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20 Best Sims 4 Stairs & Staircase Mods & CC



sims 4 Stairs Staircase

If there is ever a time to get your creative juices flowing, it is when you are making wedding portraits for your Sim. It’s been said that these photographs will last forever, and after having seen the Simstagram feeds of older Sims, I’m inclined to agree! As you bring your Sims to life, pay special attention to their outfits– after all, these photos will be on your Simstagram feed for years to come.

Are you looking to add a cool, yet characterful touch to your home? A staircase is a great addition to any house. After all, what’s a house without a staircase? It’s nothing! However, with the rise in popularity of L-shaped and U-shaped staircases, you might think that you’ve seen everything.

1/20. Sims 4 U Stairs Industrial

Industrial style stairs are the perfect match for those who don’t mind a little grit or want to be reminded of a chemistry lab. For everyone else, these stairs aren’t a great match. If you’re looking for something more traditional, check out wood or steel options to avoid the shabby chic look.

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2/20. Sims 4 Add-on Part 1 Stairs

I know better than to expect a sequel to be better than its predecessor. Most of the time, it won’t happen — and that’s why it’s better for the original to stand alone on its own two feet. Stairs seemed pretty basic in the first Mutske pack, but this one takes the pack in a new direction with the addition of open stringers, perfect for outdoor installation.

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3/20. Sims 4 Carpets Stair

Everyone loves to decorate their house, and what better way than with a simple staircase? If you’ve ever had a staircase, you’ll know how invasive it can be. Stairs are often the quickest way to rise in elevation, but they tend to be a pain. Most staircases in real life are carpeted, making them easy to clean and look nice. However, as we all know, Sims have problems of their own.

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4/20. Sims 4 Stairs Gosik, Ez2ciamaprincess

An effective staircase is the metaphorical backbone of the home. It allows players to direct Sims through a series of events that are a lot more visual than a long list of button commands. The intricacy of a stylish staircase isn’t lost on Sims who, in their imaginary world, recognize the work that has gone into creating one.

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5/20. Sims 4 Stairs Pool

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sending a Sim splashing into the deep end of the pool. Understandably, it can be a bit difficult to persuade Sims to take a dip in the pool. So why not introduce a staircase that lets your Sims choose to go for either a relaxing swim or perhaps a refreshing dive?

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6/20. Sims 4 Shelves Under-Stair, Stairs Deco Spiral

There’s a special kind of satisfaction that comes from walking into a room, seeing your possessions displayed, and thinking: “I really, really nailed it.” Give your Sims that privilege with the Decorative Understairs Storage.

Every decision has both immediate and long-term consequences. Like when you went through the drive-thru at a fast food chain for lunch.

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7/20. Sims 4 Steps Natural Stone

When it comes to design, some trends work, and some don’t. So it’s smart to stay away from fads or what’s hot right now. Unless you’re an artist. In that case, do whatever you feel like. A home design trend that’s here for the long haul is contemporary – a style that focuses on clean lines, muted tones, and incorporating natural elements like wood, stone, and metal into furniture pieces like tables, chairs and cabinets.

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8/20. Sims 4 Natural Steps

Indoor stairs are useful, but they can get a bit boring. Now you can have an outdoor staircase without the mess of an indoor staircase! The nikadema steps are perfect for houses with just one floor, like ranch homes and bungalows. An afternoon tea party never looked so good.

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9/20. Sims 4 Stairs Wooden

The Sims franchise is one of the most popular PC games to ever be released. That said, there are a few things that could use an upgrade. These upgrades can be found in Expansion Packs, which add additional content for your Sims — ultimately creating a more immersive, realistic gaming experience. For example, you can upgrade your Sims’ wooden stairs with high quality wooden flooring using Tenebrae’s Wooden Stairs!

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10/20. Sims 4 Folding Stairs Attic

Think you know what makes a movie scary? Think again. The horror genre is one of the oldest in film, and easily the most popular — but it’s also one of the most subjective. What makes some horror movies stand out to viewers as terrifying can often be hard to define. Because no one genre is truly consistent, what works for one horror film may not work for another, and vice versa.

When was the last time you used an attic? I’d venture to guess it was either A) longer ago than you’d like to remember, or B) never. Most attics are rarely used, and more often than not, they’re just for cobwebs and leftover Halloween decorations.

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11/20. Sims 4 Add-on Part 2 Stairs

It’s undeniable that The Sims series changed how people approach the game. Four titles in, we’ve arrived at accepting that modders and CC creators have broadened our horizons when it comes to The Sims. Like adding stairs at places where they aren’t supposed to be placed.

Simtanic Arts’ Better Stairs CC makes it possible for you to create your own custom staircases. No longer will you be forced to use EA’s limited supply of oddly-angled stairs. With this cool custom content, you’ll never have to step on the same staircase twice!

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12/20. Sims 4 Under Stairs

The Tiny Living Stuff pack has arrived, and I am obsessed with maximizing small spaces with ingenious furniture. One such example is the Under the Stairs Dresser by fjodolifjoda (whose work I’ve featured several times before on EP — see this , this , and this ).

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13/20. Sims 4 Stairs Argunfuntur Decorative

What happens when you mix blue and neon green? The color of these stairs. If you’re tired of the same old colors in your Sims’ bedrooms, try out this new set from Jomsims’ Argunfutur collection. You can even build your own high-tech staircase to add some flair to your Sims’ homes.

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14/20. Sims 4 Deco Staircase

Use the Leosims Staircase Deco to make your house feel homier and more loved! This staircase plus storage piece allows you to create a comfortable space that accommodates your entire family, no matter what size it is.

With its beautiful sweeping staircase design, this ceiling-to-floor centerpiece (which points to the sky and lands squarely on your noggin) is precisely what turns a house into a home.

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15/20. Sims 4 Tiny Houses Stuff

The Sims is a dream game for true gamers as well as people who are very creative. It takes both smarts and imagination to turn a tiny prison into a real home, but when you achieve it, it feels like magic. When you look at the furniture which can be added with this game, you may feel overwhelmed by the vast variety on offer. It’s quite possible that you will not find what you want the first time round, but don’t worry.

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16/20. Sims 4 Room Shelf Stair Victoria Kid’s

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you that kids love to make a mess of their rooms, furniture and belongings. However, the secret to keeping your home looking good is having the right decorative items on hand to distract them when you’re not around. The Decorative Stair Shelf was made with kids in mind—but it has a great grown-up quality that may surprise you too.

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17/20. Sims 4 Railing Blue Glass

Stair railings are a necessity in a house full of Sims. (Or in any realistic simulation of a house. I used to live in one. Remember that time we had a mouse problem so bad that there was *thirty feet* of toilet paper on the wall and -1 toilet? No? That’s alright. It’s too painful to remember.

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18/20. Sims 4 Carpet Recolor Manor Stair

Have you considered adding a stair carpet to your home? It’s an easy way to add instant elegance and sophistication to your Sim’s home, and will transform any dull staircase in your Sim’s bedroom into a royal entrance. Moreover, stair carpets are an affordable way of making a big impact on the overall design of your Sim’s home, and are available in a vast range of styles.

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19/20. Sims 4 Staircase Decorative Spiral

If you’re a creative Sim with a flair for arts and crafts, then this is the perfect CC for you! It’s also incredibly handy if you want to create something like a gallery wall in your home. There’s no need to lug around huge paintings when you can simply hang them on the wall, after all!

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20/20. Sims 4 Hole Cubby

Don’t let Harry Potter’s cupboard below the stairs fool you — he has a wilder imagination than most. He’s also a master of turning tragedy into triumph, so if you’ve ever wanted to experience the same, then Cubby Hole is just the place for you.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More