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Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Event



Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Event

Genshin Impact is launching their latest event, Labyrinth Warriors. This time around players will be navigating through a maze filled with traps and enemies while trying to find treasure in this mystical onmyou chamber! They won’t have any help from anyone but themselves so make sure you bring friends along for the ride as well- Shiki Taishou has been preparing some special buffs that can enhance your performance during battle or just give an edge when exploring at night alone..

Like with most of the recent Genshin Impact events, you’ll need to be at least Adventure Rank 30 and have completed Act III – Omnipresence Over Mortals in order for Labyrinth Warriors. The event begins on October 21st and runs until November 8th when it will close after only one day! It’s time once again to sharpen your blades or put away those fishing poles- battle awaits within…

The Labyrinth Warriors event will send players on a journey to help Shiki Taishou recover lost memories. The goal is for them and other characters in the story, like Hijikata who helps guide you through this maze-like room with its challenges that are many fierce monsters should be defeated at their mercy; but not before they’re beaten down first!

Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Trial Gameplay

Genshin Impact Labyrinth Warriors Domain Trial Gameplay

The onmyou chamber is a place of great power. It’s here that you must meet your team and choose one, in order to compete for victory! This setup looks very similar to Genshin Impact’s Spiral Abyss because there will be two teams: combatant or guide with four members each – who can switch at any point during gameplay between players’ control via an online menu screen.

The second group is the Support Team that players will have the option of switching to during their trial. Also like Abyss, there must be four different characters in each team; for instance you can’t mix Xiangling with Combat Teams or vice versa – she only comes alive when on one specific team!

In the beginning of each trial, players will also need to choose from nine Shikifuda. Each one is a charm that provides buffs for you and they all have different effects like exploration or even character buffing with these items! One type clears fog on floor allowing more vision while another makes barriers last longer than usual- perfect if your heart was beating too fast during some difficult parts in this new region . Lastly , there’s three types which include strength increases similar those found among others but tailored specifically towards Tamriel visitors such as ourselves who may not know every nook an cranny here already.

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