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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me Complete Guide



Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me

Cyberpunk 2077 has been a game with different and diverse quests. The main quests will follow a storyline of the game and Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me is one of them. You can just do the quests and follow the main storyline and just complete the game. In some circumstances, you have to do some side jobs and side missions to make progress in the main storyline.

In the game, your character level matters a lot so by doing side jobs, you can get extra points and street creds as well. So doing the side job is pretty helpful.

Not only that, by doing side jobs, you can get different rewards. Sometimes you can get legendry weapons or sometimes you can even get a magnificent car. Sometimes you will get creds and ability points. So side jobs are pretty useful in making quick progress in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 The Beast in Me

The Beast in Me has been one of the side jobs of the game. In this, you have to win a couple of races to get the reward. This is not an ordinary race, driving as well as shooting skills will be checked in this side job. Shooting will be done by your side driver, which will be Claire in this side job. So, you just need to focus on the driving. You have to take part in 3 races. If you win all three, you will be qualified for the 4th race. Your choices in the 4th and final race will decide your rewards and the future of the side quest.

Rewards of The Beast in Me

The rewards of this side job are versatile. As cyberpunk 2077 is a game full of choices and options, and the choices you select will affect the game, the same does happen in this side quest. The choice you make will affect the reward of this side quest. At the best, you can get two vehicles in rewards. On the other option, you will get only one vehicle as a reward, but if you don’t play smart, you will only get some creds and an angry friend. So, the choice will be yours.

In this walkthrough, we will show you all three scenarios that how can you get the best and the least reward. The final choice will be yours that which rewards do you want and which storyline of the side job you will follow. So, buckle up.

Racing path

There will be a total of 4 racing paths. You will be doing this side job for Claire You will get a choice to select your vehicle or you can use Claire’s. The choice will be yours. But keep in mind that you should have good control over the vehicle during this job. You must have to pass through every checkpoint on the respective track. If you get off the road and leave a checkpoint, you will be considered disqualified. So, keep listening to Claire, she will guide you in the right direction she will also tell you when to leave the track. We will also give you some pro tips according to the race track in this article. The four race tracks will be:

  1. City center
  2. Badlands
  3. Santo Domingo
  4. The big race

Meet Claire at her garage

It’s all get started when you get a call from Claire. She will tell you about the big reward and ask you to meet at her garage. Go to her, and talk to her there. At the garage, she will tell you all about the racing and the rules of it. So, listen to it and wait for the instructions from her. The first trace will be at City Centre. Skip the time from the pause menu to pass the time quickly.

The Beast in Me: City Centre

City Centre is in the west part of the map. Your first race will help there. You can use your ride for this. But, call your ride before reaching the starting line. After reaching starting line on the map, call Claire. She will ask you to wait there. Sit on the bench near and time will skip automatically. Then after that, meet Claire there.

You will ask them where will be the cops when all this illegal racing is taking place. She will tell you that they bribe the cops and so they will not show up and the race will go smoothly. Get into your vehicle and start the race.

The major thing to remember here is that beware of the sharp turns. Claire will be guiding you at every sharp turn. Leave the accelerator at the turn so you will not slide into the obstacle. Just watch for the sharp turns and you will easily win the race and even can come to first place with ease.

This map has 31 checkpoints. Going through all the checkpoints will give you victory. If you miss any checkpoint, you will lose. After winning the city Centre race, go with Claire to her garage or you can go alone. Skip the time from the menu to receive the message about the race from Claire quickly.

The Beast in Me: Badlands

The 2nd race will be in the badlands. Badland is the off-road track. The vehicle which runs smoothly in the city center might not be suitable on this map. So, choose the heavy and sturdy vehicle, which can stick to the ground in the bumpy terrain of the badlands. You can use Claire’s ride as well

In the badlands, the key thing to look at the sharp turns. But in addition to a sharp turn, you also need to beware of the large rocks on the track. If you failed to turn at the right time, you might can get stuck in the big rocks. So, drive carefully.

Besides, on this track, you will not have to stay on the road, so keep your eye on the race track and follow where it goes. This map has 35 checkpoints. Don’t miss the single one or you will be disqualified. Stay on the route ad you will not miss one. Hence, by driving carefully and with open eyes, you can also come to first place on this map as well.

The Beast in Me: Santo Domingo

The 3rd qualifier race will be at Santo Domingo. After the ending of the race of badlands, you skip the time feature to receive the message, Claire, about the location of the 3rd map, quickly. After getting the message, go to the location. Here also the choice between choosing cars will be yours. Use your car or Claire’s it is up to you. She will offer her ride in every race though. This map will have 25 checkpoints.

In this third and final qualifier, the rule is the same, watch out for the sharp turns. You can get stuck while taking sharp turns. Listen to Claire, she will guide you before the turn. You can also look sloe to the checkpoint, they are also marked towards the track of the race. So if there will be a turn, the arrow on the checkpoint will be turned. Therefore, platy safe and cautious and you can win this as well.

Wining all three qualifiers

After winning all three qualifying racings, you will be qualified for the final race. After the 3rd race, Claire will tell you about the last driver and why this race matters to her a lot.

Why this race is important to Claire?

Claire will tell you that, her last driver was her husband, who gets killed in the race last year. They both qualified for the final race that year as well, but at the last checkpoint, a racer named Sampson, applied immediate break in front of them and her husband lost control of the car.

As a result of this accident, her husband died and now Claire is blaming Sampson for her husband’s death. She wants revenge now. She wants to kill Sampson on the track. As there are no laws for this race, killing Sampson on the track will seem like an accident and Claire will get her revenge. So in the final race, the main aim will kill Sampson.

The Beast in Me: the big race

The 4th and final race is called the big race. It comprises 33 checkpoints and an enemy named Sampson. At the start of the race, you will find Claire fighting with Sampson. Calm her down and get her out of there. This race will be on the highway so there will be no sharp turns. You also have to chase the Sampson in it. So choose the car that goes fastest and also easy to control.

As the race started, there will be a sharp right turn. This is the most dangerous turn where you can get stuck. Once you have passed this, the remaining track will be straight. After crossing the 24th checkpoint, the decisive moment will come. There you will have to make one of the two most important choices.

Checkpoint 24

After crossing that checkpoint, the car of Sampson has taken too much damage and about to blow. The Sampson will leave the race and take the right turn to exit the track. Here if you follow Sampson, you will also leave the race and go for vengeance for Claire. But if you stay on the track and do not follow Sampson, you will only receive cred and Claire will get angry at you. So, if you want to win car/s stay on Sampson.

Finish the race

As already mentioned, if you don’t follow Sampson, you will just complete the race and will get some creds and get some ability points. No special reward will be granted. Claire will also get mad at you if you don’t follow Sampson.

Follow Sampson

Well if you follow Sampson and take the exit from high way, Claire will be happy. After following him down the highway, his car will get rolled over and caught on fire. Stop there. Claire will exit the car with her gun in her hand.

This will be the second point where your choice will decide that you will get one car or two. Claire wants to kill Sampson to get revenge on her husband. Either way, if she kills Sampson or not, you will get Claire’s car in the reward. But if you don’t let her kill Sampson, you will also get sampans’ car in the reward as well.

Claire’s car only in the reward

When the car of Sampson gets toppled, and Claire wants to kill him, let her kill him. You will be provided with different choices to interrupt between the conversations of both. If you interrupt at all three times, Claire will not kill him. But if you don’t interrupt, Claire will turn around and repeatedly shot Sampson in the head.

After killing Sampson, Claire will drive you to her garage and there she will give you her ride as a reward for helping her. So you will get only one ride named “Beast”.

Getting both cars in reward

One Sampson and Claire will exchange harsh words, interrupt Claire, and stop her from killing Claire. Assure her that her husband’s death was just an accident and there is no role if Sampson in it. Convince her, and she will leave him un-harm. She will drive you to her garage in the same way and will give you her car as a reward.

Getting Sampson’s car

To get Sampson’s car, you have to wake at least one week in-game. As Sampson’s car got burned and damaged pretty well, it will take him some time to rebuild his car. You can skip the time feature in-game to pass the week. You can also start another quest here because as you get Claire’s car or finish the race, the side job The Beast in Me will be completed. So now you can do any mission.

Pass the time and you will receive a message from peter Sampson after few days. He will gift you his car as a reward for saving his life. You don’t have to go anywhere to collect the car and it will be yours. So in this way, by following Sampson and saving his life from Claire, you can get two cars in reward in a single side job.

Some key things to remember

This side mainly involves your driving skills, but there have been some more things that you should remember to complete this job with ease:

  • Choose your vehicle according to the race track.
  • Badlands can get a bit rough so choose a heavy vehicle.
  • In the big race, choose a fast-moving car.
  • While taking a turn during the race, watch out from the harsh bends. Leave the accelerators while going through these turns, your car will not slide this way.
  • Follow Sampson after the 24th checkpoint in the big race, to get car/s in the reward.
  • Don’t allow Claire to kill Sampson. Save Sampson’s life to get both cars.
  • Sampson’s car will be available after almost a week. So be patient and skip time from the menu.
  • If you feel stuck during waiting for the message Claire about the race, use the skip time feature. You will get her message soon.
  • Keep checking your messages to see Claire’s message.
  • Call her after reaching the starting point of every map and then wait for her there.

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