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26 Best Skyrim Follower Mods



Skyrim Follower mods

The graphics and sound effect of each mod makes Skyrim pretty realistic and the player feels like he is playing in the real world. Skyrim follower mods is another unique mod for the player in which you can have your followers to help you in the game.

These followers and companions will always follow you wherever you go. They are not quite helpful for you. Some people prefer to play Skyrim alone. Followers and companions are often more trouble because you have to take care of them also.

But in some of the Skyrim mods, it is worth taking the follower along with you, and completing different quests and missions. Some of the best Skyrim follower mods are mentioned below.

1. Aurora and Twilight Followers

Aurora and Twilight Followers

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In this follower mod the followers are fully voiced and well designed. Aurora and Twilight can be customized which means you can select their body types and even you can choose whether you like them to be vampires or werewolves.

2. Eryniel Elf Reborn

Eryniel Elf Reborn

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Having Eryniel Elf as your companion will be a great benefit for you because she is an expert in combat and she does so by summoning the strength of all nature to fight at her side.

3. Tame the Beasts of Skyrim

Tame the Beasts of Skyrim

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Some of the animals in Skyrim will work best as followers. This mod allows you to control the beast. All you have to do is to approach them and exchange a few dialogues with them in ancient elf tongue.

4. Danariel Stormbow

Danariel Stormbow

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Danariel is one of the best archer companions in Skyrim. She will help you in your fight because she is an archer expert. You must take her as your companion because she is worth followers if you dig for.

5. Arvak – Legendary Edition

Arvak – Legendary Edition

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If you want a horse as your companion then this mod is perfect for you. Arvak is a legendary horse with powerful, mighty, and looking slick purple flames.

6. Followers Can Relax

Followers Can Relax

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This is one of the best mods if you don’t want your follower to stick with you through thick and thin then they can sit at one place and you can do other stuff without them.

7. Poet Follower

Poet Follower

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This is one of the best companions who will never let you get bored and she also has some high-quality blunt skills that you have seen. She fits so well in Skyrim.

8. Better Stealth AI for Followers

Better Stealth AI for Followers

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Most of the time you have to pass through enemies with a follower behind you, chances are that they can ruin all your fun. This mod allows your follower to stop acting like a tard and focus on the act of stealth.

9. Recorder


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Recorder is one of the most useful followers in Skyrim that will spice up your adventure. Reorder is a master bow woman as well as a fully voiced character that speaks some of the best custom dialogue.

10. Tania The Hermit

Tania The Hermit

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Tania is an elf that is lost and wanders in the lands of Skyrim. She can join you as your followers and join your adventures while you help her solve her questions.

11. Spouses Can Live Everywhere

Spouses Can Live Everywhere

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if you don’t want your spouse to stick around you then you can choose the place for them to live and this does not include custom location and indoor areas. You can have your spouse live on the street.

12. Cerwiden – Smart Healer

Cerwiden – Smart Healer

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This is one of the most amazing mage followers that you can have in Skyrim. She can help you a lot while completing the different quests. Her interaction with you and other followers is quite amazing and impressive.

13. Hoth


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Hoth is the coolest follower that you can find in Skyrim. He is so strong that he can smash your enemy’s skull with superhuman strength or simply shoot them from afar with his world-class marksmanship.

14. Familiar Faces

Familiar Faces

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Familiar faces mod allows you to add your other Dragonborns to the game world. You can have them follow you around in Skyrim as a trusty companion to continue your adventures and complete the different quests.

15. Arissa – The Wandering Rogue

Arissa – The Wandering Rogue

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She is one of the best-voiced characters. She is a rogue who makes her a fantastic archer as well as one of the finest pickpockets around. She has a unique appearance that makes her different from other companions.

16. Extensible Follower Framework

Extensible Follower Framework

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This mod is similar to the follower can relax mod in this mod you will fall in love with EFF. With EFF you will be able to tell your companions to remain ideal and focused in certain areas of Skyrim.

17. Vilja in Skyrim

Vilja in Skyrim

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Viljia is a cool personality female character that comes with a complete voiceover which is always impressive. She will complete any task that you will give her and complete it very smoothly.

18. Inigo


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Inigo is the legendary warrior with over a thousand lines of dialogue to provide you with the best experience in Skyrim. Inigo can sometimes run out of arrows which you have to provide him.

19. Sofia


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Sofia is one of the most famous characters in Skyrim because of her beauty she is popular in the community. She is voiced by a professional voice actor and she is smart, good-looking, and a killer eye for hunting prey.

20. UFO Ultimate Following Overhaul

UFO Ultimate Following Overhaul

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This mod is one of the best mods in Skyrim. This one includes all the features that go from improving the basic follower system to adding new stuff. This list is impressive. You must check it out.

21. Worst Seyon Follower By HangulNyang

It is considered the worst mod but has over three thousand downloads. This follower looks like a warped version of D.VA from overwatch. This does not seem to be the best companion to have along.

22. Best Kaidan – Fully Voiced Follower By LivTempleton

This companion is the best fully voiced follower that you will meet outside the prison. His storyline is fun and entertaining but the dialogues become repetitive after some time so you can leave him at home after listening to the complete storyline.

23. Worst Kaiha – A Child Follower Reborn By Eidolon80

When this mod came out people were so excited to adopt children but the mod is not exactly what people had in their minds. In this mod, your child will follow you with a dagger ready to kill the enemies.

24. Worst Maxine – Zombie Follower and Adoptable SSE by Samulis and Ruhadre

Maxine is a little girl with cold dead eyes. If you want to adopt her she will help you kill others with her red glowing eyes. But most of the players don’t prefer to take this little girl around with them.

25. Worst Cats Houses SE By qq77

This is one of the worst mods as they have created creepier, haunting realistic cat creatures that will live forever in people’s minds and haunt them in their dreams.

26. Best Lucien – Immersive Fully Voiced Male Follower By Joseph Russell

Lucien is the custom-voiced follower mod for Skyrim. He has the best random voice lines and can talk to other followers such as Inigo. His questline is very entertaining and fun.

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