15 Best Sims 4 Occult & Supernatural CC & Mods

They say that every witch needs a black cat, and every warlock needs a familiar. I think it’s time to introduce my Sims to the ritual of summoning spirits, don’t you? I know what you’re thinking: summoning spirits is risky business. But if done correctly, it will draw forth an eerie new life into your Sims 4 game.

1/15. Sims 4 2T4 Zombie Maxis Skin Devil Backbone

Your Sim is just dying to make a grand entrance, isn’t she? But if your Sim wants to look like a classic monster from a B-movie, (your) skin tone alone won’t be enough. There are hilarious sunken cheeks and deep eye bags, but nothing yet for the final touch: Depigmentation.

Because this skin is totally gritty, and I love it. I’ve been looking for an alternative to the “pretty” skins that are all the rage among high-fashion sims lately, so I’m super excited to add something dangerously realistic to my collection.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”http://pyxiidis.blogspot.com/2017/04/devils-backbone-maxis-zombie-skin-2t4.html”]

2/15. Sims 4 Sigils Magic

There are many occasions when a bright and beautiful piece of décor can make the mood! For example, consider the following scenarios: your birthday party, a wedding party, or even simply getting together with friends. If you can bear the cost of electricity, you can light up your room with these stunning lamps that remind everyone of all the beauty and magic of this world.

The Magic Sigil is perfect for anyone who wants to add a touch of magic to their lives. Eyes are drawn to patterns: circles, spirals, and triangles have always been a part of our design, from ancient times to modern. Patterns invoke the sense of wonder in all humans.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://natalia-auditore.wixsite.com/medievaldream/single-post/2018/09/18/Magic-Sigils-1″]

3/15. Sims 4 Reader Tarot Career

This mod makes your Sim yearn for the life of a medium! As a medium, they’ll be able to read fates and fortunes with a deck of cards. Never again will you have to worry about bloodlust or magic exhaustion levels — rather, you’ll be focused on séances and finding the answer to all of life’s mysteries!

The Tarot Card Reader is a career that lets your Sim pursue their passion for the supernatural, without having to learn how to speak with ghosts or use teleportation. There are 10 levels of the role, and each level presents the job in a unique way, with plenty of room for creativity. Your Sim will earn good pay for their efforts, and have just enough time to complete everything in the evening — perfect for those who want to avoid using cheats!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://modthesims.info/d/608895/tarot-reader-career-eco-update.html”]

4/15. Sims 4 Add-Ons Aloha! Eyeset

Supernatural and occult themes are everywhere, especially if you think outside of the box. However, while these movies and shows can teach you how to write a story, they’re a little less helpful when it comes to designing your characters. That’s why I’m recommending this fantastic set of eye designs for building aliens and beasts. There’s nothing cute about them — though they’re sure to add both interest and terror to your characters!

The Aloha! eyeset allows you to change the color of your eyes, giving you the option to make them any color you want! There’s a lot that comes with this CAS pack, too — I’m particularly fond of making heterochromatic milky-white werewolf eyes or bone-chillingly-black Spider-Woman eyes.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”http://pyxiidis.blogspot.com/2018/01/aloha-eyeset.html”]

5/15. Sims 4 Vampire Stuff Demon Days

Described as “the perfect addition for any aspiring vampire”, Days of Demon: Vampire Stuff is a must-have for fans of the hit video game. Pyxis has incorporated several key features that have been missing from previous expansions, including eyeglasses, skin pallor overlays, spidery veins, and horns.

Vampires are one of the most common types of undead in fantasy, and for good reason. The dark allure of an immortal creature whose unquenchable lust for mortal blood makes it a scourge upon humanity is a timeless trope that will never get old, and the vivid descriptions we have of Vampires from Bram Stoker’s Dracula are enough to keep us coming back to this classic creature in modern fantasy fiction.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”http://pyxiidis.blogspot.com/2018/08/demon-days-vampire-stuff.html”]

6/15. Sims 4 Makeup Ghost Skeleton

I don’t usually do this, but in the spirit of Halloween I’m going to say that these are my new favorite face tattoos. Why not? They’re a great deal, they look realistic and have plenty of variety. For anyone who’s into creepy special FX makeup or costume makeup these are definitely worth your time!

This face tattoo, or tribal face-paint mask — the kind witch doctors would use for rituals — is guaranteed to make an impact. Every other Sim will be stunned by your bold, virtually life-like chin piece, even if they can only see it in the dark. Your Sim is sure to have the best Halloween ever, thanks to this one-of-a-kind beauty accessory!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”http://pyxiidis.blogspot.com/2017/04/ghost-skeleton-makeup.html”]

7/15. Sims 4 Collection of Halloween Wolf Mark

I’m starting to get hyped for Halloween! I love dressing up, so of course I do. (And you know how much I love my Sims! ) This year is going to be crazy with all these great new collector’s items that players can get from Taraab. Her stuff is always original and comes in a wide variety of styles, so everyone should find something they like.

This scar will definitely scare away your enemies. If you are find the perfect way to make your vampire seem a bit more bloodthirsty, then this custom scar may be the right choice for you.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/1356066″]

8/15. Sims 4 Cabinet Apothecary

Everyone needs to be able to enjoy and appreciate a nice home. But living spaces can often lack in the storage department. This is where CC maker bramblefinch’s base game-sized framed picture storage comes in. With 80 slots for your collectibles, you won’t know what use to put them all to — but who cares?! The point is that your house will finally have some space for them all!

This cabinet is so magical! I was looking to add more storage in my potions lab, and a friend of mine told me about this awesome item at Steam. It matched perfectly with the interior design of my bedroom, but it also works if you are setting up a potions lab or apothecary. I especially love its glass bottles and unidentified herbs — it’s enough to drive any potion enthusiast wild!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://bramblefinch.tumblr.com/post/189109268196/hey-everyone-ive-got-a-potential-fix-for-the”]

9/15. Sims 4 Party Ouija Poses

The Ouija board is a classic device that has been around for centuries, and has long been the subject of moral panic and superstition. It’s a great ritual to run with your teenage friends on a Friday night after a few too many drinks, but it’s also useful in teaching you about history, Chinese medicine, and game design.

These position packs are more than high-quality models: they’re the most widely-used poses in your studio. They’re not only great for animating, but also making screenshots. You can tell a lot about a character from their stance alone — and these pack contains seven distinct stances, each with a variety of Poses.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://sws-pose.tumblr.com/post/184584814713/something-wicked-sims-ouija-party-poses-the”]

10/15. Sims 4 Décor Witchy Set

Not all witches have a penchant for the occult, and some may prefer to keep their spellcasting tools safe in their own personal hideaway.

If this is your preference, then this cute Witchy Décor CC Set by tinywardens can help you add a little magic to your home. It’s best to use them while wearing your favourite witch costume!

Sometimes I’m a little too much of a smart-ass for my own good, which is why I immediately fell in love with the Uncover Their Secrets: Spellbooks For Grown-Ups set. The set features 34 items that are perfect for any grown-up spellcaster, including ol’ lovable me. Some of the items in this collection are cute and quirky, but others are downright creepy.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://mystickylightcolor.tumblr.com/post/157901298399/witchy-decor-set-here-it-is-a-deco-set-for-your”]

11/15. Sims 4 Costume Werewolf & Posepack Werewolf

When I tried to find eyes for my spider sim, I was surprised to find that Maxis hadn’t created any. That made me sad, so I did a little searching in the CC and found Arachnophobia – Accessory Spider Eyes by Pyxis . While they looked great in CAS and in-game, they were a little hard to resize and flatter than I like.

No more howling at the moon! The Werewolf from The Sims 4 is now available for download. You can dress up your Werewolf in all kinds of outfits, or just with a wolf skin. The bundle includes awesome poses that make your Werewolf look like the model in the preview photos.

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12/15. Sims 4 Set of Arachne

Now, now. I’m not questioning how much you love your body. I’m just trying to explain that maybe this faux-spider outfit isn’t going to help you get a job interview. It’s honestly creepy, and you’re probably not going to be taken seriously wearing this for business purposes. Unless you’re answering phones in a haunted house, or are some sort of spider-themed superhero.

This little spider is looking for love! This creepy-cute bug-like character has several default colors, and even more poses for you to break a leg with. If you can’t find the perfect color combination that matches your décor, try making her purple, or green. Or both! If you’re feeling a little bit daring, add an extra set of fangs to complete the look.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://natalia-auditore.wixsite.com/medievaldream/single-post/2018/08/04/Arachne-Set”]

13/15. Sims 4 Night of Witch Poses

This might just be the perfect pose pack for any fans of true crime. Or horror in general. The fact that it’s a little bit creepy just makes it all the better to us, because we like our Sims with a little bit of an evil streak. After all, what fun is being good when you’re living out your life on the computer anyway?

This piece of content is filled with the exciting images you’d want to see when you’re envisioning a fun girls’ night of dancing, laughing, and gossiping! The poses are all unique and really bring to life all the classic meetups portrayed in latest media, especially the kinda creepy coven get-together. I’m sure you’ll find these fun images as interesting as your friends will!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://sws-pose.tumblr.com/post/188658299775/something-wicked-sims-night-of-the-witch-poses”]

14/15. Sims 4 Teller Fortune Poses

Tarot poses are the perfect addition to your collection, whether you’re a beginner reader or a seasoned veteran. With 18 unique poses and two bonus poses, these are the perfect way to bring a little more of your personality into your readings (and let’s be honest – tarot is already full of personality and passion).

Sim Yourself — the accessory that lets you play yourself! With two included poses, one of them sardonic and sly, this dastardly set will surely spice up your Sims’ private world. Of course, it’s totally normal if this doesn’t show up in your game — just like what happened with me!

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”https://radioactivedotcom.tumblr.com/post/179585684160/fortune-teller-in-game-poses-simblreen-gift”]

15/15. Sims 4 Accessory Arachnophobia Spider Eyes

Like any decent horror fan, I love my spiders. I mean, they eat their weight in flies and mosquitos every year — they’re great! But spider-Eyes are just a little too… human. Fortunately, there are some fantastic CC choices out there that make arachne Sims look more like arachne, and less like an eight-legged demigod of the underworld.

I picked up and played with the Arachnophobia – Accessory Spider Eyes by Pyxis and was immediately impressed. Her eyes instantly made my monster look spookier to me, but I still wanted more. A few clicks later and I was set.

[nativeGamer_btn linkvalue=”http://pyxiidis.blogspot.com/2017/11/arachnophobia-accessory-spider-eyes.html”]

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