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Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Torch Puzzle Complete Guide



Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Torch Puzzle guide

Genshin Impact recently released Tsurumi Island as part of their 2.3 update, giving players new puzzles and Primogems to explore! One such puzzle is found on Shirikoro Peak; there are three torches in the underground area which need lighting up correctly if you want an item or two from each torch-lit treasure chest upon solving them all (you’ll know what they do when we get there). This article serves as a guide for lighting these devious little fires using matches and other fire starters like Lighters 11

Solve Genshin Impact’s torch puzzles on Shirikoro Peak

Tired of solving the same old torch puzzles? Peculiar Pinion will solve them for you! players must first get this gadget from an Octave off Maushiro. There’s no need finish quests, just speak to Ruu and she’ll give it up on a silver platter.

To solve these pesky fire-related Mysteries that have been plaguing people since time immemorial – well not quite but close enough- all we need now is one thing: The dreaded “Peculiarian Plinion.” Get yours by finishing either ‘The novice trial.

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Torch Puzzle guide

In the Shirikoro Peak underground, one of six puzzles lies behind a wall with an image of birds on it. To solve this first puzzle players should use Peculiar Pinion in front or them and light up four torches as seen below:

For the second puzzle on Tsurumi Island, players must use their Peculiar Pinion to reveal five purple torches around a tree. The hint for this event is also written nearby so you can easily find your way into solving it!

Genshin Impact Tsurumi Island Torch Puzzle guide

The solution to the puzzle is as follows: There are three torches in Tsurumi Island. The first one requires you light Peculiar Pinion, while all other will do without it if they’re lit correctly at any point before then–though be careful that your flames don’t combust them! Refer back down below where this hint explains how their placement must line up just right for success; otherwise players could end up wasting time trying different arrangements until finally giving up when nothing seems possible anymore.

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