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Call of Duty: Vanguard Announced Smaller Install Smaller Size



Call of Duty: Vanguard Launch's Install Size Is Smaller

Call of Duty: Vanguard is coming out next week and developer Sledgehammer Games has released more details on the game. Just yesterday, they published four new Operators including two protagonists in addition to two multiplayer only characters!

Call Ofduty’s newest installment will be available November 5th at midnight PST for Xbox One users or 10am EST so it can enjoy its worldwide premiere here at My PS4 Youtube Channel where I post all Live Launch Events Before any other Youtuber does😉

The size of Call of Duty games is a topic for both humor and disdain, as the install sizes on recent entries have ballooned over time. Last year’s COD: Black Ops Cold War came with huge installlentg at launch going to 136GB – which isn’t bad compared to how much space many other games take up nowadays! But there’s one more entry in particular that may be too big even for some PS4 consoles; warzone can easily set you back around 200 gigs if not longer from your hard drive.

According to the Call of Duty Twitter account, upon release Vanguard’s install size will be significantly smaller than previous games in this series. The lighter disk space is said to come from “new on-demand texture streaming tech.” It was not revealed what exactly it means or how much reduction there may be however; nor were any specifics given about either PlayStation 5 (PS5), Xbox Series X/S or PC versions – though you can expect them at 95GB each respectively as per an earlier report

The bad news is that the smaller install size only applies to current generation consoles and PC, so it seems players on Xbox One or PS4 will still have a larger initial load if they plan to play Vanguard. Furthermore you can expect even more headaches as people continue playing through this title because its storage space will keep growing no matter what!

Sledgehammer Games is making an effort to make their games more manageable. Hopefully the technology implemented by the studio can also be used for future releases, such as Fortnite and others in development at Infinity Ward before its acquisition by publisher Take-Two Interactive Software Incorporated last year.

The new content brought about from seasons may take up significant amount disk space while other modes like “Zombies” could still potentially add even more down time between playing sessions if users don’t install Vanguard when it comes out on Tuesday (June 27).

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