Best Sims 4 Wild West & Cowboy CC & Mods

10 Best Sims 4 Wild West & Cowboy CC & Mods

Wild West was the golden age of American culture, and it’s where many iconic characters originated: cowboys. Okay, sure, they’re big characters today — but they originally came from a much simpler time, when men were men, women had to be ladies, and you could drop a person with a single bullet to the chest.

From the vast, rolling plains of western America to the rolling tumbleweeds in its dusty towns and homes, wild west was a time that still lives on with us today. From the gruff gunslingers to their valiant steeds, the spirit of wild west lives on today through story and game design.

1/10. Sims 4 Cowboy Mexican Shirts

You can be a cowboy in new, hipster style with a Mexican-inspired shirt that immediately establishes your authority in the rodeo. This is not just a shirt, but an instant fashion classic that will take you from the boardroom to the rodeo. You can wear it with boots and hat of cowboy and you’re sure to look like a real cowboy!

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2/10. Sims 4 Set of Small Wild West

The Wild West box set converts The Sims 3 into a true cowboy’s dream! It adds structures from Arizona, Texas, Wyoming and Colorado. It also adds something that would be fairly difficult to find in real life: dynamite. You can use it to blow up rocks or other obstacles in the way of constructing your homestead. It’s what everyone wants!

Not everyone has a twenty-second century modern dwelling, but all you need is a little creativity to make your home look stylish. The wheel wagon bench adds a nice touch of rustic charm to the average living room, and can be paired with other unique decorations of historical significance for a unique and cohesive look. Check out the attached blog post for more information!

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3/10. Sims 4 Kids Cowboy Hat

Good news, parents — or future parents: you don’t have to miss out on those iconic Wild West outfits just because you’re in the East. Our brand new Dapper Dan kids’ clothes are made from the highest-quality materials, and were created with utmost care and attention to detail. This new design features a taller hat crown for active little cowboys — or cowgirls! — so expect them to be ready for business when they wear these awesome duds.

You’ll score some major child points by dressing your toddler up as a cowboy or cowgirl. Just remember to do it in the simplest, most practical way you can, because little cowboys and cowgirls don’t like frills, fussy clothes, or anything else that is not exactly what they need. They’re low maintenance that way!

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4/10. Sims 4 Pictures Lone Star

As a huge fan of the Wild West — you should be! — I was pretty excited to try out the new game, Wild West Gunslinger. If you’re into cowboy legends like Billy the Kid and Wyatt Earp, this game is a great way to get a taste of what it’s like to live on the frontier.

If you’re into Westerns but don’t want to live in the wilderness, these prints from spitzmagic are for you. They feature the buildings and landscapes that Wild West lovers will appreciate.

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5/10. Sims 4 Stuff of Old West

WSims has done something incredibly unique with their custom content — the inclusion of chaps for males. It is, quite possibly, the greatest idea in the history of all things forever ever. But these custom pieces are nothing to sneeze at! The craftsmanship is superb — I’m not even sure how they were made, it’s so intricate.

It includes a Sheriff’s Vest, because everyone knows that accessories are the best way to dress up an outfit. And with items like Wanted Posters and Cowboy Times, your home will be taking on a classic Western vibe.

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6/10. Sims 4 Gun Belt

There’s a long history behind guns and the U.S., but Wild West history is the one most of us are familiar with. Did you know that Wild West movies were a thing? And that westerns aren’t just a trope anymore either, but rather, a genre of films? You’ve probably seen at least one cowboy movie or two.

If you like the idea of a female cowboy, I’d be inclined to say that there definitely were female cowgirls. However, as is the case with many professions dominated by men, women in the Wild West faced a lot of discrimination and sexual harassment. That being said, it still wasn’t completely unheard of.

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7/10. Sims 4 Old West Matching Hats, Hoop Dresses & Bows

Life of Wild West was pretty great… if you were a gal, that is. These days, men and women lead very different lives. Well, gals didn’t get to live in saloons — but they did get to go out from town! If you want your game to be historically accurate (not like those other games), then these Wild West Town outfits are perfect for you.

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8/10. Sims 4 Stuff of Horse Riding

If you’re playing The Sims 4, you know there’s one thing that can’t be missing from your neighbourhood: horses. But for some reason, these animals have yet to show up in the game. So let me introduce you to this awesome little mod by BlueRaptor and Severinka. It includes horses, horses on horses… all kinds of horses!

The BlueRaptor Stagecoach Set is a delightful one-stop store for those who want both a stagecoach and some lovely horses to pull it. The three sets included in this pack are all stunning recolors of Severkina’s work, and will truly make your dreams of being a frontier owner come true.

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9/10. Sims 4 Stuff of Country Bumpkin

This cowboy pack will bring a little bit of the west to your game — whether you’re looking for a western town setting or a more modern angle on the genre, you’ll find something here. The pack includes items that are true to traditional Sims 3 fashion, but still work for any era. You’re getting a unique experience with this CC!

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10/10. Sims 4 Dress Old West

The Wild West was a period of social turmoil and several amendments were made to the constitution. The most notable being that all citizens, regardless of gender, are now allowed to vote. (‘Wow, that’s great,’ you think.) In fact the struggle for equality is still a hot topic today. Western women used to dress in an eye-catching manner that concealed their person from prying eyes.

This dress has 30 options, all of which will look good no matter your skin tone. You can wear this to a wedding, a baby shower, or just because — the choice is yours!

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