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Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange Quest Guide



Genshin impact equivalent exchange

Genshin Impact Equivalent Exchange Quest Complete Guide

The free world of Genshin impact provides a great opportunity to interact with surroundings. The player only needs to look around. If he looks keenly, he will find different quests and missions to complete. These missions can yield great rewards and points.

Sometimes the quest is just before the eyes of the player. But to its obviousness, he might miss it. The same goes with the quest of Equivalent Exchange. This quest can be found easily. But most players might miss it. It is an easy quest that can yield a good reward.

Equivalent Exchange

The equivalent exchange is easy and a bit hard to find a quest in the game. It is the world quest of Viktor. It is hard to find because the players ignore the location of Viktor. It is so open and clear that no one notices him there.

Viktor belongs to Fatui. He belongs to the Mondstadt, Snezhnaya. He can be found in the cathedral church. In this quest, the player has to collect some food, flowers, and a cocktail. All of these will be the specialties of Mondstadt. Then he needs to deliver them back to Viktor to complete the quest.

Starting the Quest

To start the quest, go to the cathedral church. After doing the daily quest with Jilliana, exit the church. On the way out, Viktor will be on the right side just before the exit. The Viktor prompt can be seen on the map. Go to Viktor to start the quest.

Talk to Viktor

Viktor tells the player to bring some special dish from Mondstadt. He promises to deliver some yarns in return. He seems obsessed with the special dish of his hometown.

Go to the waitress

After talking to Viktor, go out of the cathedral. Go to the waitress at the Good Hunter. Her name is Sara. Ask her about any special dish of the Mondstadt. The player might need to compromise on the “taste and quality”. Provide her information she will ask for.

Talk to Eury

Then talk to Eury to make progress in the mission. Then again talk to Sara, the waitress.

Make satisfying salad

When the player will talk to Sara again, she will ask him to make the satisfying salad to make progress in the cooking. Open the inventory and make the salad. Go to the cooking bench beside Sara. And cook the salad. Then give the salad back to Sara. As the player hands her over the salad, she will give him the special dish. Take the dish from Sara and move to the next objective.

Talk to flora

Then turn back and take a right turn down to the staircase. Then after turning left, the player finds flora. She will be the flower seller with a variety of different and beautiful flowers. Talk to her about any specialty from Mondstadt. She will tell the player that her flowers don’t last that long. So she will offer to make a unique bookmark. This bookmark is unique for Mondstadt.

Get the bookmark from Flora

Flora will offer to give a bookmark in return for the simple answer. The question will be about any flower. It will be a basic question so don’t get worried. Answer that simple question and get your bookmark ready. Take the bookmark and move to the next objective.

Talk to Charles

The next objective is to talk to Charles. So go to Charles to complete the objective. Flow the yellow line towards the right of the Flora. This will take you to Charles. He will be a bartender. Ask him the same question, about something special about Mondstadt. He will effuse by saying that you are underage. To get the bear, collect delivery for him.

Collect cockatiel ingredients

To get the ingredients, go to the valley of remembrance. Search for the ingredients of the cocktail. Meanwhile, fight some enemies to gain some extra points as well. Defeats all the slimes and then goes back to Charles.

Talk to Charles again

Go to Charles again. Update him about the situation. All the carts will be wrecked by the attack. Charles will already know about the attack. He will wonder about the worsening condition of the attacks. Despite losing special ingredients, the player will be able to retrieve a few. Give these few ingredients to Charles. He will be happy after taking them.

Making of special cocktail

After giving the ingredient, Charles will start mixing them. He will add some ingredients by mentioning them. After preparing the cocktail, he advises something. He will say to serve the cocktail chilled. It will give the cocktail its original flavor. Because the flavor is what makes it special.

Go back to Viktor

Now the player needs to head back to the cathedral church to the Viktor. Give him any of the three specialties that you collected. He will know about every single thing that you bring. He will point out mistakes but still admire your effort.

Ask the questions you like

  • Now after getting the specialty of Mondstadt, Viktor will ask the All of this effort was definitely for something to get in return. The player will ask Viktor about Signora. Viktor will have known that the player might ask about her. But sadly Viktor will not also know about her much. He will tell briefly about her whatever he knows.
  • Then give her another special thing to ask the next question. This will be about his stay. He will seem pretty bored. But still, he has to live there for a while. At least until his master says so.
  • Then offer him the third and final thing to ask about Harbingers. He will tell the player about the harbinger number 6. He will tell you that harbinger number 6 is not very friendly. Moreover, he is not liked by his fellow harbingers as well. But still, he will tell everything about that Harbinger. He will know only a little about it.

Then Viktor will tell you to leave him alone. So that any assignment can come to him. He wants to be alone so that he can focus on the assignment. Leave him alone. This will bring the player to the end of the quest.

In a nutshell

Summarizing the whole quest, the player has to go to Viktor in the cathedral church. He will ask for something special in return for some answers. Collect special food, bookmarks, and the cocktail of Mondstadt for Viktor. Take all these things one by one to Viktor. As the player will give him one thing, Viktor will answer one of his questions. So the player will get a chance to get the answer to three questions. In the end, the player will get the answers, along with 4 hero wit and 30,000 Mora.

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