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Call Of Duty

Call Of Duty Warzone Guide: Complete Guide & Everything you need to Know




Call of duty is one of the most exciting and more played online video games. It has different missions and challenges that the player needs to complete. Because the game has many new and unique map locations, players love it and are excited about further updates. Warzone of the game is the most dangerous place where it is very hard to survive. Multiple players are in the warzone attacking each other to be the winner of the game. You need extra powerful weapons and items to survive in a warzone.

Guide for Call Of Duty Warzone

Check the Map


The first thing you need to check is the best location from the map. Before landing, you must check different locations and see on which place more people are landing and which location is best to land. If you are a pro player then you will not have difficulty landing in a crowded place. But if you want to survive longer then you must land in an area where there are fewer enemies.

Collect Cash

As you land in a certain location there is cash in different places of the location. Try to collect that cash as much as possible. Be sure not to sit on your cash for too long. With cash, you can buy many items. You also have the advantage that if your friend is dying and wants to hold him in the match then you can spend your cash to save your friend’s life.

Choose the best Guns


When you drop in a certain location first try to find the best and long-range gun. If you want to win the match then choose the best guns like M4A1 loadouts and snipers.

Grab warzone combat pack

If you are a PS4 player and you also have the PS4 subscription then you can have a warzone combat pack. The pack consists of different items like skins, weapons, some XP boosts, a watch, and many other products.

Warzone cross-play setup

If you want to play with your friends regardless of what platform they use then you need to enable cross-play from the settings.

Warzone missions

There are different missions and challenges that you need to complete. As you complete these missions you earn more XP and loot. That includes many different items like sprays, skins, and stickers. As you complete one mission the next mission is unlocked for you.

Share your resources

when you are playing in a squad in a warzone you can even share your resources with your friends. If you need weapons or any other product and if you are having it then you can give it to your squad member.

Communicate with the squad in the warzone

Warzone has a ping system that lets you communicate with your squad members. The more information you share with your squad the further your squad can go.

Make strategies in a warzone

Don’t ever lose hope in the game. If you have not won the game for weeks do not dissatisfy keep playing sensibly and make strategies with your squad to win the game.

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