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10 Best Sims 4 Ripped Jeans CC & Mods For Boys & Girls



Best Sims 4 Ripped Jeans CC & Mods For Boys & Girls

Ripped-jeans (RJs) are an iconic part of ’90s culture, and with their comeback in recent years, they represent a bit of nostalgia as well. While they were apparently popularized by rock stars like Kurt Cobain and Pink Floyd’s Syd Barrett, they became mainstream later on. Ripped jeans are here to stay, but why do we love them? That’s what we’re exploring in this list!

So you’re looking for some new ripped jeans for your Sims? I’ve got you covered with this list of the top ten best ripped jeans in The Sims 4! And no, you can’t wear these any occasion or event that in your mind — unless you want to look like a freak.

1/10. Sims 4 Aloise Jeans

Sims 4 Aloise Jeans

Boyfriend Jeans are the new skinny jeans, on a day you want to give your thighs and backside a break. This texture will allow you to get the look of slimming, skin-controlling jeans without the oppressive feeling. They’re super stretchy and comfy, so why not go all the way and get yourself a boyfriend?

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2/10. Sims 4 Distressed Straight Cut Jeans

Sims 4 Distressed Straight Cut Jeans

The JS Sims Straight Cut Distressed jeans are just what your Sim needs to complete their wardrobe — even if they’re literally ripped to shreds. It’s true, you can’t see most of the leg below the knee under these jeans. But that’s because they need protection from tearing, and that’s exactly what they get! If you want to keep your Sim’s legs protected, while also protecting your Sim’s bank account, then check this product today!

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3/10. Sims 4 Rip Knee Jeans

Sims 4 Rip Knee Jeans

When one looks at the fashion statement of fashion holes in pants, one needs to wonder what has happened? When did a fashionable idea like gaping holes in the knees become so normalized? This CC mod by lynxsimz is the subject of this post. Get a comfortable and stylish look with these pants that come with 6 different types of knee patches that you can mix and match with other clothing.

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4/10. Sims 4 Jeans Trash

Sims 4 Jeans Trash

The Savage Sims are your one-stop shop for all things punk and emo! Based out of Seattle, our shop specializes in one thing — jeans. We’ve got all the mosh pits, weekend getaways and smoking hot coffee you need to complete your casual punk look. Come and see us for all your denim needs!

This is a pair of jeans that actually makes a statement. What’s not to love? With 35 customizable designs, these lovely denim trousers are perfect for anyone with a rebellious streak. Each outfit set comes complete with 26 swatches for the top and 35 swatches for the pants — so make sure you customize accordingly!

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5/10. Sims 4 Jeans Denim

Sims 4 Jeans Denim

Levi Strauss invented jeans in the 19th century to be a durable, sturdy attire for working class folks. But since then, the fashion world has done its best to make jeans as opposed to their intended design — and manufacturers have started purposefully tearing them apart. Is this stylish? I don’t know — but I wouldn’t recommend giving your jeans an extreme makeover!

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6/10. Sims 4 Jeans Bom Pom

Sims 4 Jeans Bom Pom

Finding the perfect balance between classy and grungy jeans ripped is no easy feat. The trick is to find the right fit, which can be difficult if you don’t know where to look. What I like to do is head over to Waekey’s website to check out some of their best products. One of my favourites is their Bom Pom Jeans, which has a classic chambray feel but with a little ‘extra’.

These jeans are the perfect combination of sleek and casual, making it easy to look good no matter what your mood. 26 swatches means there’s a pair to match every outfit, and each style is designed with five different washes so that no matter how many times you wear them you’ll never have the same look twice.

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7/10. Sims 4 Pants Take Off

Sims 4 Pants Take Off

Ripped jeans are back in fashion, and if there’s one group of guys who know how to rock the torn denim trend, it’s the K-pop boys. Having made a comeback with the rise of Korean boy bands like BigBang and 2PM, these guys look dapper in denim, and have been spotted at music shows and on streets rocking everything from distressed skinny jeans to cuffed high-waisted trousers.

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8/10. Sims 4 Ripped Fillmore Pants

Sims 4 Ripped Fillmore Pants

It’s spring, and with that comes the love for fresh pastels. Sure, bubble-gum pink is a sight to behold, but what if you’re looking for something just a little less sweet? JMSIMS makes a pair of pants that will perfectly complement your spring wardrobe with their Fillmore Ripped Pants.

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9/10. Sims 4 Destroyed Pants

Sims 4 Destroyed Pants

Cute yet comfy, boyfriend jeans are one of the most versatile styles on the market today. Whether you’re looking for a pair that’ll go with everything or one that can just be worn lounging around, these cute ripped-up jeans by casteru are perfect. You can wear them to work, or while doing anything casual.

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10/10. Sims 4 Ankle Two tone Jeans

Sims 4 Ankle Two tone Jeans

If fashion is a form of art, then this jeans two-tone are the Mona Lisa of fashion. With its tears and rips that looks a rat gnawed out of boredom, you’ll stand out in the crowd and make a boomer think ‘what is going on?’ And let’s face it — that’s the reason we buy clothes in the first place: to stand out.

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