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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Sweet Cider Lake Recipe



genshin impact sweet cider lake recipe

Genshin Impact Of Drink A-Dreaming has begun. Unlock different types of drinks by mixing special ingredients! The recipes for the drinks are only available in the special event area, so track them down and get mixing to unlock delicious new concoctions.

While there are no instructions on how to make the Sweet Cider Lake in Genshin Impact, we have found that it comprises of lemon juice and apple juice. We recommend that you use natural apple juice and fresh lemon juice for a more superior taste.

Genshin Impact: Sweet Cider Lake recipe

Mixing ingredients is an important part of the game. This is a guide to help you mix the Sweet Cider Lake cocktail — one of the cocktails in The Of Drink A-Dreaming Event — using the mixer that comes with the role.

Sweet Cider Lake is a beautifully sweet drink made of a beautiful marriage between fruit and dairy. Here’s the recipe, which you can use to create your own at home! (I’ve never tried it because it doesn’t have any alcohol.

  • Juice x1
  • Milk x2

The machine will flash the colour buttons one-by-one in order to indicate which you should press — just remember, Down (↓), Down (↓), Up (↑), Up (↑).

That’s right! If you want to be part of this awesome beach party, you need to have completed the following quests: Of Drink A-Dreaming and Aphros Delos: The Spindrift Shall Never Return to the Sea. I can’t wait to see the awesome outfits that people are wearing.

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