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Elden Ring

Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes



Elden Ring How To Get Rid Of Red Eyes

In Elden Ring , there are a few things that affect your appearance. Just create your character using the FromSoftware customisation menu, and you’re done! But in case you haven’t noticed, there are some very noticeable changes to your appearance happening outside of the customisation screen. These changes could include your gender, clothing, and even race!

You’ve seen the terrifying red eyes. You’ve felt the creeping sensation of madness. But there is no need to fear! All you need to do is grab a mirror, turn it on its side, close your eyes, and focus on your bodily sensations. Then start trading your possessions with villagers. Repeat until you’ve collected all the clothing and furniture pieces you own.

Elden Ring Eyes Back To Normal

To access character customization in Elden Ring, visit Roundtable Hold, a small town located southwest of Chalphy and northeast of Fort Gandala. If you’re having trouble finding it, just remember — it’s the place where Rennala resides! There, you can change your character’s appearance by interacting with a mirror in Fia’s room. That’ll reset your eyes in no time.

If you want to change your eyes to different colors, go to the face editor and go to the eye section. At the bottom of the list should be a toggle that says “Eye Alterations.” This allows you to toggle whether or not you want your eyes to change color or stay natural, but when you switch it to off, your eyes will return back to their original color and size.

You can’t choose between having eyes that are red, or yellow. But you can, however, become the Lord of the Frenzied Flame, which gives you the ability to switch between eye colors on a whim, regardless of which NPC gave you the look in the first place.

Elden Ring Change Character Looks

Since the world of Elden Ring is a dark fantasy setting inspired by ancient myths and legends, there are no Covenants that work like those in Dark Souls. There are no rewards or cosmetic changes for loyalty to these shadowy groups because they’re much more secretive than Dark Souls’ Covenants. It’s also unclear how many exist in the game world.

The Bloody Fingers are a group of warriors sworn to the service of Varre. If a player completes quests for Varre and chooses to accept his gift, they become one of these warriors. There are multiple tiers within this group, as different groups have different criteria for entry into them. Entry is earned through dedication to the Bloody Lord, but it’s possible to switch between the ranks at any time — so you can always change your mind!

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