. I think the pixel-curly-scale describes it well — not too curly and not too straight. It’s nice to see the middle ground of curls being featured so nicely.

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24/30. Sims 4 Tight Long Curls

Maxis Match is a style that typically sees a rebellious teen rocking the kind of hair that’s always falling in their face, but with this eye-catching unisex hairstyle, you can stay on trend while staying neat.

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25/30. Sims 4 Hair Curlys Curlys

“Retexture” is the active hobby of a group of dedicated community members who enjoy making “mods.” Mods are — generally speaking — small alterations to the game that change or fix existing features, or add entirely new ones. Some mods are incredibly popular, whereas some are made for personal use or for small groups of friends.

The retexture is certainly impressive. The creator of this reshade took the simple curly mop from the base game and made it a little fuller and nicer! The shape isn’t as awkward anymore, and it seems like even some of the shadowing is different. Also, I find that when I put this on my sims’ heads, the light reflects a little more.

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26/30. Sims 4 Xavi Hair

K-Pop stars are idols who have an incredible influence on their culture. They’re recognized for their killer music and fashion, and are often famous outside of just Korea as well. Korean Pop music is loved by many across the globe for its catchy beats and fantastic fashion sense, making it a great topic to learn more about!

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27/30. Sims 4 Simstrouble LENA

Even the hair on your Sims has become more advanced — but you should be careful out there, since the CAS is kind of tricky. You might think you’ve found your perfect shade or style in a hairstyle, but sometimes it’s misleading. Did you know that many hairstyles are colour-locked? Even if you change up your Sim’s hair, the original colour won’t take. What gives, EA?

It’s time for the long-overdue two-in-one style: the colorful highlights and curly hair from LENA Hair from Simstrouble. Let your girl Sims finally express themselves with this stylish new look! It’s a real showstopper!

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28/30. Sims 4 Curly Long Ponytail

Ponytails are the ultimate hairstyle for women and girls of all ages. You can never go wrong with this classic style — it’s ultra-versatile, and will never go out of fashion. Ponytails are perfect if you’re in a rush, or if you’re looking to get dressed up for a special event. They effortlessly pull together any look, whether casual or formal.

The Sims 4 may not have many hairstyles to choose from, but the ones it does have are often quite similar. One thing I hear a lot is that you wish there was a way to combine the look of two different hairstyles into one — say, having your Sim keep their curly hair even when using a straight style. I completely agree! That’s why I decided to make a custom hair mod myself, and I’m releasing it today.

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29/30. Sims 4 Zazie Hair

The great, big hair trend is alive and well. While some might put a lot of work into creating voluminous curls that are so heavy they almost touch the floor, others naturally have this gift. Either way, there is no shame in enjoying the beauty in your hair and the freedom that comes from it. That’s why you’ll love this hair accessory from Grimcookies!

The hair is great! It’s big in both volume and size of the curls. They look and feel great, giving a semi-round shape to your hair. The texture is also perfect for Maxis Match. Not too detailed, not too clayified… it’s just right! I don’t mean to sound like Goldilocks.

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30/30. Sims 4 Corline Hair

I sketched a rough outline of the CAS hairstyle I wanted — something that would suit a StrangerVille resident, but would also be functional for everyday wear. To make my character look more authentic, I went for a slightly 70s beachy/surfer vibe. It turned out to be one of my favourite creations to date!

We all love to pamper our Sims, but the bob that came with StrangerVille was a little bit of a let down, so here’s to some hair that gives your Sim a little more sass. This edit fixes the bob that came with StrangerVille, updating the hair so it’s at a nicer length, just past your Sim’s chin. That hairdo always had some wild curls, and those remain – just longer.

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