Best Sims 4 Sugar Baby CC & Mods

15 Best Sims 4 Sugar Baby CC & Mods, Traits, Shoe & Makeup

With the rise of popularity of sugar babies, there’s been many discussion across the Internet about this new breed of dating. Sugar babies have a lot in common with our favorite classic 90s characters, who knew? Well now that I’ve seen their luxurious lifestyles in action and can see some similarities, I feel like our favorite 2000s movies are the next big thing to inspire today’s sugar babies.

We all know that the Sims world is a weird one, with each character’s customs and Sims 4 traits varying greatly from the next. But it also tends to be deterministic: your Sim will have a certain set of interests, friends, and outfits that define them in their community.

When it comes to attaining luxury in the The Sims 4, there are many custom content and add-on mods available for players. It can be a little overwhelming, however, to find exactly what you need — that’s where we come in! We’ve decided to combine our favorite Sugar Baby items from various creators into one location, making it easier for you to create the perfect lifestyle with your sims.

1/15. Sims 4 Bags of Shopping

Sims 4 Bags of Shopping

There are so many great shops in the shopping centre, there’s no way your Sim could get their hands on all of them. Why not keep these shopping bags around to show off your history of high-end purchases? These shopping bags would look perfect in your bedroom or closet, bringing back memories of all the times you’ve gone shopping and/or hidden your spending habits from others.

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2/15. Sims 4 Platform of Shoes

Sims 4 Platform of Shoes

The Sims is a virtual world where your Sims characters live out their lives in SimCity. If you’re a fan of the game, you’ll love this The Sims shoes creator. Want your Sims to become fashion icons themselves? Then this creator is the way to do it! High heels, sneakers, shoes of every type — it’s perfect for making sure that all of your Sim’s favorite pairs are up for show!

If you’ve got a closet full of heels, you’ll love these versatile shoe hangers. They make an organized and efficient wall-mounted shoe organizer, and come in several versions so you can get one that will work perfectly for your space! If you’ve got a messy closet, this is sure to help you get everything looking a little fancy.

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3/15. Sims 4 WM Nails S-Club

Sims 4 WM Nails S-Club

Having long nails is a sign that you’re the kind of girl who’s not afraid to express herself. You’re the girlfriend equivalent of extra-large french fries, or extra-extra hot sauce. But don’t let your nails scare anyone off! Your confidence doesn’t come across as arrogance; it’s just a little intimidating, that’s all.

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4/15. Sims 4 Makeup Clutter Beauty Guru

Sims 4 Makeup Clutter Beauty Guru

Your new Sugar baby needs to look their best at all times. But when you’re living in such a large house for the first time, you can quickly find yourself running out of space with all of your sims 4 makeup products. A good clutter solution is key to a great room and we’re here to provide that service. Huda Beauty are some of the best makeup products around and will be sure to make your Sim look like a professional!

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5/15. Sims 4 Traits of Sugar

Sims 4 Traits of Sugar

If you’re looking for a Sim with a whole lot of moxy, you’ve found them. Paired with the Entrepreneurial trait, this Sim might just get their lifetime wish of becoming filthy rich in no time! You might be saying to yourself: “Hey! They don’t look like much.” But you’d be wrong. Simmers are just like us – they can turn it on once they really set their heart to it.

The Sims can be a lot for newcomers — especially those who don’t know about the secret to success. Sims are driven by their wants and needs, and if your sims don’t have the right balance, they’ll end up miserable. So remember to keep an eye on your relationships (you’ve got better things to do than fight over who is ‘the best’ at doing chores or whatnot), but also remember how important it is to work hard at work.

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6/15. Sims 4 Convertible Maserati

Sims 4 Convertible Maserati

Your kiddo wants a new car. I get it — they want to look cool and fit in with their friends or classmates. Well, why not help them out with their very own custom car? It will help you soak up the cash they’re showered with throughout the years, and will be super cute in the driveway. Here are some reasons it’s the perfect Christmas gift for your toddler.

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7/15. Sims 4 Suitcase Portable Dresser

Sims 4 Suitcase Portable Dresser

Some sugar babies just want to travel the world. They’ve got the cash to do it, but for whatever reason, they’d rather not fork over a large portion of that money to their boyfriends or girlfriends. (Perhaps they’re starting to get bored, or maybe they’re trying to see if the relationship is worth investing in. Whatever the case may be, though, they’re going to need some luggage to help them get around …

Your Sim’s going on vacation, and it’s time you got in on the fun. This gorgeous dresser is more than just a nifty little storage space – it even comes with a wardrobe! When your Sim gets home from their voyage and opens it up, they’ll find that the top drawer has been converted into a walk-in closet, perfect for storing all their clothes.

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8/15. Sims 4 Mod of Career Sugar Baby

Sims 4 Mod of Career Sugar Baby

Sugar baby is a great way to earn some money. Your sim can be a sugar baby career mod, complete with set schedule, set pay grade, and some days off. They can feel like they’re moving up the corporate ladder without all the stress and boredom of having a traditional job.

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9/15. Sims 4 Accessory Faux Fur Big Coat

Sims 4 Accessory Faux Fur Big Coat

I love to wear fur coats, but sometimes they’re too big and make me feel like a gypse moth! They’re also often too furry, or too poofy — it can be hard to find a fur coat that’s not just plain creepy. That’s why I love this coat of fur accessory so much! It’s perfect for when you want to add some extra ‘umph’ to your outfit without losing your sense of style.

These coats will keep you warm, no matter how cold it gets. Made of 100% polyester, they are the epitome of luxury. Check out these fur coats’ 10 different shadings to find the coat that best matches your style.

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10/15. Sims 4 Mod of Sugar Life

Sims 4 Mod of Sugar Life

Your Sim is a make-up expert. From simple to smoky eyes, they know it all. But they can’t be have those fabulous skillz if their makeup kit isn’t on point! These palettes from Huda Beauty are going to help your Sim’s makeup skills shine and will make them stand out in a crowd of amateur make-uppers.

The Sims is all about living your life. So, naturally, it’s important to make sure you’re living with someone you want to, right? Why choose just one partner when you can have 3? Or 2? Or 4? Just remember — what you do in The Sims will always come back to bite you!

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11/15. Sims 4 Set of Chantilly Lingerie Lace

Sims 4 Set of Chantilly Lingerie Lace

If you’re a sugar baby, then it’s your job to look attractive. And who better to look good than the world’s most beautiful women? Here’s a guide on some of the best ways you can look great in just about any situation, but first — let’s get real.

Chantilly lace lingerie is a great choice for anyone with a loved one to please, whether you’re looking for a gift or just want to spice things up in the bedroom. With 5 different color options to choose from and an array of racy designs and styles, the Chantilly Lace Lingerie Set is the only set you’ll ever need!

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12/15. Sims 4 Bangles And Fawn Watch

Sims 4 Bangles And Fawn Watch

There’s no denying the staying power of a classically designed watch. Even though countless brands come and go, the best watches of today (and tomorrow) will always remain on the wrists of…well, everyone. It’s hard to go wrong with this classic style — unless you’re in a business meeting or formal event. Don’t be caught dead without your best watch ever!

A Sim with a closet full of well-separated, matching outfit options is a happy Sim. These Fawn Watch and Bangles are just the thing your Sim needs to have their closet looking like it belongs to a goddess. A godless Sim would be drowning in a garbage bag — but these accessories will make your Nectarous bundle of joy stand out from the crowd!

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13/15. Sims 4 Walk-In Closets

Sims 4 Walk-In Closets

The home of a sugar baby is her castle. The place in which she stores all the cute clothes that her daddy gives her! It’s got to be as grand as her newfound lifestyle. Boxes are for plebs. I’m here to help you decide what floor-to-ceiling storage unit is perfect for your sugar baby, either if she’s living at home with her daddies or if she’s moved out into an apartment on her own:

These are the most luxurious and opulent closets you can buy for your Sims! With a lovely wrap-around display, and colors to match any color scheme you want… your Sims will love having these in their homes no matter what class of Sim they are.

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14/15. Sims 4 Costume Dress Gucci

Sims 4 Costume Dress Gucci

Oh little black dress, you are by far my favorite. In fact, I like you so much that I’ve decided to dedicate an entire article to you. No, really. This is it – the only article you’ll ever need on the little black dress. Because this little gem of fashion is a girl’s best friend and the perfect option when you want to make a powerful statement (without saying a word).

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15/15. Sims 4 Collection of Baddie Sims

Sims 4 Collection of Baddie Sims

One of the greatest things about dating women is that there is a lot less pressure than what you would get from your friends telling you to ask her out. I mean, it’s not like you are going steady or anything- and if you’re feeling like breaking up then there is no awkwardness involved. Of course this makes sense because your significant other is not someone who you have known for years, but rather something casual and much more fun.

Whether your Sim is going to the hottest spots in town for a night of clubbing, or just trying to look like a million bucks at the best restaurants in town, now they can do it in style. This collection adds some of the sexiest dresses and accessories to your Sim’s wardrobe, as well as some of the most interesting tops, pants, and shoes to keep your outfits clean, polished and ready for any situation.

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