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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Bartender event: Golden Eden, How to make Sweet Cider Lake, Night of Swirling Stars & recipes



Genshin Impact Bartender event

Genshin Impact is running a host of new events this summer, but one in specific has been cropping up more often than the others. ‘Of Drink A-Dreaming’ puts you in the role of The Living MacGuffin — a character who’s always running from his past and his present and has no place to call home…

A bartender is the person responsible for mixing together drinks for customers in a bar, restaurant or nightclub. Playing bartending games is a great way to improve your bartending skills, especially if you’re after a job in the real world!

There are 21 recipes in Of Drink A-Dreaming Genshin Impact

In order to get maximum value out of BobaBot, you’ll need to keep an eye on the ‘Recipes’ page — a virtual cook book that’s actually quite fun to flip through (especially if you’re feeling indecisive). While you can go about this trial and error style, I recommend skipping the hassle of mess-ups by checking out the Recipes for inspiration. Here, you’ll find three foundational drinks: Coffee, Tea and Juice.

There are four types of drinksin Of Drink A-Dreaming

  • Blend
  • Tea
  • Coffee
  • Juice

All Coffee recipes

  • Moonlit Alley: Milk *1, Coffee *1, and Cocoa Paste *1
  • Golden Eden: Milk *1, & Coffee *2
  • Athenaeum: Coffee *3
  • Night of Swirling Stars: Milk *2 & Coffee *1
  • Caramel Pinecone: Milk *1, Coffee *1, and Caramel *1
  • Foamy Reef: Coffee *2, and Fizzy Water *1

All Tea recipes

  • Brightcrown: Milk *2 and Tea *1
  • Scholar’s Afternoon: Tea *2, and Milk *1
  • Boreal Watch: Milk *1, Tea *1, and Mint *1
  • Misty Garden: Tea *3
  • Laughter and Cheer: Milk *1, Tea *1, and Cocoa Paste *1
  • Tart Brilliance: Tea *2, and Lemon *1
  • Love Poem: Milk *1, Tea *1, and Caramel *1

All Juice recipes

  • Dawning Dew: Juice *2, Fizzy Water *1
  • Snow-Covered Kiss: Juice *2, and Milk *1
  • Gray Valley Sunset: Juice *3
  • Sweet Cider Lake: Juice *1, Milk *2
  • Barbatos’ Boon: Juice *1, Fizzy Water *1, and Mint *1
  • Birch Sap: Juice *2, and Lemon *1

All Blend recipes

  • Dusk: Tea *1, and Juice *2
  • Stroke of Night: Coffee *1, Tea *1, and Milk *1

Bobabot, a revolutionary new piece of bubble tea-making technology, has now revolutionised the way you play video games. The new bobabot unlocks a whole new experience where you can mix your favorite drinks and serve them to characters like Kaeya, Diluc and Rosaria in an interesting storyline that keeps you hooked. A more interesting cutscene will be triggered if your mix is similar to their order.

A new piece of gameplay was unlocked yesterday: the Bartender Challenge. This is an upgraded version of the bartender event, with new challenges for you to face. Complete as many incoming orders as you can to get rewards!

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