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Elden Ring

Elden Ring Astrologer Class Explained



Elden Ring Astrologer Class

There’s a lot of hype surrounding the new titles from FromSoftware and their upcoming game Elden Ring could be one of their best yet. Gamers are going crazy for the classes that From Software have promised to release, and so far we know that there will be 10 different Elden Ring classes, each offering a unique play style for any gamer.

Elden Ring is the upcoming game from Dark Souls ‘ a series that seems to know no bounds in terms of gameplay depth, and Elden Ring looks to be expanding on that. Showcasing traits refined throughout the series, Elden Ring introduces plenty of unique gameplay mechanics whilst also introducing new classes and character types. If you loved Dark Souls and hate anything else, this is definitely the game for you!

The Astrologer

FromSoftware have recently announced that both the Astrologer and the Bandit classes will be available in the open-world RPG Elden Ring when it launches next year. Bandits are quick, elusive characters who use their agility to gain the upper hand in combat. Astrologers, on the other hand, are masters of manipulating weapons, defensive tools and even the environment around them to achieve victory.

The main class of benefit choice in Elden Ring is the way it allows players to tailor their play style to fit with their personal preference. Choosing a class at the start of the game gives the player stats and starting equipment that best reflect the type of play they like, going from easy and simplistic to difficult and complex.

The Astrologer is an intelligence-focused support class that casts magic spells to heal and protect allies. Since they will be playing a more supportive role than the typical DPS-focused character, they will have a smaller mana pool and less health/defense stats. However, in exchange for this, the Astrologer will have increased intelligence and magical ability.

Astrologer Starting Stats

The Astrologer class is almost perfectly opposite other magic-oriented classes. Whereas the priest and witch focus on faith and mind, respectively, the Astrologer is all about intelligence and strength. Starting at level 6, you’ll gain quite a few more points to your strength that will carry you throughout your career as an Astrologer. As with all classes, balance is key — but this Astrologer is certainly one of the most balanced in the game!

Astrologers are the smartest and wisest of all classes. With strong mental defenses and a capacity for glintstone sorcery magic, Astrologers will excel at Elden Ring’s new forms of magic, as well as having a significant understanding of the world around them.

The Astrologer is powerful in both physical and magical combat, and has a high Focus Pool so that it can use those spells and incantations to their greatest potential. The Astrologer also possesses 9 endurance, 12 dexterity, 9 vigor, and 9 arcane. It’s also likely that the Astrologer possess a high level of intelligence, which means you’re playing with fire if you decide to try and make this face swap into an enemy.

Astrologer Weapons

As well as wearing the Astrologer’s Set, this class will also have a set of weapons at the beginning of the game. In the Astrologer’s Set you’ll wear a staff to hold those pesky enemies back whilst you unleash your sorcery on any foe that dares to attack you. You’ll also be able to carry around a Short Sword as an additional weapon.
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The Astrologer is the first class to use Glintstone Staves, a weapon type that I personally find pretty cool. These staves channel the Astrologer’s deep affinity for sorcery and magic attacks, and are very useful when fighting foes at close range or at range. The Short Sword is the most basic weapon available to Astrologers, but also one of the most versatile.

Given the Astrologer’s high focus point count, players should expect to augment their close-quarters weapons with magical properties, so that they can fight with greater versatility in a wider variety of combat situations. After all, every little bit counts when you’re on the brink of death! Players will soon be able to explore this class and find out exactly how useful it is for themselves, as Elden Ring releases.

Astrologer Armor

The armor and equipment available to the Astrologer class is detailed below. Outfit details are iconic in FromSoftware games, and as with every other game in the Souls series, there’s always a lot of excitement around the armor sets that players can acquire for their characters.

The Astrologer armor will boost your intelligence, mind, and magic stats, giving you the power to do whatever a wizard needs to do. I don’t know about you, but when I need to solve a problem or deal with an obstacle, I need magic.

Though the armor of a white, hooded robe is only partially visible in the concept art release, you can assume that all Astrologers will wear it, at least when starting as a class. The aesthetic is also not currently known for this class.

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