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Call Of Duty

COD Modern Warfare Crossplay: How To Play With Friends Cross Platform



COD Modern Warfare Crossplay

In online video games, everyone prefers to play in a team with friends and different people across the world. Cross-play is a platform through which the players can play with each other regardless of what platform the other player uses. Players can play call of duty on Xbox One, PC, and PS4 and can play together in online multiplayer. As long as the player has an activation ID he can play with any player across the world. Using your COD account, you can create a cross-platform friends list and can play with them on all three platforms.

How to Cross-Play on PS4?

Players who play on PS4 and are not aware of how to set the setting for cross-play must read this article. It will be useful for them. To enable cross-play in PS4, go to the settings, go to the options menu, and navigate to the account tab. In the account tab, you will see the option of cross-play you can on or off that option.

How to Cross-Play on PC?

You can only cross-play with the players who have the activation ID. If you don’t have the activation ID then first create one. First of all, you need to enable the cross-play from the settings then you can invite friends. All you have to do is go to the friend’s tab and search for the player ID. If the player ID is valid, you can send a request to that player and wait for the response.

How to Cross-Play on Xbox One?

To enable cross-play Xbox, one procedure is the same as it is on PC and PS4. You can add a friend and play in a team no matter what platform he uses. The only thing you need is to enable the cross-play option.

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