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Cyberpunk 2077

Cyberpunk 2077 Guide: Tips & Tricks & Strategies



Cyberpunk 2077 Tips

Cyberpunk 2077 game is all about vehicles. Players can purchase many different Cyberpunk 2077 vehicles. Some of the vehicles are available for free. When the players complete different side jobs they get the free vehicle as a reward.

In the game, the player can loot the enemies to make a lot of money. Cyberpunk is an action game and role-playing game but not both at the same time. You spend hours traveling, investigating, building structures, completing side jobs, hacking, and discovering the night city. Some of the players don’t know how to play and earn money in the game or change clothes. All these tips and tricks are given below.

Exploration Tips and Tricks

  • First of all, you must be careful which buttons you are pressing because if you press the wrong button and kill a person accidentally then the police will come behind you.
  • If there is something worth picking it will be sounded by a yellow mark. You can see the mark from a distance and approach it.
  • When you explore the night city you can see the blue marks these marks are the fast travel points. You should interact with these points to unlock them.
  • If you want to make a lot of money then you must pick every little thing from the ground. It will take your time but everything you pick is $750$+.
  • To avoid the damage, you must cross the road with care.
  • The scanner can be a great help for you. If you use the scanner, it will show you every worth item in the room to pick up.
  • Try not to overload yourself because if you overweight your bag then your speed will be slower and you will lose your stamina.
  • The best method to avoid overload yourself is to call your car and load the items in your car stash.
  • When you see a crate you can mark it with the scanner the same way as you mark the enemy.
  • Sometimes people are standing and doing a conversation about the area you are in. Their conversation appears in the blue text over them and you can read it.
  • You don’t need to steal anything from the night city because everything is yours. You can grab anything you want.

Attribute points and peak Perks:

  • Attribute points: Attribute points will help you to make your V stronger in broad categories like Body, Reflexes, Intelligence, and ability.
  • Peak Perks: Peaks Perks offer the player bonuses.

If you want to play more steadily you can pump your attribute points into the cool that will increase your speed, resistance, and detection time. If you want more cool moves than you can spend perk points on the hidden dragon. Opening the door requires force for this purpose you can pump points into the body this will help you to put force and open the door and technical ability to break the lock. Points will help you in the game in various ways. Like you can spend your points in the character creation. You can also use these points when you play to earn XP and to level up in the game.

Cyberpunk 2077 Side Jobs

Cyberpunk 2077 Side Jobs

As you start the game, you will start getting calls and text messages about the side jobs they want you to perform. These side jobs, hustle, and gigs will be piled up until you complete them. When you complete these side jobs you get a free vehicle and many other items in reward. These side jobs will be given in the area where you are roaming around. When you are driving you must drive at a normal speed to avoid an accident.

Other Tips and Tricks

  • To increase your athletics you must jump and run more often in the open area. So that your skills get improved.
  • To get extra XP you must play the extra tutorials. These tutorials will help you to improve your performance and skills.
  • To complete the mission and to avoid the obstacles you must kill the enemies. From killing the enemies you can earn a large amount of money and even unique items.
  • When you kill the enemies they can heal themselves so make sure they do not get consumables. Otherwise, they will heal and attack you from the back.
  • When you will kill an enemy and they die they will drop loot. This loot will be marked as X on your map. This loot will show on the map in 5 different colors. Grey means the loot is common, green means uncommon loot, Blue is the rare loot, purple is the epic loot, and yellow is the legendary loot.
  • When you pick up some weapons make sure that the weapon has attachments and modes. Sometimes the weapon is not heavy and even if you kill the enemy the enemy will not die. The weapons which do not have attachments and modes can be used in gigs and side jobs.
  • You should try to make a conversation with the different people walking around the area. Ask optional questions highlighted in blue. Through this, you will learn more about the world and the area you are roaming around.

Headshots in the game

Headshot kills the enemy in an instant. You should upgrade your weapons and use Cyberpunk 2077 perks points that will help you increase the damage. When you see an enemy you should try to shoot the enemy in his head so that he will die quickly.

Save your game

When you play the game and you are at the peak level you should save the game. Because sometimes there are bugs in the game and when you start the game it will take you to the very beginning. So it’s better to save the game to start from the current position every time you open the game.

Hack Everything

The player can control the situation by hacking. When the player finds himself in an awkward situation in which he gets out of control a quick hack will provide an escape route. There are two perk trees in the game. One is beach protocol and the other is quick hacking. Quick hacks will help you to blind your enemies. You can even talk to your enemies through this quick hack system. Through beach protocol you can improve hacking at access points, gaining money, and other important information about the mission.

More information about the game:

  • Through the cinematic conversation with the other people will help you move fast forward in the game. You can move fast by holding down the button shown in the bottom right of the screen.
  • Sometimes pulling the door may not be helpful to open it. Whenever you complete a side job you get a reward for a vehicle that is standing inside the garage. The door of the garage is sometimes difficult to open. You should put some points inside your It will give you strength and you will be able to apply the force to open the door and get the reward.
  • Throwing the grenade in the public will kill many people and do a lot of damage to the public. And this action will put you in danger. To get out of this kind of situation Cyberpunk has an auto active save option that usually kicks in before an encounter. Instead of living in consequences and running away from the police, you should use this option to get rid of all the obstacles.
  • After killing the enemies you must take their weapons. You can even sell these weapons and can save them in the inventory menu for common and uncommon items. If you require money then you can sell these items to other players and get money.
  • To look different in the game you should change your clothing. Each clothing has an armor rating with it. This kind of clothing will defend you against the enemy. With this kind of clothing, you may look like a disaster but it’s ok as long as you survive in the game. Some of the armor has mod slots and if they are applied they cannot be replaced with some other armor and will be destroyed if you try to do so.
  • You can find this clothing option in different districts and even get the new clothing from the clothing option at vendors.
  • If you want a new weapon then you first have to select a slot in your inventory to replace or fill. Then, you must click on the weapon you want and add them to the inventory list.
  • If there are multiple conversation options on the map then it means that you have the choice to continue the conversation or not. But if there is a yellow mark then it means that your conversation will move forward. The Blue mark option will offer you more options.


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