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Top 30 Best Strongest Anime Girls Ranked



Strongest Anime Girls

Anime has a well-documented history of its main characters being macho males. We’ve finally seen a shift towards the inclusion of strong female characters in anime, however, so we’re going to show off some of the best in this generation.

There are a lot of different types of characters in anime (just like there are in any other medium). Some of them are really powerful, some of them are really pretty, and some of them are so interesting you’ll wish you could take them home with you. So which ones made our list? Keep reading to find out!

1. Shuka Karino (Darwin’s Game)

I think you know that Shuka does something you don’t. Shuka has a power that sets her apart from the crowd. The ‘Undefeated Queen’ was so named for a reason — she can put up with all sorts of punishment, both in and out of combat. Shuka is flexible: she’s good at chaining enemies, and she can tear them apart from afar — which is usually the only way they die.

2. Merlin (The Seven Deadly Sins)

I love Merlin because she is the youngest, most powerful sorcerer of all time. She tricked both the Demon King and the Supreme Deity — gods — into making her even more powerful than they had intended. Being a child, she managed to deceive two gods, who are arguably the most powerful magical beings in the world. Not only that, but she can take down the Commandments without breaking a sweat.

3. Milim Nava (That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime)

Rimuru is agender, which means they don’t subscribe to a particular gender. However, they are still as impressive as ever. They hold so much power that they can do no wrong in this world — and that’s because they can just think of destroying it with a snap of their fingers! And since the protagonist is so powerful, everyone just assumes that any country or town would be bound to get wiped off the map.

4. Ryuko Matoi (Kill La Kill)

Ryuko is a force of nature – a fire breathing, raw strength, unstoppable juggernaut who will stop at nothing to achieve her goals. Ryuko has always been a tough cookie, but she just got tougher with the help of Senketsu, her talking sailor uniform. But even with this extra power from her Life Fiber infusion, Ryuko still manages to subdue Satsuki’s forces without breaking a sweat.

The original plot of Kill la Kill is what really made it stand out in the anime industry. The main character, Ryuko, could literally be chopped in half and carry on as if nothing had happened — plus she packed enough punch to cut down entire buildings with only a single swing of her sword!

5. Mereoleona Vermillion (Black Clover)

Mereoleona is the lioness of the Black Clover universe who’s always ready to scrap — and she doesn’t just mean hang out! She’s honed her ability in combat and well-known for her unwavering dedication to training. While she’s serious about her training, Mereoleona also makes time to hang with other characters and becomes pretty good friends with most.

6. Bishamon (Noragami)

The world of Noragami is one in which spirits, gods and humans co-exist. In this (often chaotic) world, the powerful Yato serves as a sort of “fixer” for these spirits; he’s called in to restore order by fighting with other gods, or helping out homeless souls find peace.

Bishamon is not just your average onmyouji. Though she may appear to have little use for her shinki given the way she often leaves them behind at home, this is really only because she has a bottomless pit for a backpack. And it’s best she does – given the fact that her shinki are actually quite powerful on their own, and are in fact quite capable of defending themselves. She uses them well in battle, too.

7. Shinobu Kochou (Demon Slayer)

The rarest of all the demon slayers is Momo, a character so utterly adorable that she’s the only one who gets away with saying “I would kill for your soul” with a straight face. And it’s true — she would. Her skill with the sword and incredible mobility made her a formidable opponent in the battle against demons, but what really made everyone go “WTF?” was her demeanor.

8. Kiss Shot Acerola Orion Heart Under Blade (Monogatari Series)

The Shinjuku arc of the second season of the BTVA Anime Awards’ Best of 2017 TV Anime let Kiss-shot’s former servant see exactly how She is broken in her prime. Power is great and all, but one might wonder what being eternally young means when one kills anyone they even so much as lay a finger on.

9. Yoko Littner (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)

My favourite character in Gurren Lagann is Yoko Littner. All of the characters in the show are super strong by default, wielding massive mechs which can destroy entire cities and piloting them with their strongest members. But Yoko’s strength doesn’t come from any of this; instead she showcases how much love and determination a person can have.

Yoko, on the other hand, is a trained warrior who’s not averse to getting in the thick of battle. But her combat skills are also balanced by her softer side — she’s both an expert markswoman and an inveterate animal lover. (In one of the series’ most touching moments, she breaks down crying after finding a wounded bird.

10. Anri Sonohara (Durarara!!)

Is she strong enough to take down a government? I’m not sure, but Saika is definitely the most ‘badass’ of our cast in terms of raw power. She can summon unlimited blades, and her control over them only seems to get better as we learn more about her character. Anri, on the other hand, has a power that’s… well… killer. But it seems more limited in comparison.

11. Akame (Akame ga Kill!)

Esdeath is the coolest character in Akame Ga Kill. In the series’s universe, Esdeath is the strongest person, hands down. She has some pretty spectacular superpowers at her disposal, including freezing people with her ice powers and then shattering them into pieces. Talk about strength!

I was impressed, but it wasn’t long before my awe and appreciation turned to frustration. Spoiler alert: Akame Ga Kill’s final battle is unquestionably the best in the entire anime. And at first, I was smitten. I mean, it’s a good thing that Esdeath got even stronger by revealing her ability to stop time.

12. Lucy (Elfen Lied)

Lucy is a girl that needs little introduction. When she graces the screen, everyone takes notice because she’s literally a monster. In fact, if we had to compare her to anyone from real life, my vote would be for Hannibal Lecter. And I bet there’s more than one person who thinks that this serial killer isn’t scary enough to keep them up at night.

13. Freya (Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon?)

I know there are a lot of tough babes in anime, but none of them come even close to Ais, who’s arguably the most capable warrior the series has ever seen — and that’s saying something. But for this list, I chose to focus on another kind of strength: political power. Freya just has so much political power (and presence!) that her appearance always means things are about to get dangerous.

14. Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail)

Erza is arguably the most universally beloved character in Fairy Tail. A cheerful optimist, a great leader, and a formidable combatant with a heart of gold, she’s a great role model for girls and boys alike. While she can and will kick your ass (sometimes literally), she’ll never do it for the sake of being callous or cruel. She does it to help those she cares about and knows that her friends are safe and sound.

15. Shiro (Deadman Wonderland)

If this is the first time you’ve come across the name Shiro, I recommend looking up the show ‘No Game No Life’ on Netflix. It’s quite a creative show that will give you a great experience, and hopefully this write-up will be able to provide some insight into why there are so many fans of Shiro (and her other half, Tet).

16. Morgiana (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)

If you like strong female characters, Morgiana is a good pick. This former slave girl whose ancestry was persecuted for generations rose to the top of her world and became a major player in combat. She did this without even having a Djinn of her own! She starts off as the most powerful character, with high endurance and skills that grow stronger through the series.

17. Misa Amane (Death Note)

Misa’s appearance is generally decieving, as she acts like a generic school girl on the outside. However, Misa is actually a god-like being, who can bring swift death to anyone with a mental picture and their full name. Thankfully, she isn’t as cunning as Light — otherwise we might not have gotten the chance to enjoy her antics in the show.

18. Revy (Black Lagoon)

Revy is a second-rate villain with no chance of taking down the world. And that’s where you come in! Revy is hiding out in some far-flung corner of the world, and you have to track her down before she does something stupid like blow up an ocean liner. Armed only with your browser and Revy’s file, it’s time to show this villain what you’re made of!

Even when she’s fighting for her life, her style is elegant and graceful. She holds her own in the most difficult of battles, and protects those around her with everything she’s got. Her wit is sharper than the sword she wields, and she has no qualms about lending a hand to those in need. Whether she’s sailing the seas or in the depths of Hell, you know that wherever Xena goes, excitement follows!

19. Shalltear Bloodfallen (Overlord)

Ainz is the top dog in his universe, he’s a powerful dude — and that makes sense. Why? Because he’s been playing MMOs for nine years (and I’m not just talking about YGGDRASIL). Ainz is a goddamn veteran. He knows how to play MMOs better than anyone else, has spent more time playing them than anyone else, and has more experience with them than anyone else.

20. Tsunade (Naruto: Shippuden)

In a series in which female characters are traditionally nothing more than eye-candy (or worse) for the male audience, Tsunade is a breath of fresh air. As a woman who tried to commit suicide as a teenager, only to have her death prevented by Hashirama Senju, her life story is about learning to value herself and become self-sufficient, rather than wait for someone else to care for her.

Although Sakura was never able to beat Sasuke or Naruto, she was still an impressive character. She was always in the top 1% of the series’ best characters. I think she could go toe-to-toe with any current three-dimensional female anime character today.

21. Eri (My Hero Academia)

Eri converts energy into matter better than anyone else we’ve seen in the My Hero Academia universe. This is all thanks to her Quirk, “Power Maker.” It’s so powerful, she can literally age or even erase an object back to its original state, and she can do this with just a touch!

Deku doesn’t have his quirk. (His dad is the only one blessed with it) Eri, on the other hand, does. But she has no control over her superpower yet, which explains why Overhaul was so obsessed with her. You know, she could probably just go back in time and then beat Overhaul to a pulp. I mean, who doesn’t want to see that?

22. Kaede Kayano (Assassination Classroom)

Kaede is one of many monsters to be presented in the globally popular Assassination Classroom — and like the rest, she’s got her own unique abilities that set her apart from the rest. She’s one tough cookie who’s not afraid of using her tentacles to get things done. Her backstory gives her major revenge power points, so watch out!

23. Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

In Series of One Punch Man, the Saitama protagonist is so powerful he’s depressed — so much so that his title is ‘The One Punch Man’. That’s why he’s also such a great example of a character arc. The boy in fishnet stockings, Tatsumaki, comes off as rather one-dimensional when you compare her to her boss, but she’s a brilliant addition to the cast nonetheless.

Tatsumaki is currently the strongest character within the series, as she can make comets fall from the sky and severly damage a spaceship the size of Texas. She’s an unstoppable force that you don’t want to mess with. However, be careful when she drinks! That’s a catastrophe waiting to happen…

24. Neferpitou (Hunter x Hunter)

Neferpitou comes across as sweet and innocent, with a voice so gentle it could calm the most agitated of savage beasts. She’s your typical cat girl, but her claws are sharper than most. And she’s at least as quick. Most likely even faster. If you’re lost in battle or need to get somewhere in a pinch, just call upon Neferpitou — your new best friend — and she’ll do her best to ensure your safety.

This Bloodthirsty Cat is arguably more powerful than Kite, who was a devil with a collection of all the magic in the world. She also has a sort of healing ability: while dead, she can still be used to inflict pain on opponents – which just goes to show how effective her attacks are. As Gon discovered: even when she’s dead, she can still harm you greatly.

25. Mikasa Ackerman (Attack on Titan)

In a world where the Titan is king, no one can stand toe-to-toe with these monstrosities. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own set of monsters to deal with — including people’s expectations and insecurities. A quick glance at Attack on Titan reveals that our heroes aren’t unique in their fears and anxieties.

26. Ghislaine Dedoldia (Jobless Reincarnation)

Ghislaine no longer has a figure of realistic, but she still thinks that buns are the way to go. But in all seriousness, while Ghislaine may be all about power, her buns are the (un)real star of this comic. I mean – who wouldn’t want those awesome buns?

There are lots of reasons why Holo is my favourite characters in this anime series (not just because of her body). One thing that sticks out the most is how she was raised as a wolf. An injured wolf will not hesitate in tearing off its prey’s throat, and then eating it; this is an instinct cultivated in her during her days as a ‘pet’ of the church.

27. Tanya Degurechaff (The Saga of Tanya the Evil)

Tanya is an example of that rare breed, the 6-foot tall pre-pubescent Russian girl. That, and her nickname involving the words death, demon or evil. It’s important to keep these things in mind when you’re thinking about engaging Tanya in battle for the sole reason that she looks like a little girl.

Tanya has no idea that she’s about to be killed by the Russian Army, despite being their leading fearless revolutionary. The Russian military was so powerful that they even defeated Tanya—and then her two daughters, who were seeking revenge!

28. Krul Tepes (Seraph of the End)

Krul is an important figure in vampire history, as she is both the former Japanese Queen and the only known source of Akuma. While she does have a soft spot for Mikaela, the extent to which she cares for him has yet to be seen. Krul has demonstrated her capacity for human suffering by torturing vampires and other creatures alike.

29. Haruhi Suzumiya (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya)

Haruhi is among the most powerful characters in all of anime. This is because she’s literally a god who can manipulate everything around her at will. Whether it’s schoolwork, work projects, or the occasional pro-wrestling match with Kyon, Haruhi can do it all!

Welcome to the world of Haruhi Suzumiya. Whether you’re a level 1 high school student, or a 300-year old time traveler, it’s always a fun day at Ouran Academy! Come and make friends with Haruhi, Yuki Nagatos, Mikuru Asahinas and Itsuki Koizumis! Just don’t tell them about your secret identity!

30. Nana Hiiragi (Talentless Nana)

Nana is the epitome of ‘under-powered’ characters in anime, but that may actually be her biggest strength. Her lack of superpowers allows Nana to slip into situations that would be otherwise impossible, often with hilarious or scary results. Here are some examples of other under-powered characters you may remember.

Nana is a master of espionage — she has killed many, and will kill many more. Her enemies are dangerous, but her wit and ability to hide in plain sight are what keep people wary of her deadly presence.

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