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Where to find Dark Jonesy in Fortnite Season 8



Dark Jonesy Fortnite

When the season of fear and dread returns, it’s time to update your Fortnite game. The v18.21 update has been released with new seasonal content for fans this year including returning monsters like deranged coconuts or dreaded rainstorms as well as other fun surprises around every turn! And even though we lost track of Dark Jonesy who got his own set quests from Epic Games in an earlier patch today (which isn’t too surprising considering how busy they’ve been), don’t worry because there’s always more than one way into skinning those strange creatures that live on our island…

Dark Jonesy has been on the map for weeks, but players couldn’t start his new set of Punchcard quests until now. This means that when you go talk to him, he will be able to begin a questline and award valuable Battle Pass XP in Season 8! Before all this happens though- before getting started with an ongoing storyline or completing some side missions if they choose so there’s one more thing: where do we find Dark Joisey at Fortnite?

Finding Dark Jonesy in Fortnite

As with Ariana Grande, Dark Jonesy is located at a named POI in Season 8. This means players can find the location easily from their Battle Bus and plan beforehand how they will get there without wasting time running around or getting lost on foot–especially since this place has been made more difficult by its increased cover needs! Head over towards Steamy Stacks when you arrive in-game; specifically looking for one side’s northeastern coast past some trees just off into an open area beyond where several rooftops are visible near Point Pleasant Park (a popular spot among tourists).

To find Dark Jonesy, players should go to the biggest building on the western side of Steamy Stacks. He’s usually located around this area so you should spot him easily enough!

After players have located the NPC, they can interact with him to start a questline. Like other NPCs in Fortnite for PC and console versions of the game alike, Dark Jonesy has five Punchcard quests worth 30 thousand XP each that require them be completed at specific locations across town – not too far from where you find this character waiting around! He also offers some items if your pockets are deep enough.

A few Gold Bar rewards might seem low when compared against other games’ highest payouts but know there’s no fee here so all bets are off really.

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