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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Lizzie Gun: Where to find Lizzie’s Iconic pistol?



cyberpunk 2077 lizzie gun

Cyberpunk 2077 lizzie gun the player is the full high tech and advanced piece of machine. Equipped with AI and thus can make its own decisions. The game has different types of weapons that can be used according to the situation. It has machine guns, pistols, shotguns, and many more. Lizzie’s gun has been not only one of the iconic pistols of the games, but also the best weapon which you can get in the early game.

Perks of the Lizzie’s pistol

As mentioned, Lizzie’s pistol has been one of the most iconic weapons of the game. This gun is not overrated, it possesses unique features. A gun can fire five bullets when you hit one bullet.

Meaning, by firing a single shot, the gun will fire 4 bullets at a time, but only one bullet will be counted. Thus the damage of the gun will multiply by four. Moreover, when this gun is fully charged, it can shoot five rounds at a time. It means 4 into 5 will be 20, you will do the damage of 20 bullets in a single second.

Adding to the beauty of the gun, the gun has less recoil which even can be eliminated by proper attachments. Thus this gun is a complete set of power and control for the newbies in the game.

Mission requirement to get Lizzie’s pistol

To get Lizzie’s gun, you must have to complete the quest named “the information”. After that mission, you can have easy access to the places where you can find the weapon.

Location of finding Lizzie’s pistol

cyberpunk 2077 lizzie gun

Open the map and go to Watson’s part of the map. On the south, you will see a blue-colored highway. The highway will be on the bridge at that location, and under that bridge will be the club, named Lizzie’s club. In that club, you will find that iconic gun. This club is the night bar so it will be opened at 6 pm. So use the next time feature or wait to strike the clock at 6 pm. At 6, go into the club.

Location of the gun in the club

cyberpunk 2077 lizzie gun

  • Enter straight into the club
  • Go to the back door and pass it
  • Then take left
  • Then go straight and then take the second left.
  • After that left, you will see a door in front which will lead to the dressing room.
  • Enter the dressing room
  • Then go downstairs and follow the stairs
  • In the basement, you will see a door. Go through that door
  • After passing that door, you will see a gun placed on the table on your left.
  • As mentioned, you can only gain access to this room after you complete the quest “the information”, which is at the pretty start of the game.

Some key things to get the pistol

Before starting to find the pistol, do some prerequisites.

  • First of all, do the quest “the information” and every other quest which will lead you to that very quest
  • You cannot access the room containing the gun unless you have done the quest “the information”.
  • The club will be under the bridge of the highway.
  • It is a night club and will be open at 6 pm
  • Gun will be in the room under the club.

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