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26 Best Final Fantasy XIV Mods for PC



Final Fantasy XIV mods

Most Final Fantasy XIV Mods are related to the graphics of the game. They will not manipulate the main server. Such a server just for the better experience of the game. The storyline of the game remains the same.

Hence most servers are linked to graphics of the game. There has been the mod for skin color, texture, surroundings, hairstyle and color, and various things similar to it. Such mods will increase the amusement of the game.

In this article, we have shortlisted numerous such mods. These mods will not change the firmware of the game. It only adds to the graphic quality of the final fantasy. So the player will not get banned if used carefully. So stick to the article to add to the beauty of the final fantasy XIV.

1. Moogle Maps

Moogle is the undeniable character of the final fantasy series. It has been in the game for various prequels. It leads the player to different places and shops. Also helps them in solving different quizzes. Therefore it has great popularity among the players. The Moogle map has no major change in the firmware of the maps. It just adds to the graphics and tone of the map. This has enhanced the features of the map. So it is not risky to use this basic mod.

2. Griffin Mount Retexture Pack

Who doesn’t know the griffin from final fantasy? It has been the most famous eagle of the game. This mod adds to the colors of the griffin. After installing the mod, the player can change between the 4 colors of the griffin. These colors are unique on their own. The player can choose between blue, maroon, white, and multi-shaded griffin. Therefore, choose one which suits you the best.

3. Custom UI

UI enhances the charm and play of the game. Tempering the UI can get players banned. But that’s not the case in this UI. This was the part of the game. But later got removed due to some unknown reasons. Therefore its file is still hidden in the new UI. Hence the player only needs to select these specific files to use this feature again. This custom UI provides an altruistic look to the game. Therefore increase the fun of the final fantasy.

4. HD Hrothgar Faces

Hrothgar is the tiger-faced character in the game. Various players are fans of this character. Due to its activities and numerous other things. This character has various styles. This mod includes the different looks of the character. These looks are due to the change in the head and face hair of the character. Each set has a different hair color and style. This makes these mods legitimate. So the player can use it with and without any hesitation.

5. Touch of Real Female

This mod adds to the features of the female character. It has different variants. The player can change the skin tone, ear design, eye color, and many more. Hence it is one of the most diverse mods of the game. The player can have long and pointy ears. Better skin tone and more glow as well. Hence this mod has everything which can increase the beauty of a woman.

6. Touch of Real Male

This is the male version of the precious mod. It adds similar features to the male character as well. It includes similar skin tones, hair colors, ears, and much more. It has additional hair growth on the face. This feature adds to the manly features of the character. Therefore the player can choose the variant of its interest. It included both bearded and non-bearded characters. This mod is also banned-free.

7. The Newness HD

This mod provides a better gaming experience. This is done by removing strain from the eyes of the players. Moreover, high contrast adds to the detailing effect of the character. That’s why this mod is called the HD mode. Moreover, the female character in the mod has a unique combo of the black and white dress. This combo emerges after a series of updates. The main feature of this mod is the removal of strain from the eyes of the players. Providing a better gaming experience.

8. HD Vanilla Redefined

The goal of this mod is to add the detailing in the game. Installing this mod will add up the minor details in the game. This includes the cartilage texture of ears, skin detailing, and many more. Characters with tattoos will have vibrant edges of their tattoos. Therefore this mod will increase the detailing and sharpness of the game.

9. Imperium Graphic Pack

One of the graphic mods will increase the look of the game. Want to enhance the graphics, this will be your choice. The whole pack will add to the various other things. The lighting, shading, texture, everything can be altered after installing this mod. Get the imperium graphic pack to turn your graphics into HD and more detailing.

10. Alex’s ReShade Preset

Tired of the dull colors of the natural surroundings, download this pack now. This mod will add to the colors of your game. The mod is focused on the colors of nature. It will brighten the greenery of the game. Moreover, the texture of sorrowing will also improve. Including stone texture, water, and many more. Therefore get this pack now to add the new colors in the life of final fantasy.

11. HD Buffs Icons

These buffed icons enhance the icon look of the game. Some of These icons have now become part of the original game. Therefore installing similar firmware can cause the problem. Therefore before installing them, it is better to uninstall the previous version of the icons. This will remove the previously present similar icon. Then the player can enjoy the beautiful setting of buffed icons with ease.

12. Blue UI

Blue UI provides the blue themes on the customization screen. It will relive the player from the connectional UI. If you are tired of the old look of the game, then this is the change. Any bit of change in UI can enhance the interest of the player. Therefore install this UI to enjoy the completely new look of the game. As this mod only changes the color, therefore it is safe to use.

13. Chat Gray Box Remover

This mod includes the minor delaying of the game. If you chat with people in-game, you will definitely need this. This mod removed the background effect from the chat. The chat prompts have a background effect. Removing this increases the exposure of the chat. This mod also widens the chatbox appearance. Therefore new look will please the eyes of the player.

14. Flicker Optimization

This mod reduces the flickering effect in the surroundings. The minor detailing like grass texture and other natural scenes will be enhanced. The flicker optimization gives more detailing to small objects. This increases the overall look of the game. The single change will be difficult to observe. But as a whole, the player will get a completely new experience to enjoy the game.

15. HD Skill Icons

It has a skill Icon otherwise similar to the HD buff Icon. It is a high resonance icon with some fantastic color scheme. Although it is simple, it serves a great purpose and will be a very great addition to your Sims character. It adds perfect beauty and greatness to your game and makes it cooler

16. HD Item Icons

This mode is somehow connected to the avatar enhancer mod. This mod is a complete bunch mod with the number of items. These items are perfectly given a blazing look which makes them very cool. If you want some cool stuff in your game this mod is the best choice for you should definitely give it a chance.

17. Alive Shade Preset

This mod is added to make your game more alive. It has a perfect rendition of color and better resolution to make it more realistic. Fog in the background adds a more realistic effect. The best thing is that it comes with many options. you can even select a resolution. This mod will give you the best level of gaming experience. In a most realistic way.

18. Owl’s FFXIV ReShade

The most unique and great thing about his mod is an owl. Yes, you can have an owl in this mod. More ever this mod contains the same if the best shade anyone can have. This shade has a high level of detailing and colors. With a good graphic card, you can enjoy this mod to its fullest.

19. Heaven’s word SweetFX

This mod has a very beautiful atmosphere with some beautiful colors of nature. This will add vibrancy and colors to your game. It is a very light mod that doesn’t affect your game performance as some other mods do. You even can turn this off during your game. If you love the color of nature this mod is your thing.

20. AP’s Male Texture Pack

This is the best mod for your male Sims. This one is the most famous mod with several downloads. This mode has pretty much detailing. It can add high detailing muscles to your Sims. and can also add high definition nipples to your male character. In short, you can upgrade your present character into a model.

21. Owl’s Eyes of Eorzea

In this mod, you can change the color of the eye that gives a very refreshing effect to your Sims. There are different colors and textures of eyes. Every eye is different from others. You can apply these all to give different and cool effects to your Sims. You can get a better eye effect in this mod that adds a great gaming effect.

22. HD Eye works V3

This mod adds a more detailed effect to the eyes of your character. It has 150 different eyes with different textures and effects. This mod has very high definition effects. It gives a meaningful and very powerful effect to your character. So it is a must-try mod. Download it and enjoy different designs and textures.

23. Ruta’s Custom 2k Scales

This mod adds depth to your character. The best thing about this mod is that the author adds hand painting and crafting. It is very amazing and detailed which will give a unique look to your character. One of the bad things is that it has very limited options. This is a must-try mod you should go for.

24. Hair Defined

This mod comes with a 1000 hair texture that looks perfect. You can use this mod for both your male and female Sims. You can enjoy short or long silky hair as you want. This mod is also a high-definition mod that gives amazing details to your character and your gaming experience as well.

25. Heavensward SweetFX

This mod adds color clarity and brightness and light to your game. You can edit the setting and change this according to your requirements and even feelings. It has very vibrant pictures that immediately appeal to others. These pictures have a very beautiful contrast to the environment. It gives a perfect blending of colors.

26. Face define

This mod has the combination of the different mods as eye mod and adds more fine details to your character’s face. This mod will add very sharp gorgeous features to your character. If you want to change your character into a new one you should definitely try this mod. It will give a perfect new look.

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