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20 Best Sims 4 Off The Grid CC & Mods For Survivals



In sims 4 off the grid mod, you can now decide to live off the grid — for the first time in The Sims! This real-life (or should I say fictional-life) option allows your Sim to escape the hustle bustle of city life. Sims who want to live off the grid will have to be creative about how they sustain themselves – and proud if they manage to really pull through.

So you think you can live off-grid, do ya? Well, how about you try building a house that couldn’t possibly run on electricity, and see what happens! Would it be entirely possible? Would it make sense? Let’s see the results of some other fearless pioneers who mocked death and the apocalypse to build their dreamy future homes!

1/20. Sims 4 Activity Outdoor Bags

Having a plant in your home is great for improving the mood of your family. In fact, I have a friend who has his office filled with plants and herbs, because he believes it helps him stay focused and creative. He even says that having a few plants around the house brings him closer to nature — but you know what? I’ll just take his word for it.

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2/20. Sims 4 Set of Alex Décor

This piece of custom content is the best thing since sliced bread. Featuring an assortment of some of the most useful survival items on the planet, this custom set comes complete with a compass, first aid kit, Geiger counter, lantern and flashlight. The icing on the cake? One roll (or two) of toilet paper — just in case you had to go before your FPP was fully stocked.

We’re not all that fond of the word “swatch”, it feels a bit old-fashioned and dated. But rest assured that your clothes will fit as intended, and if they don’t, you have 30 days to contact us and we’ll be more than happy to help.

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3/20. Sims 4 Flashlight Carbon

Electric lights are the way of modern life. We use them for everything from studying to socialising in our homes, to entertaining and advertising in public spaces. No one likes to be caught in the dark without them, so you should always have a backup plan if something goes wrong with your wiring or power source. This is especially true for startups, as your business will come to a grinding halt if the internet connection goes down!

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4/20. Sims 4 Chicken Coop Functional

Not only is being outdoors one of the best ways to get some fresh air, but it can also help you relax and relieve stress. Unlike spending time at home in your room, being outdoors forces you to get out and talk to people, which may lower your anxiety levels and improve your mood. These are certainly reasons enough for me to love this cute little scene from Creative Sims by umiSim . Especially with wintertime approaching…

It’s not just chickens that are adorable. Eggs are tiny little bundles of joy, and your Sims can interact with them in all kinds of ways. You might think this is a bit odd — but remember, eggs are kind of like cats and dogs, and maybe even more interesting.

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5/20. Sims 4 Washtub Toddler

There are a lot of ways to save water, even if you have a baby. One of them is to bathe them in a washtub, like in the old days — it’s super cute, after all! That way you won’t have to install a huge bathtub or shower, since babies are so small.

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6/20. Sims 4 Cook Stove Wood Burning

This stove is perfect for every sim homesteader — all you need is a cute little cottage in the woods, and you’re living happily ever after! The stove can be built on any lot type and is best suited for the off the grid lifestyle. It’s got some sweet burners and a super cozy design, so your sims will be stoked with their new home.

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7/20. Sims 4 Aspiration Homesteader

This Sim wants to leave the beaten path and make a name for herself, living on land without the aid of modern conveniences such as electricity or running water. Your Sim will succeed at gardening and fishing tasks with ease thanks to her Green Thumb trait, which helps her learn the gardening skill more quickly.

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8/20. Sims 4 Set of Fishing CC

Fishing is a skill that allows you to catch fish, which can then be sold for profit. This is already a part of gameplay in Sims 4, and there are plenty of things to do with the fish once you’ve caught them.

Apparently, Sims love sports more than we thought. This actually makes sense because it is a game about people. So let’s see what sport our Sims are really interested in by looking at what decorations they choose to decorate their lots with — I’m talking about objects like wooden boats, barrels of fish and decorative posters that you can hang on the wall. Let’s see which sport our Sims love most!

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9/20. Sims 4 Wood and Stump Basket

Your Sims are going off the grid. And with them goes their basic need for heat and comfort — which includes firewood, conveniently available here for you . Crafting wood piles isn’t a simple task, but it’s worth it to your Sims! With this 3-pack of high-quality axes, stumps, and logs, you’ll be able to ensure that your Sim is doing all the chopping themselves!

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10/20. Sims 4 First Aid Carbon Kit

It’s always good to be prepared, and I’m talking about more than making sure you have the right amount of batteries on hand or that your home is sound-proofed. Having a medical first aid kit at home can save your life in many ways, so do yourself a favor by doing some research and sorting through all the medical supplies you’ll need in order to be prepared for anything that might happen.

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11/20. Sims 4 Off Grid Shower and Bath Tubs

The Sims 4 may not have plumbing, but at least we have showers. And that is more than enough to keep our Simmies clean and smelling good after a hard day’s labor. Since we can’t actually use the bathtub for anything useful in game, we’ve decided that it would be better used to store toys and laundry in!

The bathroom is more than a place to pee and brush your teeth — it’s a sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. And why shouldn’t it be opulent? That’s why we’re giving you custom bathtubs and showers that allow you to bathe in comfort, even when you’re miles away from a paved street or house connected to the grid. Comfort is key, and we’ve got that covered!

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12/20. Sims 4 Pack of Trekking

You can’t be too careful in this world. Sometimes, it’s necessary to ‘bug out’ into wilderness if the shit hits the fan. What’s a bug out bag? Well, it’s a container of stuff that you store in your house in case of emergency, and hope you never have to use. This set CC gives you the tools you need to make your house entirely survivable.

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13/20. Sims 4 Teapot Off the Grid

This teapot from PlasticBox lets you brew your own customized blends. Just choose a base like “just tea” or “black as night”, and then add on flavors and scents for endless possibilities! Alternatively, if you want to take things to the next level, pick the ‘gourmet’ option.

I’ve always been a big fan of tea, especially when it’s done right. Just think about how different one cup can taste depending on the region! So, I decided to embark on a quest for the best tea around. The weather patterns in this part of the world are great for growing tea plants, and after living here for a while, I got to really know what makes each region’s tea special.

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14/20. Sims 4 Water Pump Functional

Your Sim’s water pump game is out of control. Their hydration and hygiene are in dire straits, as you’ve discovered that their personal collection of water buckets are taking up valuable space in your household inventory. What on earth can you do to help them? The solution: this completely custom, fully functioning water pump that places five water buckets in inventory for dishes, laundry, bathing, and more!

There’s a many buffs Sim will get as they pump water, such as a sore sting arm or bee. It maybe not pleasant, but you know what? This is reality of the situation. The creator’s inclusion of such details is great, and I’m glad there’s no bubblegum pop-up to ruin the immersion.

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15/20. Sims 4 Typewriter Off Grid

When you’re a struggling author who isolates themselves out in the middle of nowhere with nothing but a typewriter, you’re in for a long haul. But when you’ve got this amazing, retro-looking item? Instant writerly nostalgia that makes writing on an old typewriter feel new again. Plus, it’s tiny! So small, in fact, that you can take it with you wherever you go.

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16/20. Sims 4 Canned Food

Canned food isn’t the healthiest, but it’s handy to have around in case of emergency . The average kitchen has a good number of canned goods (I know mine does), but not every delicacy is available in a can. Some canned foods are healthier than others, and these tend to be labeled as ‘heart-healthy, low-sodium or organic.

If you are a fan of The Sims game and want to convert your living room into a realistic basement, then this collection of canned goods is for you. The Sim’s pantry also doubles up as a working pantry that can store several groceries at once to tide over hungry Sims in emergencies.

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17/20. Sims 4 Wood Pile

A firewood pile is a necessary part of any household, whether it be in a tiny cabin in the woods or a multi-million-dollar mansion. Try placing one in your home of Sims or on lot for an instant improvement to their home décor and also for warmth — because that’s just as important as food and water , after all. This useful object can be used not only for heat, but also for cooking and boiling water .

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18/20. Sims 4 Canning Functional Station & Canning Skill

The preppers among us know that canned goods are often the difference between starving and surviving. As someone who has had to deal with the aftermath of a hurricane, I know all too well that canned goods often become your new best friend during crises. But if you don’t choose the right canning supplies and follow the right processes, your canned goods can just end up as canned goods — but literally, as in they’re not even edible anymore.

The Canning Station is the holy grail for survivalist Sims everywhere. With it, you can enjoy the comfort of some 20th century conveniences in a world of old-timey living. The best part? It looks like a regular kitchen island — until your Sims get hungry. Then, this bad boy comes to life!

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19/20. Sims 4 Set of Laundry

Give the gift of clean cloths with this unisex set! Sure, it might not come with a washing machine or a dryer… but hey, if you’re doing laundry right, you should be doing it outdoors anyway! Lay down that washboard and scrub away. The tub will help you get all those dirty clothes clean and ready to wear again. Because let’s face it: doing laundry is boring.

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20/20. Sims 4 Small Stereos

Real homes tend to not have a working, battery operated radio. So if you want your game to be a bit more realistic, we suggest you get RDS to include radios in your game. We’ve stylish radios that look great and play AM/FM stations when supplied with power. These radios look great and will have no trouble getting used for your game!

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