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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town Mission



Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town

Cyberpunk 2077 Ghost Town Mission

Cyberpunk 2077 revolves around the city named “night city”. The main aim of the game is to make the city safe from gangsters and corrupt people. As it has been the most advanced in the world, there have been several gangs that will try to take over the city and rule it. Some got the back of politicians to support their cause while some got power and weapons. In this dirty game, several innocent people get involved unwillingly.

Your task is to save the city from going into the hands of the wrong people. They can be either politicians or goons. Save the city and defend it. Your in-game choices will shape the city and will have an impact on the future. So make choices wisely.

Cyberpunk 2077 About Ghost town

The game contains different quests that shape the direction of the game. The Ghost town has been one of these quests. In this quest, you want to take the man down but cannot do it individually. So seek help from different people to do the task. Still, will you get this man? Well, stick to the article and you will get to know. Not only that, but you will also come to know how to do this mission more efficiently and correctly.

Ghost Town Mission – Dealing With Rogue


When the quest starts, the first objective is to go to the afterlife. It is a club where you have to meet someone and ask for help to eliminate the guy. Go down the stairs and take right then go straight and enter the club. Then go further straight to meet Rogue.

Talk to Rogue

Rogue has been already busy talking to someone else. Wait there to finish them talking. When the girl with a Rogue is taking leave, ask for Rogue to talk to her. She will allow and the guard will let you pass then. Meanwhile, Johnny tells you to tell the truth to her as she got intel everywhere, so don’t lie to her and tell her about why you are here.

Talk to Rogue about the mission

Tell her that you want to know about the man named Hellman. Also told her everything you know about Hellman. She will show a willingness to help you but warn you that this will lead to a bloody path. Tell her about Johnny how he got killed in front of her. See here if you need Cyberpunk 2077 All Johnny Silverhand Items She will get impressed by your way of talking. Done the deal with her. After that, she will tell you to meet tomorrow. Pass the in-game time from the start menu.

Meet Rogue 2nd time

On the next day, meet her at the same place. After some chit chat and a glass of drink, she will give you a chip with all the information regarding finding Hellman. It was the route of the next meeting of the Hellman. You have to take her outside of the airspace of the night city. Here Rogue will suggest to you the person you meet who knows about every location where they need to take down the Hellman.

Panam palmer

Rogue suggests you meet Panam. She knows the place best. But Panam will hardly agree to work with you. Rogue told you to bring Panam her ride back which has been taken by some gangster in the old riot. Get her ride back, and she will help you

Call Panam palmer

Rogue will give you the information about Panam. Call her from the afterlife and tell her that Rogue gives you her number. She might get upset after listening to the name of Rogue. But try to calm her by offering her your help in getting back her ride. She will agree and ask you to meet somewhere. She will share coordinate

Meet Panam palmer

Go to the coordinate by using the fast travel feature. You will find Panam fixing her car. Go to her and introduce yourself. Convince her to do your job. Bargain with her that if she does your job, w=you will get her car back. Tell her the location of the car, which is the Rocky Ridge. Talk to him about Nomad to make something common. She will talk to a guy to get a clear approach from the Rocky ridge. The guy agrees. Go with Panam. First, she takes you to complete some incomplete business.

Go to Nomad camp with Panam

Go to nomad camp on the ride of Panam. Talk to her on the way to the camp. She will tell you about yourself and you tell her why you need to get Hellman. She will take you to nomad camp, her old clan which she left due to the dispute with the clan leader. Go to the camp and try to convince some old friend to come with you to do some business. But they will not agree as they are bound to follow the clan leader’s order.

Get your goods from camp

Panam then just asks them to get her goods. They allow you. While going in, you will observe that Panam has a good reputation in her camp and left the clan only because of the dispute with the boss. Go to the camp of Panam and collect weapons and bring them back to the car of Panam and place them in the trunk. Then hop back in the car and Panam will you to the next place

Go to Rocky ridge with Panam

Rocky ridge has been an abandoned town. Panam will tell you to look in the ton to use something to distract the enemies.

Search for things in Rocky ridge

You will find many different attachments and other things in the town but actually, you have to look for and scan three objects. These objects are electric generators. One will be between the buildings on the right side and the second will be between the buildings on the left side. While the third one will be just beside the filling station on the left side of the road. Scan them and your objective will be updated. As this town has been abandoned, all three power sources will be cut down and have no power.

Talk with Panam about the plan

After scanning objects, the next objective will talk with Panam about the plan. Tell her about the broken condition of the generators. The expected goons will come after dust and Panam plan to get them with surprise.

Scan the electric gears

Then first scan the transformer, then its source, and then the power source on the top of the roof.  All these things will be on the right side of the road. Tell Panam about the broken condition of all appliances. She got the plan.

Plan of Panam

She plans to light up the whole town when the clan members of the opponent groups pass-through this abandoned town or intersection. This will take them by surprise and they get separated so you can easily take them down. Most importantly, they got the ride of Panam, so after that, you will have it back to Panam.

Go to the transformer

Panam will tell you to go to the transformer, she will give the boost to the transformer by the car battery, and when the clan stops at the intersection, light up the whole town.

Juice the generators

Power starts the generator with the battery of the car. Help Panam in doing this by connecting the cables with the car. After that, when the transformer gets the power, activate the power supply from the room beside the transformer. Access the room through the window. Ump across the window and enter the room and activate it. It will be successful and the transformer will get started and the whole town will get power.

Wait for the enemies and take them with surprise

As the clan is expected at night, wait till it gets dark and keep the lights of the town off. Ask Panam about the direction of arrival of the enemies. She will tell you and then wait for her signals. Don’t light the down till her signal. And when she gives you the signal after stopping the cars of the enemies, light up the whole down by using a power source.

Gunfight with gangsters

As the vehicles approach, switch on the whole town with the signal of the Panam. After that, the objective will be updated and you have to get the key of the Panam car. This will be very difficult without a gunfight. So you have to engage and kill all the gang members. Panam will provide you with covering fire. Once you have the keys, Panam will tell you to meet somewhere far from the intersection and this mess.

Get to Panama’s car

To get to her car, you have to kill all the enemies. After killing them go to her car and get in. drive the car to the Panam. After reaching there, let her drive as it is her car.

Go to Nash’s hideout

After getting in the car, Panam told you to get Nash as well. As it was not part of the deal, you will debate with her about it and soon get to agree on it. That go-to Nash hideout with Panam. Along the way, you will have little talks with Panam.

Fight Nash and his people

Nash’s hideout will be a cave. Panam will directly slam into his hideout and at once you will find yourself in another gunfight. Select your loadout carefully and engage with extreme precaution. You might take some serious damage there. Keep a check on your health bar. Use high ground to get the benefit. On the high ground, you can shoot the enemy in cover easily and can see the position of all enemies. Defeat Nash and his people in this gunfight and then meet Panam near her car.

Form up with Panam

Assemble with Panam near her car. She called Rogue there to tease her about killing Nash. Rogue always taunts her about it that she can do nothing. But now she has done something and thus now teasing her.

Get to her car

Hop into Panam’s car and go with her to meet 6th street.

Meet 6th street

Panam restores a package from Nash and his people. She delivered it to the 6th street clan. She will do this because she wants to gain the favor to get back to her clan, as she has no one otherwise. Cover her while she deals with 6th street. 6th street will get pleased by Panam after delivering that package to him.

Go to a bar with Panam

After pleasing 6th street, killing Nash, getting her ride back, go with her to a bar while discussing all these. She will be happy with your work and how you accompany her and her help while getting through all these difficulties. Both of you enjoy a drink there.

Ask her about your task

Now as you have done all his tasks, ask her to pay back and now help you in getting Hellman. In the answer, she will say that we will go after him tomorrow. As it has been a busy and hectic day, take some rest.

Flirt with her

At that point, you get a chance to flirt with her and ask her to love in the same room and on the same single bed. She agrees on the same room but will not agree on the same bed. She is tired and wants to have some rest and will celebrate later.

End of Ghost Town quest.

You go to the bedroom and sleep there. That’s the end of the quest Ghost town. You will gain some respect and reputation in this quest. While taking down Hellman will be done later with Panam in the quest named “Hellman”. Thus here ghost town will be needed and you will earn the most valuable thing, and that is the reputation

Some key points

  • This quest involves gunfights, so be equipped with the best loadout and the armors.
  • Fight carefully during gunfights as you can take some serious damage.
  • Keep a keen look at your health bar.
  • Panam will tell you about the value of reputation at the start of the quest, and in the end, you will get the same. Thus do not get dis-heart if you didn’t get money. Reputation will help you more later in the game.

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