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Fischl Genshin Impact Best Builds, Weapons & Skills



Fischl Genshin Impact

Fischl Genshin Impact is the female character of the game. She is the electro character of the game. The character belongs to the Mondstadt town of the game. The favorite dish of the character is Die Heilige Sinfonie. The character is pretty tough in the game.

She has been the investigator in the missions of the game. One of them is the Adventurers’ Guild. Moreover. She is fierce adventurous. She doesn’t reluctant about exploring different places. Ignoring the traditional rumors about the dangers of the journey, she is steadfast in exploring different areas of the game.

Fischl Appearance

The character has marvelous look which suits her role. The character has blond hair. The hair is tied in two different styles. They have a pony tail and open lower hair at the same time.

The left eye of the character is covered with hair. So her vision is obstructed. The overall costume is purplish. Hip high frock with long legging and gloves at to the uniqueness of the character.

Moreover, the legging of one leg reaching up to the top while the left one is up to the thighs. Shoulder high gloves and exposing shoulder adds to the beauty and uniqueness of the character.

The front embroidery on the frock is also a distinctive feature of the dress. These all combinations add to the beauty and elegance of the dress and character.

Fischl Best build

The best build for the character includes a bow called skyward harp and two sets of an artifact. One artifact set is 2x Gladiator’s finale and 2x thundering fury. This set increases the attack of the player by 18%. Moreover, as the character is electro domain, this artifact also affects it. The set increases the electro damage bonus by 15%. This build can land up to 5 consecutive shots.

Fischl Weapons

The top 3 best weapons for the character include:

  • Skyward Harp

The weapon can give a base attack of 48. Moreover, the critical damage of the weapon can be increased up to 20%.

  • The Stringless

The weapon has a base attack of 42. It can increase the elemental base burst damage by 24%.

  • Rust

It can increase base attacks by 42. Moreover, the critical damage increase by this weapon is 40%.

Fischl Artifact set

The best artifact set for the player is 4x thundering fury. Electro characters cause special benefit from it. This is so because it increases the charge and superconducts by 40%. It also gives the electro bonus damage by 15%.

Fischl Skills

Some of the best skills of the character include:

  1. Normal Attack: Bolts of Downfall
  2. Nightrider
  3. Midnight Phantasmagoria
  4. Stellar Predator
  5. undone Be Thy Sinful Hex
  6. Mein Hausgarten

How old Fischl Genshin Impact?

The character was first seen in the game in September 2020. So the age of the character in the game is 10 months.

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