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15 Best Sims 4 Windows CC & Mods Designs



In The Sims 4, it’s all about the details. A well-designed home must have these elements: good walls, a reliable roof, nice flooring, and appropriate windows. All of these things are easy to come by, and make your Sim’s home a joy to live in.

1/15. Sims 4 Window Set Oculus

Round windows are underappreciated — and they deserve more love and attention. In a world of square and rectangular components, round windows offer originality in design that can’t be matched by other shapes. They may come off as peculiar at first, but you’ll quickly grow to love their natural, organic charm.
Friendly Bonus: The shape remains popular in the architecture of fantasy. The houses from Lord of the Rings are prime examples of round windows done right.

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2/15. Sims 4 Rosettes Stained Glass Windows

Windows existed long before Gothic Cathedrals, or even the pyramids. But what was once a portal to the divine is now as commonplace as donuts and cars. You see, back in the day, a window was a wondrous object — it was an entrance into another world, one filled with vivid colors and otherworldly patterns that you couldn’t see from beyond its pane.

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3/15. Sims 4 Door Add-ons & City Living Window

The Sims 4 Expansion Packs have always been a hot button issue amongst loyal Sims players, and it’s not hard to see why. Not all of them are classic hits. You DO have to pay quite a bit of money for each expansion pack ($40+ bucks a pop) and pirates are running amok in the sea (just shoutout to EA). But what can you do? Fans need their fix!

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4/15. Sims 4 Set of Faze Build

It’s ironic that the Louvre doesn’t have one of these. It’s literally the only thing missing from their building, and it’s something that can make all the difference to your Sim! This iconic landmark doesn’t feature louvres — blinds with horizontal slats angled to welcome fresh air and light — which is why your Sim won’t find anywhere as nice to live in Paris.

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5/15. Sims 4 (Part 1) Pilton Construction Set

Parasite is a captivating and addictive film that works its satirical magic to perfection. The most memorable scene in the film features a gorgeous living room with a twenty-foot-wide window. It’s just such a beautiful piece of work that everyone who watches it always asks themselves, ‘If only I was born rich!’

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6/15. Sims 4 Vaulted Ranch

I know I’m not the only one who’s been like, “A mod? Maybe, maybe not.” when browsing through the insanely popular ‘Window covering’ section. Thankfully, Peacemaker_ic is here to make your decision much easier with its Vaulted Ranch design. It contains 34 meshes with 25-60 color/style options for mid-century builds like yours.

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7/15. Sims 4 Clean Squeaky Windows

The Sims franchise is my favourite video game series of all time, and I’m not alone in this. There are a ton of fans out there, some of whom even come up with their own expansions to the games, like the Scars and City Living mods (which add realistic scarring and brand new city life experiences to the existing The Sims 4).

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8/15. Sims 4 Slanting Lanham Windows

Just when you thought you’d seen every type of window on the block, along come the Lanham Slanting Windows. With their subtly off-kilter look and unique tilt, these windows are sure to stand out from the crowd! They’re a little different from your usual CC, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth the space on your computer.

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9/15. Sims 4 (Part 5) Wareham Construction Set

When you look out your Sim’s window, do you want to see city lights, ocean views, or a beautiful view of the great outdoors? For us, the answer is all three. Luckily, we found Mutske’s Wareham Construction Set (pt 5) which is full of 11 new building items that will bring all three into your Sims’ home.

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10/15. Sims 4 Medium Walls, Lyne Build Set II

It’s a millennial homeowner’s dream to have clear walls, but it’s a logistical nightmare. If only there was some way you could enjoy the view without worrying about the elements of nature and the enterprising criminal. Some kind of see-through wall that doesn’t withstand storms or get stolen by criminals? Wouldn’t that be nice.

To help you unwind after a long day at work, I want to bring your attention to this beautiful wallpaper design by NynaeveDesign. Here is a sampling of his gorgeous Lyne Build Set II.

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11/15. Sims 4 Small Greenhouse Window Set

Glass Houses is a rare type of greenhouse: one made entirely from floor-to-ceiling windows. You can see everything that’s going on in there, as opposed to being surrounded by four walls with nothing but foliage on them. Perfect for anyone who wants to be able to keep tabs on their plants without actually getting up close and personal with the dirt.

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12/15. Sims 4 Window of Kitchen

For those of us with a penchant for decorating, an empty room is like a blank canvas. No matter how much we love our homes, sometimes our creative juices just need to flow and all that paint needs a home. Thankfully, creators on The Sims Forums came through again! With the help of textures from EA and OpenSim, these kitchen window curtains help tie your space together – whether you’re into minimalism or complex patterns. Enjoy!

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13/15. Sims 4 Sunny Window

How much of your day is spent gazing out the window? While we can’t guarantee that it will always be sunny, we can guarantee that we will always be a reliable window replacement company in Toronto. Whether you want to reduce your electricity bill or breathe life back into your home, we’re here for you.

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14/15. Sims 4 Series Screened-In

Peacemaker_ic’s Screened-In windows are the perfect way to give your Sims’ homes a traditional, island-home feel. After installing them (and/or any of his other items), go ahead and run a game — you’ll be greeted with views that make it look like your Sim spent their childhood surfing in Hawaii. Enjoy the picturesque scenery and the soft sounds of waves crashing on a beach that’s nowhere near your Sim’s house.

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15/15. Sims 4 Modular Altara Window

Sunshine, birdsong and spectacular views are no longer luxuries — they’re your new domain. Inspired by The Sims™ 4, this gorgeous two-story home boasts the modern living space you and your family need in a setting that blends seamlessly with nature. Take full advantage of this sleek home’s many perks: three bedrooms, two baths, an open-concept design and smartly placed windows that maximize the abundance of natural light while framing picturesque views.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I've been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and having the most fun possible. I have a long-standing fixation with this game. I would be delighted to discuss my enthusiasm for it with each of you.

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Since the beginning of 2018, I’ve been hard at work on this website with the goal of assisting Sims players in making the most of their gameplay and the most fun possible. Read More