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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt



Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

In cyberpunk 2077, you have to team up with different persons from different walks of life. You have to become the partner of politicians, gangsters, as well as villains to complete the storyline of the game.

In-game you have to do the side jobs in addition to the main story quest. These side jobs proved with you extra creds and extra points. Sometimes these side jobs yield greater rewards like weapons and vehicles. In these side jobs, you also have to work with the peoples from different walks of life.

The main storyline of the game is unique. It has a complete blend of all types of peoples. You get a chance to work with the wealthiest people of the night city as well as with the slum bearers of the badlands. So, you have to meet different people. Sometimes working with such people will gain you something and sometimes you work for their gain.

The hunt has been one of the major quests of the game. In this game, you have to work with a former detective named River. The main story of this quest is that the nephew of the River gets arrested by some maniac who might use River’s nephew as a lab rat. So, you have to find his nephew and get him free from that maniac.

Meet River

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

The quest starts with meeting with the River. He will be available only in the evening, so use skip time from the pause menu to pass the time. Otherwise, you can go to the marked place on the map and wait there for him. When he drives by you in his vehicle, you have to go to his car to meet him. Get in, and you will have a briefing from him.

A video by River

River will show a video of a crime scene. It may look like a regular crime scene going on in the night city, but that’s not so. The footage will be of a police encounter in which they found a dead body of a boy.

And when tried to flee, the policemen shot him in the back. You will get to know from the reporter that the dead body that was recovered from the car was gone through severe septic shock.

A high level of hormone and other steroids was found in his body. The reporter further tells that the DNA of 7 other missing kids was found from the car. The car seemed to belong to the person named “Anthony Harris” and the driver which got shot was known as “peter pan”. The driver survived the shot. This video might seem normal and the same question you asked from the River.

Then River will tell you that his nephew named Randy got missing a few days back. And a boy whose dead body is found from the car, wearing the shoes of Randy. So there might be the possibility that there might be the same perpetrator behind this crime and the missing of Randy. So now River wants your help to find Randy with him.

Follow River

River will then ask you to follow him and he will tell you about the plan on the way. While walking. River told you that they are recording the dreams of everyone, and by inserting the dream into BD, we can find the location of that dream.

River wants to look into the dream of the driver who got injured and is hospitalized. His dreams are stored in a lab. Follow River to that lab to gain access to that file. He thinks that police are going pretty slowly and thus we have to do it on our own.

Get access to the lab

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

After reaching the lab, River will tell you that we cannot go through the main entrance because it is prohibited. So we have to find another to go into the lab. There are two ways to get into the lab.

From the back door

The first option is easy but requires high technical ability. You have to go to the backside of the lab in an alley and you will find a door there. If you have technical ability 12 or more, you can easily go through the door and will have access to the lab.

Climb through crates

But on the other hand, if you have a technical ability level of less than 12, you have to go through a longer route. In the same alley, go downstairs and you will find a giant crate-like thing besides the trashcan.

Climb on these, and them climb some boxes and after that climb on the roof. Cross the fall and jump on the floor. On your right you will see a yellow ladder going upwards, climb and you will find a vent on your right side. Open the vent and you can go into the lab from there.

Find the cabinet with file

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

Now after gaining access to the laboratory, you have to look for a cabinet that possibly containing the dream of the peter pan or the driver. River will tell you here that peter pan’s real name is Anthony Harris. so here you have to scan a large area to find the cabinet. The easy way is to look for the bigger room as compared to others. That big room will have wall chalking on the right wall. This will indicate that some kids use to live there.

Go to that room and you will find a drawer cabinet there. Scan it, and your objective will be updated.

Look into the cabinet

After that, open the cabinet and look for any proof there. When you will be inspecting, you will get intruded on by the lab worker named Yowen. You both get surprised as you will not expecting anyone because River has told you that there will be no worker in the lab because there has been an audit going on. So get surprised by the presence of Yowen

Talk to Yowen

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

Talk to Yowen about your presence there. The doctor will know the River and therefore force him to leave. But you have to interrupt and force the doctor to help to save a child’s life. Ask her that you are looking for peter pan’s dream.

The doctor will tell you that he is not dreaming. This is because the gun shout wounded his cerebral cortex so it will be difficult to reach in his mind with the damaged cortex.

So you have to look for some clue which will take you to the exact dream of Harris which involves a child. The doctor will agree to help you if you brought some clue. River knows where to find the clue, he will ask you to follow him.

Follow River

Follow River to his car. Get into his car and talk to him about any clue if he has. He will tell you that we are going now to Joss’s house, Randy’s mother. There you might find some clue.

You might wonder that why we are not going to Harris’s place to look for a clue. River will correct you that Harris will not keep kidnapped kids in his basement.

So you have to first find the connection between Randy and Harris. That’s why you are going to his place. And Randy’s mother doesn’t know about his getting kidnapped, so keep it a secret between you two.

Go to Joss’s house

River will take you to her sister’s house. Follow River into her house. River will tell you on the way that how much he loves his all nephew and nieces. But he has to leave under harsh circumstances.

Talk to Joss

Cyberpunk 2077 The Hunt

Here you can stick to the River’s plan and not tell Joss about his kidnapped son, or you can just burst the truth out and worry Joss. Both choices will not make any difference. It is up to you that which type of gameplay you like. As for Joss’s permission to search for Randy’s things. She will allow it.

Follow River

Now follow River to Randy’s trailer to find some clues. You both might find other siblings of Randy on the way. Talk to them a bit. These kids will seem to attach with River. Reach to the trailer of Randy.

Look for the clue to help Randy

After reaching the trailer, you have to look for some clues in the trailer. You can collect various collectible things, but to this quest quickly, just head straight to Randy’s room on the left side. Enter the room, scan the below portion of the bed. You will a high-tech computer there which Randy could not afford. So that will be a lead.

Unlock the computer

The computer will be locked and so you have to unlock it. It will have an easy pattern which you can decode with your hardwire with ease. But there is also a way in which you don’t need to plug in your wire in the computer.

The sound player in front of the washroom

You will find a sound player with a circular dish on it. Play the player and the song will start playing. Johnny will appear and he will tell you the name of the song.

Scan Randy’s table

You will find Randy’s table on the right side of the trailer. Scan it and you will find a word written there. Come back to River after scanning these two things.

Come to Randy and tell him to try the passwords. Two options will appear on the screen. One will be the name of the songs. Choose that one, it will be the password of the computer. After unlocking it, find some clues in it.

Look for clues in the computer

After unlocking the computer, you have to sit and look for clues in it. First, go to the messages tab on the top left corner. There you will find all chats between Anthony Harris and Randy. Go through all messages one by one, every message will have a clue in its specific way. From messages, you will get to know that how Harris manipulated Randy with genius tricks.

After going through messages, click on the File tab and go through all the files from that folder. You will also find a cartoon video there in which a farmer is milking his cows.

After that, click on the net tab and there you will find more interesting things. Click on the image of the “Drugs are bad” article. You will find another hidden article there. There you will find a link to the file which has been deleted. Luckily, the missing file name matched with the name of the cow and farmer’s video. It means this video must have a connection and can be used to get into the dreams of Anthony Harris.

Talk to River

After exiting the computer, talk to River about your finding. He will be confident that this cartoon video is the key to Harris’s mind. He will send the video to Yowen so she could use it to unravel the dreams of Harris.

Follow River

After that, River will ask to leave by morning and also feeling starved, so first eat something. Follow River to Joss’s house where Joss will eating dinner along with her kids. Tell her that you find some big clue about Randy and might he will be fine. Wait there till morning.

River will wake you up

In the middle of your sleep, River will wake you up enthusiastically. He will tell you that cartoon worked, Yowen just called him and tell him that Harris is dreaming again. So they can now use BD to look into his dreams. River will hand you the chip, plug it in the braindance, and collect clues from the BD.

Find clues in BD

The useful purpose of BD in this game is to use it to find clues regarding any investigation or any person. You have to do the dame in this BD as well. This BD has three videos.

First BD video

The first video will be of Harris’s school days. He was a stubborn child will a foul language accent. Watch the video and try to find the clue. The first clue in this video you will find as Harris leaves the mess hall following his teacher. Near the gate of the mess hall, you will find two movie posters on left. Scan them.

After that, when Harris follows his teacher in the corridor, you will find an old trophy in the cabinet on your right. Scan the trophy. From both these things, you will get to know about Harris’s background, where he lived, and the time during which he was in school.

Second BD video

In the second video, Harris will be humiliating continuously by his dad. In this video, keep an eye on the visual layer of BD and start scanning immediately as a shaded area appears. In this way, you will easily scan all the clues. If you tried to scan after watching the complete video, you might miss some things because you have to scan a lot of areas here.

  • The first thing you have to scan will be at the immediate start of the video. Scan the cow near which Harris is standing.
  • After that, scan the machinery placed near Harris’s dad. There will be two machines, scan them both.
  • Then, scan the right side of the farm as Harris turned to go to his room. You will find a syringe there.
  • Now, you will some hormones in a crate near the room of Harris. Before Harris turns towards his room, scan the crate in front of him.
  • After that Harris will go into his room and you will find the same cartoon of cow and farmer, playing on the TV that you find on Randy’s computer. So Harris must have been connected to this cartoon emotionally.

Third BD video

In the third BD video, Harris will be a grown-up man. He has turned his cattle farm into a human farm. He has been treated kids like an animal. You have to find the location of this farm. In this third and final BD video, you will find various things that will help you in finding the location of the farm.

  • As BD starts, Harris will see out of the window and saw a crawling man leaving the farm. He follows him. As he was about to leave the room, scan the wall in front of him. You will find a solar panel there.
  • Then when Harris turns to the hallway, you will find a clock hanging on the wall at the end of the hallway.
  • Next, you will find some boxes placed on the ground at a distant place. Scan them. On the right side of these boxes, there will be electric instruments, scan them as well. Then scan the left side and there you will find some kids who have been treating like a cow.
  • Then switch to the audio layer to hear the audio clues. Scan the roof of the farm from the left side. You will hear the sound of some trash dumping. Scan it and switch back to the visual layer.
  • Then as Harris turned towards the crawling victim, scan his left side and you will some more victims. On the left wall, behind these victims, you will a south city fire department stamp. This will mean that the cattle farm is located on the south part of the map.
  • After walking a bit, scan the left wall again and you will find some more clues including a terminal computer.
  • Then keep walking and scan the left side again, near the bed of the victim. You will infusion pump. Then scan the top left corner of the gate of the cattle form, you will another clue there.
  • As Harris reaches the exit of the farm, following the cattle, you will find your last thing to scan. It will be outside of the farm and will be a large illuminated tower. After scanning all these things. Exit the braindance to discuss the plan and strategy with River.

Discuss the plan with River

After getting all clues and combining them, together, River will found the exact location of the farm. It will be Edgewood farm and River is sure that that’s where Harris has taken Randy and keeping all other victims. Go with River to that place.

Go to the farm with River

Drive to the farm with River. River will take you there. On the way, he showed his concerns and worry about his nephew. After reaching the farm, River will slam the fence and enter the farm. Now you have to go to the barn where all victims are present.

Get access to the barn

Harris is pretty genius, to hide his plant, he has laid a whole bunch of traps around the barn. He has land mines, automated defense mechanisms, cameras, and many more. So you first have to deactivate his defense mechanism. The first hack into the defense system ab deactivates them. There will be many defense systems. Hack them and move quickly towards the barn, they will get their control back and will attack you. So, be quick.

If you want to avoid this, just shoot the defense systems and destroy them. You can also shoot the mines and blow them off. As there will be no one on the farm, there will be no problem in doing so. Either way, get access to the barn.

After reaching the barn, you have to climb up from outside of the barn. You will find a yellow ladder on the left side wall of the barn. Climb up, reach the roof, and then jump in the barn. River will follow you automatically.

Look around the barn

After getting in, look around the barn. You will find several kids there going through animal-like treatment. River will start looking for Randy at once and he successfully finds him. After he finds Randy, he will ask you to turn off the machine quickly. Go to the marker, which will be in Harris’s room, and turn of the machines.

Help other victims

Go to kids and see if you find more kids alive. Go to the marker and remove the hose that is connected to their faces. Go to every marker and complete the objective.

Help Randy with River

River will call you for help in freeing Randy from this shit hole. Help River and free Randy. He will also be alive like most of the other kids. River has already called the police, so they will be there soon.

Talk to River

After that, police will arrive at the scene and shift every kid to the hospital. Then you will talk a bit with Randy outside of the farm. River will thank you there for helping him in this. River will show his intentions to kill Harris for all this once he gets out of the hospital. Convince River on not to do that. This will be your last chat with River and the quest will end here and you will get your reward.

Some key things to remember

It has been a pretty long quest, one of the longest quests of the game though. But it is not much difficult. You can do this quest with ease and with great interest. Just remember a few things and you will not get stuck at any point in this quest.

  • River will meet you in the evening, so time your timing accordingly.
  • To gain access to the lab, follow the markers on the map. If you have 12 technical ability it will easy for you, otherwise, you have to go through the long way.
  • The lab will be empty, so don’t worry about making unwanted notices.
  • Find the room with the kid’s wall chalking in the lab and find Harris’s file there.
  • Try to keep secrete of Randy between you and River, do not let Joss know about it. It will not affect the game but just keep your words.
  • Examine the brain dance step by step. Scan the area as the video plays.
  • Follow the guide mentioned in the article to scan every video completely.
  • The barn has defense systems around it, either deactivate them or destroy them.

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