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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance Editor – A Quick Guide & Walkthrough



Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance Editor

If you love the experience the futuristic things in a game, then cyberpunk 2077 must be the game of your choice. There have been several different games that have futuristic Cyberpunk 2077 vehicles, weapons, and other things. Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance Editor is one of them. But you will find hardly a game that is a free world game, full of advance and high-tech gears. Well, cyberpunk 2077 has been that game now.

The game has shown the year 2077. It has the concept that that in the year 2077 human must have made a lot of progress in the tech field that they can even design and install different cyberware in humans to increase their various abilities. Braindance has been one of these advances and high tech piece of machine.

Cyberpunk 2077 Braindance

Braindance is like VR glasses of nowadays. You can wear it and can enjoy a 3D view of everything around it. But as the game has the concept of the year 2077, you can not only see things in 3D, but you can also experience the thing which you are watching.

In the game, braindance is mostly available to watch pornography materials to please the customers. But you can buy a braindance from the black market. The in-game character named Judy is the master of braindance’s mechanisms. She first teaches the main character named V, about how to using the braindance.

As humans have been modified in a high-tech piece of machine, they are get installed with a microchip in their brain or cerebral cortex. One can get this chip, modify it, and can insert it in a braindance to view what that person experienced. It can be like a dream of the person from which the chip has been obtained.

Purpose of braindance

In the game, the main character V used braindance to collect information about something. It acts as a detective and braindance provide clues and hints that where the crime took place. You have to use the braindance to get the details out of it so you can use it properly in the quest or the side job because the clues which are obtained from the braindance are pretty helpful sometimes in the ongoing story of the game.

How to use brain dance?

Braindance is not difficult to use. You just need to learn that how you can get valuable information by using that piece of tech.

Watch the video first

When you wear braindance, first you will see the video from the perspective of the person whom chip you are using in the braindance. Patiently see the whole video ad try to gather as much information as possible. Listen to the talks and observe the gestures and movements of the persons in the BD.

Scan in the braindance

After watching the video, you can edit the braindance and then can scan for different things. When you edit the braindance, you will be able to move the camera freely around the person. But keep in mind that you cannot take the camera farther away from the person, from whose perspective you have watched the video first. Scan the things here and there to get clues.

Layers in BD

The braindance has 3 layers audio, video, and thermal. You can switch between layers by clicking the “switch layers” button.

Visual layer

In the visual layer, you can scan the visual things. It means that you can scan different objects and other things. For example, you can scan a book, a poster, a window, a piece of machine, a weapon, a gun, or anything useful in that braindance. So scan as many things as possible to get the clue about the scene which has been going on there.

Audio layer

The 2nd layer is the audio layer. It is used to listen to the fine calls in the BD. For example, if a person is talking on the fine, and you want to listen that what he is talking about, just switch on the audio layer and scan her fine. You will be able to hear their talks.

Thermal layer

The third and final layer is the thermal layer. It is used to detect the head of the object or the body. For example, if you find a car in a braindance and want to know that when that car is used, just switched to the thermal layer and scan the car. If the car is hot, it means it has been used recently. The same can go with industrial machinery and human bodies as well.

The trick in scanning the braindance

A braindance video can be a minute or two long. So it will be very difficult to find that what area is to be scanned. Well, it is not that much difficult. This is so because if you are on a visual layer, and something is important in that particular time frame, that time frame will be shaded in the video bar. So just scan the surroundings carefully in that particular time frame.

So after scanning all highlighted areas in the visual layer, switch the layer and see if you find any shaded area in the audio layer. The same goes with the thermal layer. In this way, you just have to scan at that particular shaded time frame, instead of the whole brain dance video.

After scanning

So after scanning the braindance and acquiring all the possible clues, you must find something great regarding your quest or side job. So after scanning, just simply exit the braindance and follow the clues to complete the mission.

Some key things to remember

Braindance is a high tech piece of machine, it is easy to use some still there has been some key things which if you keep in your mind while using braindance, you will become pro in BD.

  • First, you have to get a braindance, which can be bought from the black market.
  • When start using braindance, watch the video first and try to find clues from them.
  • Then edit BD and start scanning the surrounding area
  • Scan every layer with great focus.
  • Scan the shaded area in every layer with utmost importance and interest.

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