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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 All Johnny Silverhand Items Locations



Johnny is one of the game characters in Cyberpunk 2077. Everyone is inspired by his attitude and sense of style. You can get every piece of clothing that Johnny is wearing.

Some of the Johnny items can be found during the game but some of them are hard to locate. When the player is roaming in the night city there he can find most of the Johnny items and products.

Most of the items that once belonged to Johnny are now scattered around in the game. To obtain the items you need to reach the Cyberpunk 2077 point of no return.

If you will continue to the main job then it will take a lot of time you must try to complete the side jobs related to Johnny’s silver hand items. If you don’t know the location of items then you must read this article.

Johnny’s Silverhand gun


Johnny’s Silverhand gun is very expensive. But luckily the gun is available in the game. After completing the Chippin side job you will get this gun as a reward. All the players need to do is to kill Grayson. You will find the gun on the ground in front of Grayson. The gun that Johnny has is Malorian Arms 3516. When you see the gun just pick it up and the gun will be yours.

Johnny Silverhand Aviators

To get the Johnny aviators player has to complete the Chippin side job. After completing the series of side jobs this item will be automatically included in your quest log. You need to complete the side jobs instead of the main story to get the items.

Johnny’s Tank Top location

The player can find the top tank in a tapeworm place. After completing the missions searching and destroying the player will end up in the motel. There you will find Johnny and had a conversation with him. After these steps, the Johnny top tank will appear in your inventory.

Johnny Silverhand boots

After completing the Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town main story in Act 2 Johnny’s footwear will be unlocked. The gig is located in Charter Hill so the player must check out any gig that they find in that area. The gig is located in an underground garage and the player will also find the boots there. You need to take down some of the enemies in the parking lot and enter the garage. If by chance the player forgets to pick up the boot no need to worry you can go back anytime to pick up the boot.

Johnny Silverhand pants

This gig is available in Heywood and the player needs to complete that gig to get Johnny silver pants. The player needs to break into Kerry Eurodyne’s apartment and steal the guitar. The player can find the Johnny pants in the suitcase in the room next to the one that contains the guitar. If they miss picking up the pants that there will be no way back so make sure to pick up all the items from the location.

Johnny Silverhand car Johnny-silverhand-car

The player can get this car after completing the Chippin side job. But there are two other ways also through which the player can get Johnny Silverhand car. One way is that the player should not draw his weapon on Grayson. And second is to Loot the key to the container if you kill Grayson. If the player decides not to kill Grayson then Grayson himself will give the keys to the player. If he does not give the key to you then you need to kill him and get the keys. After getting the keys you should open the container. Inside the container, you will get a Porsche 911 and it will be added to your list of vehicles.

Johnny Silverhand Jacket


If you want to get a Johnny Silverhand jacket then you need to complete the Chippin side job. Johnny’s jacket was shown in all the advertisements of Cyberpunk 2077. It is also on the cover art of the game. If you want then it is very easy to get it. Just need to complete the side job and it will be added to your item list.

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