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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Where to Find the Last Two Tarot Cards?



Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot cards

Cyberpunk 2077 has been the game of mystery and adventures. In the game, you have to face different circumstances which will lead to different endings. You have to make choices that will shape these endings.

You have to do quests and side jobs which will not only help you make progress in the game but sometimes also gives you extra money and other points. All of these things you can utilize in the game for different purposes.

In the game, sometimes the objective seems obvious and easy to do. But it isn’t as easy as it seems. You also collect different things in the game which in return gives you different rewards and other things. One of these collectibles is Tarot cards.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot cards

Tarot is the card that you receive after scanning some sort of graffiti. These graffiti are not ordinary graffiti, they will glitch when you approach them. The glitch in the same way as Johnny’s glitch.

It means they are only visible to us and no one else. So it makes them easy to differ from other regular graffiti. Scanning each graffiti will give you one tarot card linked with that graffiti.

There has been a total of 22 Tarot cards in the game. 20 of them are easy and can be found easily when looking at the map, but the remaining two are a bit difficult to find.

Location of two missing Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot cards

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot cards

You can see your collection of cards by going to the menu and then click on the journal and then on Tarot. Here you will see all your collections. As mentioned, 20 cards are easy to find but the remaining two cause real trouble to some players.

Players might wonder what reward you will get by collecting all. So stick to the article, you find the answer to all of your questions. These cards are named according to the graffiti from where they are scanned. The cards which are difficult to find are The Judgment and “The Devil”.

The Judgments

One of the two-card is called judgment. It has been present in the obvious place but during an aggressive mission. So the player might ignore it due to the gameplay at that time. During one of the ending missions of the game, named “knockin’ on the heaven’s door” just before making the choice will decide the ending of the game, you will fight smasher.

After killing the smasher, the objective will be updated to go to the Mikoshi access point. While going to the access point, you will see some computer systems on the left side. Go there and behind these systems, you will find the graffiti. Scan it and you will have the tarot card named “The Judgment” in your inventory.

The Devil

The second hard – to – find card is “The Devil”. “The Devil” card is not the one that you get after scanning some graffiti, you will get it by doing a side mission. It is a trophy that you will get. To get this tarot card, you first have to save Takemura in the quest of “search and destroy”. Check this guide for How to save Takemura.

Johnny will be against this but you have to save Takemura to get “The Devil” tarot card see here if you need Cyberpunk 2077 All Johnny Silverhand Items. Save him from there. Then later in the quest, “where is my mind”, accept the contract of Takemura and leave the night city. Join the Arasaka and you will see “The Devil” trophy will appear on the bottom left corner.

Some players argue that in the mission of “where is my mind” when you go to sleep, you will have a dream in which the doctor asks you to solve the Rubik’s cube to check the neurotransmission of your body.

When you break the cube you will find “The Devil” image in the cube which freaks you out. So either way, you have to save Takemura to get “The Devil” tarot card. And saving Takemura will be against the will of Johnny as well as that of misty.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tarot Cards Reward

After collecting all Tarot cards, go to misty and you will get a dream catcher as a reward. You can hang it in your room and it will prevent you from having scary dreams. Due to the uselessness of the reward, most players will avoid getting this and will try to complete the tasks which will get them more important rewards.

Key things to remember

  • To get The Judgmental card, not take the ending which involves suicide.
  • The Judgmental graffiti will be on the left side near the Mikoshi access point.
  • To get “The Devil” tarot card, you don’t have to scan the graffiti.
  • Save Takumari to get “The Devil” card.
  • Johnny and Misty will question your choice of saving Takumari, but you have to save him to get “The Devil” tarot card.

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