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Ganyu Genshin Impact Best Builds, Weapons & Skills



Ganyu Genshin Impact

Ganyu is the female character of the game. She is the cryo character of the game. She is the national of Liyue. She loves Prosperous Peace in food. The character is good hearting. Moreover, she is good at convincing people.

Therefore she works as the emissary. She has the power to convince the most deadly and dangerous ruler of the time. Hence she has always been assigned the relevant task of making peace or some relevance to it.

Ganyu Appearance

Due to the blend of human and god both, the character is dressed accordingly. The character has unique blue hair. A misguided ponytail style makes the hairstyle unique. The sleeves and back of the dress are blue, which darkens at the lower end of the dress.

Overall the dress has a unique combination of blue and brown. The dress has a short white shirt with long brown tights. The tights also have a brownish, golden pattern on them.

The golden bell in the neck blends perfectly with the color scheme of the dress. Brown gloves and brown shoes act as the missing piece, which completes the beauty of the dress.

Ganyu Best build

The best build for the character includes a bow called Amos’s Bow, and an artifact set. The artifact includes a 4x wanderer’s troupe. This combination of the build can increase the elemental mastery by 80. The bow has special charging capability and attack. Thus this combination can increase the charge attack damage by 35%. Moreover, the bow can land up to 6 consecutive shots.

Ganyu Weapons

The top 3 best weapons for the character include:

  • Amos’s Bow

The weapon can increase the base damage up to 46. It can increase the normal damage of the character by 18%.

  • Skywards harp

The weapon has a base damage of 48. It can also increase the critical damage by 20%.

  • The Stringless

The weapon has a base damage of 42. It also increases the elemental skill burst damage by 24%.

Ganyu Artifact set

The best-suited artifact set for the player is a 4x wanderer’s troupe. This increases the electro characteristics of the player. Causing an increase in charge damage by 35%. This will happen if the proper build is used.

Ganyu Skills

Some of the best skills of the character include:

  1. Normal Attack: Liutian Archery
  2. Trail of the Qilin
  3. Celestial Shower
  4. Undivided Heart
  5. Harmony between Heaven and Earth
  6. Preserved for the Hunt

How old Ganyu Genshin Impact?

The character is first seen in the game in January 2021. Therefore the age of the character is 7 months in the game.

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