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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 List Of All Missions, Quest & Side Jobs



Cyberpunk 2077 List Of All Missions

Cyberpunk is a game that indulges its users in a real-life experience. Every choice or decision you make will have its outcomes. These outcomes can be bad or good. These outcomes will lead you to one of the six endings of the games. So every quest and mission has its worth and value.

Besides major quests, the game has several different side missions that can gain you different points. They can help you in increasing the level of your character or any other specific ability.

For example, you can gain intelligence point from which you can unlock different doors and passages which are locked with complicated locks. These side missions will also get you some rewards in addition to points. The award can be extra money, a vehicle, or even a weapon.

Total number of quests in the game

As the game is full of versatile quests and side jobs, there is a total of 28 quests in the main storyline of the game divided into 3 acts. After the 28th mission, you have to choose the ending of the game. Whatever ending you choose, you will be brought back to the 28th mission to try a different ending. So the first 28 missions will go straight away.

List of main quests of the major storyline

The whole list of quests of the game is given below:

  1. The Nomad
  2. Street Kid
  3. Corpo Rat
  4. Practice Make Perfect
  5. The Rescue
  6. The Ripperdoc
  7. The Ride
  8. The Pickup
  9. The Information
  10. The Heist
  11. Love Like Fire
  12. Playing For Time
  13. Automatic Love
  14. The Space In Between
  15. Disasterpiece
  16. Double Life
  17. Map Tan Pelen
  18. I Walk The Line
  19. Never Fade Away
  20. Transmission
  21. Ghost Town
  22. Lightning Breaks
  23. Life During Wartime
  24. Down On Street
  25. Gimme Danger
  26. Play It Safe
  27. Search And Destroy
  28. Nocturne OP55N1

Side jobs in the game

There has been a total of 70 side jobs in the game, namely:

  1. Beat on the Brat
  2. Beat on the Brat: Kabuki
  3. The Gun
  4. Paid in Full
  5. The Gift
  6. Burning Desire, Night Moves
  7. The Prophet’s Song
  8. Losing my Religion, Sacrum Profanum
  9. The Gig
  10. Big in Japan
  11. The Beast in Me
  12. Heroes
  13. Shoot to Thrill
  14. Happy Together
  15. Violence
  16. The Ballad of Buck Ravers
  17. Full Disclosure
  18. Send in the Clowns
  19. Coin-Operated Boy
  20. I Fought the Law
  21. Dream On
  22. The Hunt
  23. Following the River
  24. Sinnerman
  25. There is a Light that Never Goes Out
  26. They Won’t Go When I Go
  27. Human Nature
  28. Tune Up & Epistrophy
  29. Don’t Lose Your Mind
  30. Both Sides Now
  31. Ex-Factor
  32. Talking Bout a Revolution
  33. Pisces
  34. Pyramid Song
  35. Spellbound
  36. Love Rollercoaster
  37. Tapeworm
  38. Chipping’ In
  39. Blistering Love
  40. Holding’ On
  41. Second Conflict
  42. A Like Supreme
  43. Rebel! Rebel!
  44. I Don’t Wanna Hear It
  45. Off the Leash
  46. Boat Drinks
  47. Fool on the Hill
  48. Riders on the Storm
  49. Gun Music
  50. A Day in the Life
  51. Imagine
  52. With a Little Help From My Friends
  53. Queen of the Highway
  54. War Pigs
  55. These Boots Are Made For Walking’
  56. I’ll Fly Away
  57. Fortunate Son
  58. Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
  59. Kold Mirage
  60. Space Oddity
  61. Stadium Love
  62. Killing in the Name
  63. The Highwayman
  64. Sweet Dreams
  65. Every Breath You Take
  66. Machine Gun
  67. Bullets
  68. Raymond Chandler Evening
  69. Only Pain
  70. Small Man, Big Mouth

Endings of the game

There has been a total of 6 different endings of the game. Each has its unique feature. Two of them can be achieved immediately after completing the 28th mission. Three of them will be unlocked after completing specific side jobs/missions. And the last one is a pretty hidden ending. For this, you have to gain access to specific items in the game.

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