Sims 4 School Uniform

14 Best Sims 4 School Uniform CC & Mods

Want to give your Sims an experience with more realism and depth? Well, try the Sims 4 School Uniform CC & Mods! This vast assortment of custom clothing will have your children rolling out of bed for school. And it comes in twice as many options too. So enjoy a fresh new set, along with all-new colors that are available only from this mod pack!

1/14. Simple School Uniform

sim 4 Simple School Uniform

Look no farther than this CC by Cozy yeons female plaid dress if you’re seeking for a traditional school uniform without breaking the budget. It’s available in five various hues (red, black, green, etc.) and is high-quality while remaining Maxis-Match compatible!

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2/14. Male Messenger Bag

sim 4 Male Messenger Bag

And this custom male messenger bag is no exception. It has a spacious interior with 43 swatches to match any teen Sim’s needs, and also includes a large strap for added support. There are even two downloads included in the CAS category: one for headgear, and another for necklaces! Definitely something that every guy should have in their inventory already!

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3/14. Plain Skirt for A School Uniform

sim 4 Plain Skirt for A School Uniform

This is a great place to find the perfect skirt, although not many places carry it. The simple style of this piece allows you to pair it with almost anything! Here are a few color options for this unique skirt that will help give your outfit some dimension.

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4/14. Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper

sim 4 Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper

We are so jazzed to share the Private School Uniform Shirt + Jumper from Christine. The shirt and jumper are Maxis-Match friendly, so if you weren’t digging our last option on this list we’d make a great alternative! We only have four swatches for the uniform shirt and one for the jumper, but feel free to download these files (if there’s even more!).

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5/14. School Uniform Pants

sim 4 School Uniform Pants

These pants are perfect for pairing with your favorite top. If you’re in a school uniform and looking for some bottoms, but don’t want to buy an entire new outfit, then these are the ones that will suit any situation! You can find them at their website’s CC download section.

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6/14. Boys And Girls School Uniform Set

sim 4 Boys And Girls School Uniform Set

Bukovka has designed these uniforms for children and teens. Each of the four schools worn by both sexes which is great, especially if you have mixed-gender family members. They are perfect as well so download your CC here now!

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7/14. Back 2 School Set

sim 4 Back 2 School Set

In The Sims 2, when your child went to a private school it was nerve-wracking and stressful. But the feeling of relief when they finally started attending successfully and proudly in their uniform? That’s worth everything! And while we don’t have this feature in The Sims 4 (yet), Moonchild’s Back2 SchoolCC brings some nostalgia from our past saves back! This collection contains 12 items with full outfit options for male and female Sims. Note: some of these items use EA meshes, so make sure you own Realm of Magic Dine Out Cats & Dogs Spa Day before downloading them.

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8/14. Teen School Uniform

Sims 4 Teen School Uniform

ZitaRossouw offers a stylish, Maxis-compatible uniform. The three outfits included in the set are a button up sweater with white collared shirt and tucked in tie on top; a pleated skirt for female Sims; and an extra outfit that is available in brown, green, blue or purple!

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9/14. Top and Skirt Loona Uniform

Sims 4 Top and Skirt Loona Uniform

Waekey Loona is perfect for the school-aged Simmer who wants to keep it simple and dress in a coordinated set of colors with no clashing. With 14 different color combinations, there are many options to choose from!

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10/14. School Uniform Witchy

Sims 4 School Uniform Witchy

The school uniform for witches, the Witchy School Uniform CC by Elfdor’s is perfect for your magical Sims who are looking to ditch school. With three goth/Halloween inspired outfits and a combined total of 55 swatches, this outfit will last you awhile! It’s base game compatible as well – from teens through elders. And good news: these clothes are wearable all year long!

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11/14. Teen Males School Uniform

Sims 4 Teen Males School Uniform

The Sims Resource has a male version too! Even with pants instead of a skirt, the mod remains as handsome as ever. The different color variants can serve you to distinguish years or even classes in your school so don’t miss out on it! Hurry up and download cc quickly from here.

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12/14. Back 2 School For Kids

Sims 4 Back 2 School For Kids

A new and improved version of the first Back 2 School outfit. Every item in this 14-item collection is carefully crafted and has great attention. The outfits also come with a whole new private school look for male Sims, female Sims who have had their bottoms replaced with skirts, but need to own Dine Out or Get Together packs as well as Island Living pack.

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13/14. Above The Time Set

Sims 4 Above The Time Set

Teen Sims that treat school more like a fashion show than a place of education might need the uniform from New_en092. These custom uniforms come in two different styles and offer 40 swatches, with both outfits featuring tailored jackets and pleated skirts. We wouldn’t be surprised if the creator was influenced by the movie Clueless because we’re getting major Cher Horowitz vibes!

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14/14. Female Backpack

Sims 4 Female Backpack

Now you can dress your Sims in style with the new wearable bag from Dissia – Female Backpack CC. Beyond its cute design, it comes bundled with 37 different styles so that you can pick one that fits your Sim perfectly or mix and match them as you see fit! And what would a fashionable female Sim be without a hat? Keep in mind this pack doesn’t let these two accessories wear simultaneously; now put on those heels to take off the jacket for good measure!

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